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0016967FPCDatabase Componentspublic2010-07-17 18:102012-04-20 16:07
ReporterMarcelo B Paula 
Assigned ToJoost van der Sluis 
PlatformOSOS Version
Product VersionProduct Build 
Target Version2.6.1Fixed in Version2.7.1 
Summary0016967: Persistent TField objects do not work with the Data Access palette related components
DescriptionAlthough its possible to add persistent TField object, at design time, within components such as TBufDataSet, TSDFDataset... they donĀ“t work at runtime. It seems some memory allocation problem, since a SIGSEV always is issued.
Additional InformationPasses to reproduce:
- Create a new project and save it to disk.
- Drop a TBufDataSet, a TDataSource, a TDBGrid, a TButton to form.
- Connect the data-aware components.
- Right-click TBufDataSet and add some new fields (INS).
- On TButton event OnClick, add:
- Try to enter some data in DBGrid
- You will see that Fields do not retain any data
- If you defined an Integer field, you will see that after typing any data and leave the field, it gets poluted with garbage.
- Trying to close the application, raises a SIGSEV error.
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Fixed in Revision
Attached Filestxt file icon debug.txt [^] (54,406 bytes) 2010-07-18 18:55 [Show Content]

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has duplicate 0017813closedJoost van der Sluis Ability to create FieldsDef from Persistent Fields 

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Marcelo B Paula (reporter)
2010-07-18 18:54

Tried to execute the test testbufdatasetstreams.pas under fcl-db/tests. Same error (SIGSEV).
Debug output attached.
Joost van der Sluis (developer)
2010-07-20 11:22

This is normal. CreateDataset uses the FieldDefs, not the Fields. So you have created a dataset with no fields, but there are persistentfields within the dataset. Ie: you can not store any data.

I'll see if I can fix the sigsev though.
Marcelo B Paula (reporter)
2010-07-21 00:35

I tried with FieldDefs but no luck.
Vincent Snijders (manager)
2010-10-29 13:26

Moved to the FPC project, so Joost can take a look at the issue.

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2012-04-20 16:07 Joost van der Sluis Resolution open => duplicate
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2012-04-20 16:07 Joost van der Sluis Target Version => 2.6.1

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