Not Yet Released
0038947: [Compiler] Trivial patch for wasm32 (Nikolay Nikolov)
0038549: [Compiler] mips/mipsel and riscv32/riscv64 code generation error for small set inclusion operators (Pierre Muller)
0035937: [RTL] powerpc/powerpc64 bug (Sergei Gorelkin)
0029875: [Documentation] errors on doc webpages regarding timestamps (Michael Van Canneyt)
0036380: [FCL] Feature Request: Extend FPExrpessionParser to allow functions with variable count of arguments (Michael Van Canneyt)
0036057: [Packages] Create "Macro" functionality for TSQLQuery (Michael Van Canneyt)
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Not Yet Released
0037350: [Database] TSQLQuery Postgresql UUID unable to retrieve after update from 3.0.4 to 3.2.0, fieldvalue is garbish (Michael Van Canneyt)
0037092: [FCL] Regressions in fcl-passrc (Michael Van Canneyt)
0037605: [RTL] Can't disable quoting in TStrings (Michael Van Canneyt)
0037562: [Packages] Small optimization for fpjson (Michael Van Canneyt)
0036803: [Patch] TJSONStreamer ignores properties declaration order (Michael Van Canneyt)
0037546: [FCL] Request to commit an evolution of fpc\...\dbugsrv.pp, dbugintf.pp, and dbugmsg.pp. (Michael Van Canneyt)
0036806: [RTL] Stringhelper.Split returns array with extra empty string when last char of the string is delimiter. (Michael Van Canneyt)
0037504: [Misc] Evolution of fpc\3.0.4\source\packages\fcl-process\src\dbugintf.pp (Michael Van Canneyt)
0037388: [RTL] Feature Requst: TThread.TerminateSet (Michael Van Canneyt)
0037115: [Packages] HTTPDefs.pp TCookie doesn't support sameSite attribute (Michael Van Canneyt)
0037118: [RTL] THandleStream.SetSize doesn't change position property (Michael Van Canneyt)
0037080: [RTL] StrToHostAddr accepts ipv4 octets containing any Pascal number base notation and mathematical signs (Michael Van Canneyt)
0037013: [RTL] StrToHostAddr6 in sockets unit parses invalid IPv6 addresses (Michael Van Canneyt)
0035914: [RTL] Add support to epoll_create1() and epoll_pwait() (Michael Van Canneyt)
0037048: [Packages] TRegExpr fix from upstream (Michael Van Canneyt)
0037223: [Database] Can't compile with "uses mysql57dyn;" (Michael Van Canneyt)
0036737: [Textmode IDE] fp.ini line length limit (Florian)
0037253: [Packages] HttpApi not work (Sven Barth)
0037235: [Packages] Symbolic.QuickEvaluate error with 1 variable (Marco van de Voort)
0037233: [RTL] getlongopts() with empty short option cause access violation (Marco van de Voort)
0036156: [Compiler] Wrong constant value with bitpacked Int64 on 32bit fpc (Jonas Maebe)
0036863: [Compiler] Placing entire object onto stack instead of using a reference (Florian)
0037154: [Compiler] inconsistent RTE generation for reading input from an unopened file in mode ISO (Florian)
0037322: [Compiler] ISO 7185 mode rejects program name as duplicate (Florian)
0037323: [Compiler] Does not recognize ISO 7185 standard label (Florian)
0035981: [Compiler] The "specialize" keyword is accepted (and actually works normally) in {$mode Delphi} in some cases (Sven Barth)
0037228: [Compiler] dispose() computes its argument twice (Jonas Maebe)
0037725: [Utilities] fpmake in threaded mode just hangs (Jonas Maebe)
0038581: [Packages] TRegistry.ReadBinaryData() Delphi incompatibility. (Marco van de Voort)
0038766: [Compiler] Inline corrupts code an aach64 [[Example in SynEdit caret]] (Jonas Maebe)
0038053: [Compiler] AArch64 -O2 bug not seen with -O1 (Jonas Maebe)
0037367: [FCL] Exceptions parsing json string with comments and multiline comments TJSONParser in fpJson. (Michael Van Canneyt)
0037352: [FCL] Exceptions parsing json string with comments and empty lines with TJSONParser in package fpJson. (Michael Van Canneyt)
0037128: [RTL] Implementation of Nullables for Delphi compatibility (Michael Van Canneyt)
0037368: [Packages] Load_GL_version_1_2x not run for OpenGL > 1.2 (Michael Van Canneyt)
0037309: [fpReport] bug in fpreportpdfexport.pp: Font not added and Result not set (Michael Van Canneyt)
0037143: [Database] [Patch] Expose Status Vector on EIBDatabaseError (Michael Van Canneyt)
0036701: [RTL] Re-enable INLINE for RegExpr and initialize FEmptyInputRaisesError (Michael Van Canneyt)
0037137: [FCL] OpenSSL v1.1.1 could not loaded on Windows platfrom (Michael Van Canneyt)
0037061: [Packages] function HostAddrToStr6 in don't compare a boolean variable to True (Michael Van Canneyt)
0037189: [Packages] TRegExpr patch in upstream for backward search (Michael Van Canneyt)
0037159: [Packages] TRegExpr patch from upstream (Michael Van Canneyt)
0037186: [RTL] [Patch] Wrong result type for QWord InterlockedCompareExchange64 function (Florian)
0037049: [RTL] [Patch] Add TryStrToUInt, StrToUInt and StrToUIntDef (Michael Van Canneyt)
0037043: [RTL] Add missing IntToHex overloads (Sven Barth)
0036362: [Compiler] := operator overload with ObjC type error (Jonas Maebe)
0037303: [Compiler] Intrinsic Default() in a generic procedure (Florian)
0037355: [Compiler] OLE automation object methods call using named parameters not work in FPC 3.2.0 (Sven Barth)
0037525: [RTL] TWriter doesn't stream stored 0 Int64 values (Ondrej Pokorny)
0036461: [Database] TSQLQuery: new parameters are not recognized (Michael Van Canneyt)
0036603: [Packages] Due to recent changes to FPC 3.3.1 trunk RegExpr unit, IDE Find dialog now shows error dialog. (Michael Van Canneyt)
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Released 2020-09-19
0038485: [-] add BCC instruction for aarch64 (Jonas Maebe)
0037694: [Compiler] Invalid floating point operation on aarch64 on some machines (Florian)
0038317: [Packages] NSActivityUserInitiatedAllowingIdleSystemSleep wrong value (cocoa) (Jonas Maebe)
0038273: [Packages] Wrong declaration in Activex.pp (Marco van de Voort)
0038189: [Compiler] App aarch64 crashes on Apple M1 (Jonas Maebe)
0038070: [Compiler] Delphi mode generic class with class constraint isn't allowed to be nilled. (Florian)
0036840: [Compiler] Internal error 200405231 (Florian)
0037889: [RTL] [patch] Get rid of magic constant for mode in FpOpen (Michael Van Canneyt)
0037814: [RTL] TStringHelper function LastIndexOf considers wrong number of characters (Michael Van Canneyt)
0037769: [Packages] FPC compiler 3.3.1 introduced compiler errors on Mac when using WebView (Jonas Maebe)
0037628: [Utilities] FPDOC missing documentation (Marco van de Voort)
0037374: [RTL] FormatFloat broken for exponential format and value 0 (Jonas Maebe)
0038607: [Patch] JsonConf: skip UTF8 BOM on reading file (Michael Van Canneyt)
0038337: [Compiler] Crashes with wrongly freed ansi strings in 3.2.1 fixes / ok in trunk (Jonas Maebe)
0038069: [Compiler] Internal Error 200604201 (Florian)
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Released 2018-08-18
New trunk version after 3.2.0 branch
0038975: [Compiler] [Patch] ARM - str/str -> stm optimisation (and peephole debug strings) (Florian)
0038996: [Documentation] Variant not listed as managed type (Michael Van Canneyt)
0038987: [Compiler] Linker not found with Android NDK >= 22 (Florian)
0038989: [Documentation] the compiler directive $ifend does not appear to be documented as a synonym of $endif (Michael Van Canneyt)
0036271: [Compiler] [Patch] Jump optimisations in code generator (Florian)
       0036299: [Compiler] [Patch] Bug fix for jump optimisations under debug mode (Florian)
       0036295: [Compiler] [Refactor] OptPass2Jcc clean-up (Florian)
0038980: [Compiler] [Patch] [Debug] New label debugging feature (Florian)
0037256: [Documentation] Missing new language features description (Michael Van Canneyt)
0038967: [Documentation] The example in the managed types documentation can be simplified, since the FPC already contains the desired function (Michael Van Canneyt)
0038767: [Compiler] [Patch] Additional SETcc optimisations (Florian)
0038940: [Compiler] The following procedure hangs, (Florian)
0038761: [Compiler] [Patch] x86 JccMovJmpMov2MovSetcc improvement (Florian)
0038920: [RTL] Crash in TWriter with read only class property = nil (Michael Van Canneyt)
0038908: [Compiler] [Patch] TEST chain shortcutting (Florian)
0038907: [Compiler] [Patch] Memory CMP optimisation (Florian)
0038900: [RTL] TRectF.Union is incorrect (Michael Van Canneyt)
0038882: [Compiler] [Patch] x86 MOVZX/CMP optimisation (Florian)
0038832: [RTL] x86_64 missing handling of softfloat_rounding_mode and softfloat_exception_mask (Florian)
0035080: [FCL] FCL-image, FPwritePNM can't write 16bit and FPreadPNM reads wrongly 16 bit images (Michael Van Canneyt)
0037252: [RTL] [Patch] Implement thread naming for Darwin (Sven Barth)
0038837: [Compiler] [Patch] AArch64 Improved speed and efficiency with constant generation (Florian)
0038833: [Compiler] Try..Finally..End statements with empty Try Blocks but with bon-empty finally-blocks are wrongly optimized out. (Jonas Maebe)
0038772: [RTL] GetTempFileName fails if directory with suggested name exists (Michael Van Canneyt)
0038806: [Compiler] [Patch] AArch64 "magic division" (replace division by constant with multiplication) (Florian)
0034858: [Compiler] Conditional compilations fails: {$ifdef} {$elseif} {$endif} (Jonas Maebe)
0038770: [Database] Reducing visibility of TFieldDef.ChildDefs property. (LacaK)
0038691: [Compiler] [Patch] AArch64 OptPass1Shift register tracking fault fix (Florian)
0037906: [RTL] Add support for TCP dns queries and queries for other RR types like SOA, Text, NS to netdb (Michael Van Canneyt)
0038129: [Compiler] Wrong code generated on x86-64 (Florian)
0038483: [Patch] Intial implementation of line info information on AARCH64/Darwin (Jonas Maebe)
0038471: [Compiler] MAC(Intel) FPC 3.2.0: An assembler function causes an error on linking (Jonas Maebe)
0038441: [-] port to FreeBSD aarch64 (Jonas Maebe)
0038718: [Compiler] Wrong hint when Currency is divided with an Integer (Florian)
0038733: [Compiler] Internal error 200405022 when using include() on a set within the result of a function with -O2 (Florian)
0038703: [Compiler] Bad code generation (Florian)
0038695: [Compiler] [Patch] AArch64 incorrect number generation fix (Florian)
0038557: [Compiler] internal error 200301231 in assembler routine (Florian)
0028640: [Compiler] String as opcode operand in x64 compiler (Florian)
0038636: [Compiler] Array access fails (Jonas Maebe)
0038194: [Compiler] [Patch / Refactor] Nothing (NOP) node optimisation (Florian)
0034530: [Documentation] Thread.WaitFor hangs the program if the thread has been freed already (Michael Van Canneyt)
0038442: [FCL] regexpression ignores changed to modifier (Michael Van Canneyt)
0038653: [RTL] Random GPF in TInvokeableVariantType.DispInvoke (Florian)
0038576: [LCL] Cannot use TDataModule (Lazarus Revision: 64727, FPC Revision: 48871) (Florian)
0037305: [Compiler] For loop with try finally statement using -O3 or -O4 causes SIGSEGV (Florian)
0038618: [FCL] Not processing "\u" characters in JSON String correctly. (Michael Van Canneyt)
0038460: [Documentation] programmer's guide: $modeSwitch systemCodePage not documentd (Michael Van Canneyt)
0038509: [Database] patch TCustomBufDataset.InternalClose clearing FCurrentIndexDef fixing crash (Michael Van Canneyt)
0038364: [Documentation] $unitpath documentation (Michael Van Canneyt)
0038535: [Documentation] documentation lacks of information on `sealed` and `abstract` objects (Michael Van Canneyt)
0038550: [Documentation] assembler style DIRECT documented but not available (Michael Van Canneyt)
0038541: [Documentation] tobject.classname letter-case is not restricted (Michael Van Canneyt)
0035251: [FCL] fcl-pdf: Writing text in "Courier New" TTF font generates wrong PDF document (Michael Van Canneyt)
0038555: [Compiler] [Patch] SubMov2LeaSub optimisation improvement (Florian)
       0038579: [Compiler] [Patch] AddMov2LeaAdd and -Os change for SubMov2LeaSub (Florian)
0038560: [Compiler] [Patch] MOV/SHR reference optimisation (x64 only) (Florian)
0036250: [Compiler] Internal error 200609171 (Jonas Maebe)
0038533: [Compiler] -CpCOREAVX2 is scared of reinterpret-casting ‘result’ on x86-32 (Florian)
0038504: [Compiler] Implicit Typecast Failure (Florian)
0038514: [Compiler] CompareVersionStrings gives wrong result when comparing two identical versions. (Florian)
0038501: [Database] patch for mysql8.0.x bindings (Michael Van Canneyt)
0038503: [Database] patch for sqldb checking if tsqlquery has a cursor (Michael Van Canneyt)
0038354: [Packages] TFPFontCacheItem.TextWidth() reports wrong value for (some?) monospace fonts (Michael Van Canneyt)
0038475: [Compiler] compiler produces unhelpful messages for asm-offset calculation caused my non-existent identifiers (Florian)
0038469: [Documentation] documentation indicates {$assertions} was both a local and global compiler switch (Michael Van Canneyt)
0037423: [Compiler] inline bug (Jonas Maebe)
0038439: [Compiler] Character string type does not comply with ISO 7185 Section 6.1.7 (Florian)
0038455: [Documentation] Documentation incorrectly states that {$Z ON} and {$Z OFF} directives exist. (Michael Van Canneyt)
0038418: [RTL] baseunix. fpStat() can't get 64-bit timestamps in 32-bit programs (Florian)
0038419: [RTL] baseunix. fpUtime() can't set 64-bit timestamps in 32-bit programs (y2038 problem) (Florian)
0024434: [Compiler] function overloading can be done by differentiating return type only (Florian)
0034027: [Compiler] compile time error: Incompatibel types: got "SYSTEM.PChar" expected "SYSTEM.PChar" (Florian)
0020849: [RTL] VarCast fails on Custom Variants (Marco van de Voort)
0038412: [Compiler] generic with constants of sub-range and enumeration data types excluding 0 fail (Florian)
0035841: [Compiler] Split from 0032913 - Nested try blocks with Exit cause assembler error (Florian)
0038413: [Compiler] Wrong address calculation when indexing an array with negative low bound (Florian)
0038254: [RTL] confusing error messages for rtl errors (Florian)
0038395: [Documentation] reference guide lists “char” as a “predefined _integer_ type” (Michael Van Canneyt)
0038385: [Compiler] Doesn't compile when multiple interfaces with same name are defined in different namespaces and being implemented in one class. (Florian)
0038358: [Database] Unable to reclose closed cursor in Ibconnection.pp (Michael Van Canneyt)
0038390: [Compiler] UInt64 type helper Parse function returns wrong results (Sven Barth)
0037849: [Database] TSQLQuery.Next Exception for MySQL when encountering a high precision DATETIME field (Michael Van Canneyt)
0038387: [Documentation] Recommendation on preventing "Crock Recursion" in Macro usage (Michael Van Canneyt)
0038383: [Compiler] [Patch] aarch64 EXTDEBUG fixes and extensions (Florian)
0036279: [Compiler] Compiler generates unnecessary moves when using inline methods (Florian)
0038373: [Documentation] Wrong description of TSQLQuery.DeleteSQL (Michael Van Canneyt)
0038334: [Compiler] [Patch] [x86] JccAdd2SetccAdd optimisation is faulty (Florian)
       0038343: [Compiler] [Patch] OptPass2Jcc Refactor (Florian)
0038316: [Compiler] Bad code generation leading to memory leak (Jonas Maebe)
0038339: [Compiler] [Patch] MovzxCmp2CmpMovzx oversight (Florian)
0038294: [Compiler] [Patch] Advanced MOVZX optimisations (Florian)
0035217: [Compiler] Internal error 200511173 (Florian)
0031137: [RTL] TThread.ProcessorCount and TThread.IsSingleProcessor give wrong results (Florian)
0038299: [Compiler] ansi concat broken for -O2 (Florian)
0038295: [Compiler] -CpCOREAVX2 is scared of -OoFASTMATH (Florian)
0038267: [Compiler] String constants don't fold in the middle of an expression (Florian)
0038289: [Compiler] Missing syntax error on library exports integer string (Sven Barth)
0028927: [Compiler] Alignment syntax (Florian)
0038269: [Documentation] ^C prefixed to string constants causes fpdoc (and fcl-passrc) to fail (Michael Van Canneyt)
0038136: [Compiler] i386-win32 compiler build crashes at WPO stage under -CriotR (Yuriy Sydorov)
0038141: [Utilities] The fpdoc generates docs with a hierarchy problems. (Michael Van Canneyt)
0038249: [Compiler] Bad code generation under -O4 (Florian)
0038248: [Compiler] -CfAVX2 is scared of frac(single) (Florian)
0038130: [Compiler] [Patch] Miscellaneous x86 optimisations (Florian)
       0038247: [Compiler] [Patch] Optimisation fix for Internal Error 201810201 (Pierre Muller)
0031528: [Compiler] pointer to advanced record methods (Sven Barth)
0038164: [Compiler] Int64 mod high Int64 Value generates wrong "exceeds 32-bit bound" ASM error at x86-64 target (Florian)
0038180: [Compiler] Optimization of X div(mod) 2^N is hindered by automatic upcasting to signed type. (Florian)
0038193: [Packages] Add compiler directive for /packages/fcl-net/src/cnetdb.pp (Michael Van Canneyt)
0037747: [Packages] https / ssl failure using example program (Michael Van Canneyt)
0038156: [Compiler] [Patch] XML node dump extension (Pierre Muller)
0038148: [Documentation] Programmer's guide: minor spelling mistakes and ensure uniform spelling (Michael Van Canneyt)
0038132: [Documentation] Reference Guide: `class var` is accepted in other modes too, but Ref suggests otherwise (Michael Van Canneyt)
0037645: [Database] SqlDb: Calling TSQLQuery.Prepare directly, opening, closing and re opening does not work with IBConnection (Michael Van Canneyt)
0037638: [Compiler] [Patch] MOV/LDR/STR/MOV optimisations (Florian)
       0038116: [Compiler] [Patch] ARM -CriotR crash fix (Florian)
0038107: [RTL] SerReadTimeout: invalid passing of parameter in Windows implementation (Florian)
0030520: [Textmode IDE] in the textmode ide there are processors missing in the compiler switches dialog (Florian)
0038022: [Compiler] Invalid use of xmm register to copy argument data to stack (Florian)
0038086: [Documentation] Copy function without third argument works not only in Delphi mode, but also in other modes (Michael Van Canneyt)
0038066: [Compiler] i386 record field access wrong Peephole Optimization (Florian)
0038073: [Documentation] Reference Guide: Operator overloading Delphi Compatibility names table (Michael Van Canneyt)
0031231: [Database] procedure TCustomSQLQuery.Prepare does not work (Michael Van Canneyt)
0038074: [Compiler] Compiler BUG inline assembly intel immediate 64-bit load to register when requesting 64-bit nasm -compatible output (Florian)
0036842: [FCL] TRegistry writes to wrong Key when not in Windows (Michael Van Canneyt)
0037483: [FCL] Patch for TRegIniFile.CloseSection (Michael Van Canneyt)
0037799: [FCL] Bad output for FormatFloat (Michael Van Canneyt)
0037265: [FCL] fcl-pdf TransformMatrix not set properly for PaperType ptCustom (Michael Van Canneyt)
0037078: [Documentation] ms_abi_default and sysv_abi_default (Michael Van Canneyt)
0038063: [RTL] TStringBuilder.Remove bug when deleting everything (Michael Van Canneyt)
0037523: [RTL] Optimize sysutils DiskSize DiskFree AddDisk (Michael Van Canneyt)
0038054: [Compiler] 64 bit ability incomplete (Jonas Maebe)
0037836: [FCL] json parser line numbers (Michael Van Canneyt)
0037852: [Database] TFBAdmin.Destroy causes a memory leak if Firebird is terminated. (Michael Van Canneyt)
0037834: [Packages] [fcl-passrc][patch] PasWrite does not handle case-of -statements (Michael Van Canneyt)
0037872: [Packages] [fcl-passrc][patch][test] PasWrite does not format-parameters of write, writeln and str. (Michael Van Canneyt)
0037873: [Packages] [fcl-passrc][patch][test] PasWrite raise Seg-Fault on empty XXXdo -block (Michael Van Canneyt)
0037837: [FCL] json parser allows garbage after single values (Michael Van Canneyt)
0038006: [Documentation] Can not debug strings with gdb (Michael Van Canneyt)
0038044: [Packages] Inefficient code (Michael Van Canneyt)
0037979: [Database] TSQLQuery/TField bad UNSIGNED INT translation (LacaK)
0037993: [Database] TSQLConnection destructor may raise exception leading to memory leak (Michael Van Canneyt)
0036666: [Compiler] Heavy method overloading affects compile-time (Florian)
0036484: [Packages] MacOS: OpenSSL goes for unversioned .dylib before versioned (Michael Van Canneyt)
0037959: [Compiler] [Patch] Peephole Optimizer pass reduction (Florian)
       0037972: [Compiler] [Patch] Minor refactor of reduced iterations of pass 1 (Florian)
0037949: [Compiler] Default file for get and put (Florian)
0037954: [Compiler] [Patch] x86: LEA/SHL -> LEA optimisation (Florian)
0037878: [Compiler] win32: int-overflow with int64(w) (Jonas Maebe)
0029325: [Patch] Enable reproducible builds of FPC. (Florian)
0035136: [RTL] The function EOF does not comply to ISO Pascal (Florian)
0037940: [FCL] remove debug writeln from custmicrohttpapp.pp (Michael Van Canneyt)
0037459: [Compiler] Internal error 200309202 with asm (Florian)
0037085: [Compiler] In ISO mode, Dispose with multiple parameters is not yet implemented. (Florian)
0037864: [Compiler] In supplement of bug 0037785 in inline assembler xsave give an unrecognid opcode (Florian)
0037863: [Documentation] Reference Guide: Operator declaration syntax diagram rendition error (Michael Van Canneyt)
0037865: [Documentation] Reference Guide: explicit indices in enumeration type definitions requires Delphi-style `=` in Delphi modes (Michael Van Canneyt)
0037848: [Documentation] Chapter about Generic type specialization promotes (fixed) bug as a feature (Michael Van Canneyt)
0023595: [Compiler] Inefficient FPU code (Florian)
0037760: [Packages] fcl-passrc PasWrite writes ';' before else in if then else-blocks. (Michael Van Canneyt)
0030260: [Compiler] "if TypeInfo(TSameTypeXYZ) = TypeInfo(TSameTypeXYZ) then" alway-true-check isn't optimized out (Florian)
0037841: [FCL] json scanner should not allow invalid strings and identifiers (Michael Van Canneyt)
0037840: [FCL] json scanner should not allow invalid numbers (Michael Van Canneyt)
0024482: [Utilities] [Feature request] Expand fpcres with resource compiler feature (Sven Barth)
0037468: [RTL] floating point exception not cleared (Florian)
0037830: [FCL] Unsecured JWT without signature not include last dot separator (Michael Van Canneyt)
0037526: [Compiler] [Patch / Refactor] Maintenance of ARM/AARCH64 Peephole Optimizer (Florian)
0037823: [Compiler] {$implicitExceptions off} doesn't turn off implicit exceptions. (Florian)
0037651: [RTL] VUString not defined in tvardata (Florian)
0037808: [Packages] [fcl-passrc][patch] tests/tcscanner fail: LineEndings in comments are always converted to 0000010 (Michael Van Canneyt)
0037807: [Packages] [fcl-passrc][patch] (. and .) as replacement for square braces are not parsed (Michael Van Canneyt)
0034054: [Compiler] assignment of typed const pointer types have correct but cryptic error message. (Florian)
0037428: [Compiler] Compiler hangs on ISO pat. (Florian)
0037580: [Compiler] [Patch] LDR/STR pairing optimisation for AArch64 (Florian)
0037772: [Free Vision] Pointer-conversion to longint might fail in x64-bit environment. (Florian)
0037771: [Documentation] incorrect statement in documentation regarding initialized variables (Michael Van Canneyt)
0037221: [Compiler] [Patch] Copy() from open array to dynamic array (Sven Barth)
0037758: [Packages] Array-Parmeter have wrong brackets '(' insted of '[' (Michael Van Canneyt)
0037745: [Compiler] Internal Error 200205172 compiling a large unit (Sven Barth)
0037399: [Compiler] [Patch / Refector] Peephole instruction removal function (Florian)
0037728: [Documentation] Typo comparison (Michael Van Canneyt)
0037696: [Packages] Package winunits-base: Unit RichEdit Error Line 695: EDITSTREAMCALLBACK (Sven Barth)
0037266: [Documentation] Reference Guide erroneously claims EAX, ECX, EDX were used for the first three parameters in `register` calling convention (Michael Van Canneyt)
0037457: [Documentation] It's not documented that Concat() can be used with Dynamic Arrays (Michael Van Canneyt)
0037678: [Documentation] programmer’s guide: § 9.3 “Updating the string tables” documents non-existent routines (Michael Van Canneyt)
0037669: [Documentation] programmer’s guide section on “The resource string file” documents old format (Michael Van Canneyt)
0037606: [Documentation] Reference: for…in missing in introduction (Michael Van Canneyt)
0037480: [Documentation] programmer’s guide confusingly documents $scopedEnums directive (Michael Van Canneyt)
0037577: [Documentation] Programmer’s guide: insert sciency keyword regarding static array storage order (Michael Van Canneyt)
0037610: [Documentation] FormatDateTime does not use system locale settings by default (Michael Van Canneyt)
0037614: [Documentation] FormatDateTime: document default format if FormatStr is empty (Michael Van Canneyt)
0037691: [Documentation] Documentation for WriteLn needs small additions / corrections (Michael Van Canneyt)
0037692: [Documentation] Documentation for Write needs small additions (Michael Van Canneyt)
0037666: [Documentation] system.xml documentation for nativeInt references non-existent explanation (Michael Van Canneyt)
0037465: [Compiler] Out Parameter referencing char of string not set when inlineing the function (Jonas Maebe)
0037616: [Compiler] compiler/psub.pas generates confusing message regarding jmp_buf (Sven Barth)
0037376: [RTL] InitCriticalSection should have an "out" parameter (Michael Van Canneyt)
0037578: [Documentation] Programmer’s guide $pointerMath directive affects data type definitions (Michael Van Canneyt)
0037476: [Compiler] Internal error 2016062001 with -O3 (Florian)
0037475: [Compiler] Internal error 2012090402 with -O3 (Florian)
0037522: [Compiler] make messages point to more modern http_s_ URLs (Florian)
0037442: [Compiler] [Patch] Minor oversight in MovAnd2Mov 3 optimisation (Florian)
0037390: [Compiler] [Patch] Long-range MOV + MOVS/Z optimisation (Florian)
0037508: [Compiler] Uninitialized variable will trigger an internal error(200306031) in O3 (Florian)
0037477: [Compiler] Internal error 200203302 with -O3 (Florian)
0036775: [Compiler] Internal Error 200405231 raised when manually compiling Lazarus (Sven Barth)
0037471: [Compiler] [Patch] Internal Error number clash (Florian)
0037443: [Compiler] Compilation problem for aarch64-darwin-cocoa (Jonas Maebe)
0037427: [Compiler] aarch64 compiler creates invalid code for implicit int64 to byte cast with -O1 and {$Q+} (Florian)
0036014: [Compiler] It is posible to specialize non generic method (Sven Barth)
0037447: [Packages] HttpAPi.pp missing function HttpUpdateServiceConfiguration (Sven Barth)
0037448: [Packages] custHTTPSys Invalid Length Http reason string, know header length and unknown header length (Sven Barth)
0037462: [Compiler] Internal error 2013032603 (Florian)
0037460: [Compiler] Internal error 2010021502 (Florian)
0037449: [Compiler] Internal error 200609073 occurs when mod -1 (Florian)
0037444: [Documentation] reference: explicit indices in enumeration type definitions both C-style as well as Delphi-style allowed (Michael Van Canneyt)
0037422: [Compiler] [Patch] MovOpMov2Op/Lea2Add/Lea2Sub consolidation (Florian)
0037420: [Compiler] [Patch] Fix for incorrect alignment removal (Florian)
0035820: [Compiler] Any use whatsoever of "label" and "goto" in a procedure marked as inline crashes the compiler. (Florian)
0037391: [Compiler] Add Hygon Dhyana support to ThreeDNow (Florian)
0037398: [Compiler] branchless float comparison triggers SIGFPE on NaN (Florian)
0037389: [Compiler] [Patch] SHL-centric peephole optimisations (Florian)
0037343: [Compiler] [Patch] Register promotion for single-field record types (Jonas Maebe)
0037339: [Compiler] Regression: cast Variant to NativeInt is broken (Florian)
0037158: [Utilities] fpcmkcfg doen not add -Fl to GCC directory (Florian)
0037304: [Documentation] Confusing description (Michael Van Canneyt)
0037261: [Compiler] Error: Procedure directive "REINTRODUCE" not allowed in implementation section (Florian)
0037254: [Compiler] typecast+SHR can generate wrong code on x86-32. (Florian)
0037272: [Compiler] Compiler uses [] as empty set instead of empty array in default procedure parameter declaration (Sven Barth)
0035100: [FCL] TRegistry. Patch 2. Windows. FileTime (Michael Van Canneyt)
0035669: [RTL] For a string that ends with the delimiter, split returns one string too little. (Michael Van Canneyt)
0036143: [RTL] Patch. Micro-optimization of TList (Michael Van Canneyt)
0035105: [FCL] TRegistry. Patch 6. ReadDate and ReadTime (Michael Van Canneyt)
0037197: [Packages] OpenSSL failure on CentOS and alike. (Michael Van Canneyt)
0034416: [RTL] wrong EPoll_Event structure (Florian)
0037152: [Compiler] mod operator cause "Unreachable code" warning in ISO mode (Jonas Maebe)
0037153: [RTL] TStringList.Sort() exhibits quadratic runtime complexity when most or all elements are identical (Michael Van Canneyt)
0035272: [Compiler] longbool xor (Jonas Maebe)
0037107: [Compiler] Compiler assumes SizeOf(T) = 0 for a record constrained type parameter (Florian)
0037113: [Documentation] Unable to open file created for reading using Reset() on Linux (Michael Van Canneyt)
0035727: [Documentation] Typo with suspended state in TThread.AfterConstruction documentation (Michael Van Canneyt)
0036482: [Packages] Reworked TRegExpr (Michael Van Canneyt)
0037077: [FCL] Fcl-passrc does not support aliases for methods in interfaces (Michael Van Canneyt)
0037084: [Compiler] Compiler crash following r45348: Asm: [pxor mem??,xmmreg1] invalid combination of opcode and operands (Florian)
0037060: [RTL] Add TryStrToHostAddr and TryStrToHostAddr6 to Sockets unit (Michael Van Canneyt)
0037052: [Patch] The required file for the Raspberry is not generated in arm-embedded (Florian)
0037064: [FCL] Unit ActiveX: Fehler Interface IEnumUnknown Reset-Method besitzt nicht das Attribut StdCall (Michael Van Canneyt)
0037031: [Documentation] the modifier “cppdecl” is listed as reserved but not explained (Michael Van Canneyt)
0037032: [Compiler] cpid.pas contains syntax error(s) (Florian)
0036943: [FCL] PNM reader is slow (Michael Van Canneyt)
0036839: [FCL] TFPExpessionParser does not raise an exception when dividing by zero. (Michael Van Canneyt)
0036998: [FCL] FPReadTiff: "LZW code out of bounds" on valid file + patch (Michael Van Canneyt)
0036980: [Documentation] Reference: minor spelling mistake (Michael Van Canneyt)
0036797: [Compiler] [Patch / Refactor] RemoveCurrentP optimisations (Florian)
0036975: [Compiler] internal error2020011402 with constants in generics using IntegerArray as parameter (Sven Barth)
0036972: [Documentation] User’s guide: minor spelling mistake (Michael Van Canneyt)
0036948: [Documentation] Programmer's guide: minor spelling mistake (Michael Van Canneyt)
0036960: [Documentation] SetLength Documentation missing 0-Case Documentation (Michael Van Canneyt)
0036851: [FCL] TFPCustomHTTPClient: FormPost doesn't allow sizechange after using once (Michael Van Canneyt)
0036923: [Compiler] Unable to compile IDE for i386-go32v2 in with debugger support (Pierre Muller)
0036870: [RTL] Math unit: MaxSingle is not precisely the maximum positive single point float (Florian)
0036892: [RTL] getopts - OptArg length limit is 255 characters (shortstring) (Michael Van Canneyt)
0036891: [Documentation] Documentation for Mode ObjFPC need to be updated (Michael Van Canneyt)
0035017: [Compiler] [Feature] XML node dump (Pierre Muller)
       0036882: [Compiler] [Feature] Class and record definition XML dump extension (Pierre Muller)
0036809: [FCL] Return value ERROR_NO_MORE_ITEMS should not raise an exception in TRegistry.GetKeyNames/TRegistry.GetValueNames (Michael Van Canneyt)
0036653: [Compiler] Linker complains about weaklinked vm_kernel_page_size symbol on darwin x86_64 when building android crosscompiler (Jonas Maebe)
0036831: [FCL] TWavWriter.WriteBuf has a leftover debugging statement (Michael Van Canneyt)
0023071: [Compiler] PPUs produced by units containing generics with methods having procedure-local types crash the compiler on second compilation (Sven Barth)
0036551: [Compiler] [Patch] EAX -> EDX:EAX sign extension shortcuts, and MOVSX shortcuts for AX register (Florian)
0036747: [Database] Memory corruption in DB on platforms with FPC_REQUIRES_PROPER_ALIGNMENT (Ondrej Pokorny)
0036663: [FCL] Broken TRegistryIniFile (Michael Van Canneyt)
0036706: [Compiler] When linking shared object, unneccessary dependepcy to the linker-loader added (Sven Barth)
0024283: [Compiler] Generics syntax error, ">" expected but "<" found (Sven Barth)
0017556: [Compiler] generating unnecessary "andl $4294967295" instructions (Florian)
0036687: [Compiler] [Patch] Processor-aware MOVZX optimisation cleanup (Florian)
0036720: [Compiler] Internal error 200709083 when mixing CORBA interfaces with COM interfaces (Florian)
0036700: [Compiler] [Patch] The simplest optimisation! (MOVSXD) (Florian)
0036670: [Compiler] [Patch / Refactor] x86 "OptPass1MOV" improvements - Part 2½ (Florian)
0036587: [Compiler] INVALID in arm instructions on build server (Yuriy Sydorov)
0036669: [Compiler] [Patch] Deadstore removal improvement (Florian)
0015582: [Compiler] "-OaLOCALMIN=16" / "codealign LOCALMIN=16" is not reliable (Florian)
0035945: [-] instantfpc does not support reading source from STDIN (Michael Van Canneyt)
0036622: [Compiler] [Patch] x86 SUB and LEA optimisations (Florian)
       0036630: [Compiler] Win32 lazarus IDE raise Range check error exception on runtime. (Florian)
0036608: [Compiler] [Patch] x86 "OptPass1MOV" improvements - Part 2 (Florian)
0036629: [FCL] Openssl unit fails with version 1.1.1c-ubuntu4 (Michael Van Canneyt)
0035298: [Compiler] Internal error 200706094 on inc (or other addition) (Florian)
0036624: [Compiler] [Patch] x86 CMP/TEST/Jcc optimisations (Florian)
0033221: [Compiler] Duplicate locals doesn't allow that local variables have same name as class members. (Florian)
0035236: [RTL] Add a Raspberry Pi 2 ARM embedded target (Florian)
0035641: [Compiler] fpc_LibInitializeUnits crashes on x86 Android (Yuriy Sydorov)
0036583: [Compiler] [Patch / Refactor] x86: Merging of Post-Peephole and Reference Optimization stages (Florian)
0036552: [RTL] TIniFile writes BOM, need to disable this (Michael Van Canneyt)
0036052: [FCL] Error when TIniFile is released and Encoding is set (Ondrej Pokorny)
0036553: [Compiler] [Refactor] Some cleaning up of OptPass2JMP and OptPass2MOV (Florian)
0036544: [Compiler] Exceptions during the initialization of units are 'eaten' (with SEH-based exeptions) (Sven Barth)
0036511: [Compiler] [Patch] New 3*MOV -> XCHG optimisation (Florian)
0036510: [FCL] Spelling mistake in fcl-image (Michael Van Canneyt)
0036501: [RTL] Request for improvement, to obtain the creation date of a file under Linux formatted in *ext4* (Florian)
0032811: [Compiler] eliminate tail recursion for functions with var parameters (Florian)
0026326: [Compiler] Invalid message "Local variable is assigned but never used" (Florian)
0036478: [RTL] UnicodeData: add unicode category names (Michael Van Canneyt)
0033582: [Compiler] Currency multiply under powerpc and compiled with RELEASE def gives invalid result. (Florian)
0029460: [Compiler] Cannot declare "LongInt = AnsiString" comparison operator (Florian)
0034303: [RTL] StringList micro optimize (Michael Van Canneyt)
0036464: [Documentation] Optimization disable directives (Michael Van Canneyt)
0036470: [FCL] fpSimpleXMLExport &<> chars (Michael Van Canneyt)
0036443: [Patch] [PATCH] TOpenSSLSocketHandler.Recv blocks forever even when IOTimeout is set (Michael Van Canneyt)
0036438: [LCL] SIGSEGV during "GetOptionValues(<Short>, <Long>);" .eg. GetOptionValues('r', ''), multible 'r' (Michael Van Canneyt)
0036431: [Documentation] Prog guide: using a library in pascal program (Michael Van Canneyt)
0036425: [RTL] TStringBuilder does not grow properly (Michael Van Canneyt)
0036371: [Compiler] [Patch/Refactor] Jump Optimisation Improvements (Florian)
0036408: [Other] Memory leaks in ..\fpcsrc\packages\fcl-db\tests\testjsondataset.pp (Michael Van Canneyt)
0035241: [General] TSQLite3Connection.GetNextValue faults with <<near "FOR": syntax error.>> (Michael Van Canneyt)
0035436: [FCL] Google APIs not working (Michael Van Canneyt)
0036397: [Compiler] "Internal error 200301042" when try to assign class method of object to a simple procedural variable (Florian)
0033963: [Compiler] Wrong result when a currency variable is multiplied by a constant (Florian Klämpfl)
0033025: [Packages] [fcl-db] An SQL statement is always prepared in open/close loop even if the SQL doesn't change (Michael Van Canneyt)
0036376: [Compiler] [Patch] x86 implementation of RegModifiedByInstruction (Florian)
0036373: [FCL] error on reques by ajax, from fphttpserver (Michael Van Canneyt)
0036353: [Compiler] [Refactor] Peephole Semantics (Florian)
0036349: [Documentation] Building HTML documentation causes fpdoc to crash (Michael Van Canneyt)
0036294: [Packages] Request for RTTT TValue: implement TValue.IsType<T> (Sven Barth)
0036355: [Compiler] [Patch] JMP -> MOV/RET optimisation (Florian)
0036149: [RTL] TEvent.WaitFor on *nix uses Realtime Clock, and not the Monotonic Clock (Florian)
0036308: [Compiler] [Patch] "MOV REG, -1" -> "OR REG, -1" optimisation (Florian)
0036347: [Misc] fpdoc does not exit correctly after an error (Michael Van Canneyt)
0036335: [Packages] GetCompilerInfo from fppkg/pkgglobals.pp blinks with console window [w/patch] (Michael Van Canneyt)
0033639: [Packages] fpreport (feature request): Add property to fill overflowed memos with asterisks (Michael Van Canneyt)
0027973: [Documentation] [patchs] Fix text overflow for compiler messages in LaTeX documentation (Michael Van Canneyt)
0036146: [RTL] PATCH extended ordinal helpers for bit patterns (Michael Van Canneyt)
0036249: [RTL] Feature for TStringList.AddCommaText (Michael Van Canneyt)
0033565: [Compiler] Wrong register used for fpc_check_object in compilers asm code, that cause EAccessViolation. (Florian)
0036161: [Compiler] regression: Math.Min and sizeof cause "Error: Can't determine which overloaded function to call" (Florian)
0036251: [RTL] still overload missing for min/max after 33161 is closed (Florian)
0036234: [RTL] TStringStream.UnicodeDataString wrong type (Michael Van Canneyt)
0036240: [Packages] BigEndianUnicode produces memory leaks (Michael Van Canneyt)
0036246: [RTL] FPC TStrings Class does not seem to have a TrailingLineBreak property which is available since Delphi 10.1 (Michael Van Canneyt)
0036237: [Compiler] Small issue preventing building of cross-compiler for Solaris (Marco van de Voort)
0036215: [Compiler] Bad code generation (Florian)
0036196: [Compiler] ATTRIBUTES memory leaks in tests (Sven Barth)
0036200: [RTL] iso7185.pp small typo on line 259 prevents building (Florian Klämpfl)
0035626: [Compiler] In ISO mode, round(x) function does not round up x when the integral part of x is even and its fractional part is = 0.5 (Florian)
0036060: [Compiler] empty ansistring check with length() is more complicated (Florian)
0035567: [Compiler] Wrong dwarf-3 info for dyn-array when cross compiling between 32/64 bit (Sven Barth)
0034633: [Compiler] wrong enumsize if large maxvalue (Florian)
0036150: [Compiler] Cross-compiling FPC for i386-linux target fails with -O4 in the moment (Florian)
0034848: [RTL] ISO mode file reading error (Florian)
0036157: [Compiler] Internal error 2007022010 / with small sample code (Jonas Maebe)
0036139: [Compiler] Too aggressive optimization (Jonas Maebe)
0026454: [Compiler] FPC program can't load a FPC shared library on armhf-linux (RPi) (Florian)
0035246: [Database] error on destroy transaction and connection (Michael Van Canneyt)
       0036148: [Packages] Regression in MSSQL: transactions are not committed (Michael Van Canneyt)
0030379: SIGSEV error due to circular reference between SQLQuery and DataSource (Michael Van Canneyt)
0032585: [Packages] libcurl fixed on new version (7.55.1) (Michael Van Canneyt)
0032625: [FCL] TSQLParser unsupported firebird syntax. (Michael Van Canneyt)
0036114: [Compiler] class consts are always writeable, even in {$J-} / {$writeableconsts off} state. (Sven Barth)
0016587: [Database] TSdfDataSet imports files always as UTF8 (Michael Van Canneyt)
0036122: [Documentation] InOutRes is documented as read-only, but it isn't and also isn't meant to be read-only (Michael Van Canneyt)
0030643: [Documentation] The variants unit is not documented (Michael Van Canneyt)
0035938: [Documentation] -vi option mentioned twice at (Michael Van Canneyt)
0036068: [FCL] unzipping a file gives no error when harddisk is full (Michael Van Canneyt)
0036064: [RTL] TPrintDlg WIN64 structure alignment (Marco van de Voort)
0034274: [Database] SQLite from SQLdb and Multithreading makes some trouble (Michael Van Canneyt)
0027766: [FCL] TFieldDef does not support Multibyte character sets (Michael Van Canneyt)
0032347: [Database] Add specifics tests for Sqlite3Dataset (Michael Van Canneyt)
0033737: [Database] TPQConnection.Close(true) doesn't work if connection to server is severed (Michael Van Canneyt)
0035734: [RTL] TBase64Encoding for Delphi compatibility (Michael Van Canneyt)
0034480: [Other] incorrect behaviour of netdb.ResolveHostByAddr (Michael Van Canneyt)
0035887: [Database] TSQLQuery.ServerFilter exception on filter change (Michael Van Canneyt)
0036045: [Packages] OpenSSL calling extremly slow RandScreen due InitSSLInterface (Michael Van Canneyt)
0030549: [RTL] Add implementation of TBufferedFileStream (Michael Van Canneyt)
0035769: [FCL] BufDataset.Lookup trigger On*Scroll events (Michael Van Canneyt)
0035306: [FCL] fphttpclient: encoding problems in Get(), Post() etc. that use TStringStream (Michael Van Canneyt)
0036013: [Compiler] Error: Internal error 200210061 (Florian)
0035880: [Packages] Add support for "citext" field type In postgresql SQLdb connection class (Michael Van Canneyt)
0035896: [Documentation] TThread.Queue documentation (Michael Van Canneyt)
0035853: [Documentation] programmer’s guide: missing closing curly bracket in § $align (Michael Van Canneyt)
0035417: [Documentation] reference guide: “precedence of operators” table should be labeled to be incomprehensive (Michael Van Canneyt)
0036007: [Documentation] programmer’s guide does not document {$WARN INTF_RAISE_VISIBILITY} (Michael Van Canneyt)
0035895: [Documentation] Improve documentation of untyped parameters (Michael Van Canneyt)
0035913: [RTL] function TryISO8601ToDate signature is different of Delphi (Michael Van Canneyt)
0035469: [Packages] wrong type by MIDIHDR.reserved which get MMSYSERR_INVALPARAM while calling midiOutPrepareHeader function (Sven Barth)
0035982: [RTL] "TRTTIType.GetAttributes()" leaks memory when used in a for-in loop, unless you explicitly free the loop variable on every pass (Sven Barth)
0035997: [Documentation] programmer’s guide references illegal compiler directive $fatalError (Michael Van Canneyt)
0035596: [RTL] A better version of the linuxvcs unit (Michael Van Canneyt)
0035965: [RTL] function TObject.UnitName does not work any more (Sven Barth)
0035897: [Compiler] Spurious warnings about unreachable code with iso mode and mod operator (Jonas Maebe)
0035915: [Compiler] In mode extendedpascal a run-time error is thrown on a case statement with a literal selector, should be compile-time error. (Jonas Maebe)
0035910: [Compiler] PATCH make the case statement in ISO mode behave like extendedpascal mode ( no compile time, but run-time error ) (Jonas Maebe)
0035919: [RTL] [patch] TAVLTreeMap<TKey, TValue> Items property (Sven Barth)
0035921: [RTL] [patch] more consistent API for rtl-generics rename ExtractNode to Extract (Sven Barth)
0035886: [Compiler] Casting Int64 to Double doesn't convert on mode Delphi (Jonas Maebe)
0034187: [Packages] A small step toward support for PDF/A (Michael Van Canneyt)
0035867: [Documentation] programmer’s guide: document 128b results (Michael Van Canneyt)
0035866: [Compiler] Attributes: Internal error 2019070601 (Sven Barth)
0035834: [Documentation] It is not clear enough that Boolean operators have equal weight (operator precedence) (Michael Van Canneyt)
0035843: [Compiler] The recently merged attributes functionality attempts to use a scanner error that does not exist. (Sven Barth)
0035830: [LCL] Request for clarification of messages concerning TField(s) errors. (Michael Van Canneyt)
0035818: [Documentation] [PATCH] Minor correction for the Programmer's Guide section on {$VARPROPSETTER} (Michael Van Canneyt)
0035813: [FCL] [patch] Impossible multiply usage of Load for TVersionInfo (Michael Van Canneyt)
0035761: [FCL] TRegistryIniFile has memory leak (Michael Van Canneyt)
0035753: [Compiler] Delphi allows dereferencing a pointer to a [0..0] static array and accessing it with indices > 0, however 0035671 breaks this. (Jonas Maebe)
0035420: [FCL] Fcl-Passrc does not support include path with spaces (Michael Van Canneyt)
0035731: [FCL] TIniFile.ReadSectionRaw does not return comments (Michael Van Canneyt)
0035661: [Documentation] Expressions - order of evaluation (Michael Van Canneyt)
0032179: [Compiler] Wrong priority for string for overloaded methods (Jonas Maebe)
0035609: [RTL] UnicodeStringReplace with Umlauts (Michael Van Canneyt)
0035598: [Compiler] fpc fails to build: defutil.pas(1606,7) Warning: Function result variable does not seem to initialized (Jonas Maebe)
0035574: [Documentation] reference guide: typos (Michael Van Canneyt)
0035533: [Compiler] Type helper for pointer compiles but cannot be used due to Error: Illegal Qualifier (Sven Barth)
0035546: [RTL] The user32 function GetGuiResources and associated constants is missing. (Marco van de Voort)
0035552: [RTL] The user32 function RealChildWindowFromPoint is missing. (Marco van de Voort)
0035551: [RTL] The user32 function RealGetWindowClass is missing (Marco van de Voort)
0035548: [RTL] The user32 function GetShellWindow is missing. (Marco van de Voort)
0035532: [FCL] Incorrect redirect code (Michael Van Canneyt)
0033593: [Compiler] FPC 3.0.4 Compilation exception (fatal 1018) (Jonas Maebe)
0035444: [Documentation] Document widestring internal (Michael Van Canneyt)
0035439: [RTL] The kernel32 function GetPhysicallyInstalledSystemMemory is missing (Marco van de Voort)
0035378: [RTL] sysutils.NativeInt.Minvalue gives wrong result (0) (Sven Barth)
0035348: [Compiler] operators inc/dec crashes the compiler when a default value is given for the amount. (Sven Barth)
0035311: [Compiler] Windows API call "ReadDirectoryChangesW" is missing (Marco van de Voort)
0035354: [Documentation] [Patch] Minor addition to the recently added enumerator section in the reference manual, plus a couple of other tweaks. (Michael Van Canneyt)
0035150: [RTL] Assigning "int64" and "qword" variables to and from "OleVariant" is implemented wrong. (Sven Barth)
0035265: [Documentation] documentation orthography unification: stick to American English spelling (Michael Van Canneyt)
0035283: [Documentation] programmer's guide suggest manually including heaptrc unit (Michael Van Canneyt)
0035233: [Compiler] SIGSEV crash due to corrupt call stack generated by the compiler in delphi mode (Jonas Maebe)
0035187: [Compiler] FPC generates a word access when it should generate a byte access, occasionally causing an access violation (Florian)
0035211: [Packages] ZIP archive cannot be unpacked, while other app holds it opened for read (Michael Van Canneyt)
0035204: [RTL] The last parameter of BeginThread (ThreadId) is defined as a qword var. This causes problems because ThreadId(s) are 32bit. (Sven Barth)
0035203: [RTL] the constant TLS_OUT_OF_INDEXES should be included in the Windows unit. (Sven Barth)
0035194: [Database] Minor source code problem in testapiv3x in the SQLite Example (Michael Van Canneyt)
0035049: [Packages] FPReport: HTML < b > and < i > can select wrong PostScript font name (Michael Van Canneyt)
0035115: [RTL] The kernel32 function GetComputerNameEx and related types/constants are missing. (Marco van de Voort)
0034856: [RTL] access violation when program ends after calling TEncoding.FreeEncodings (Michael Van Canneyt)
0035161: [FCL] fcl-base/base64.pp: DecodeStringBase64('') raises exception (Michael Van Canneyt)
0034762: [Compiler] [Patch] Speed improvement in case blocks (Florian)
       0034783: [Misc] [Test] New tests for bcase.pp
0034919: [Packages] Gif reader in FPC hangs when trying to read the attached gif file (Marco van de Voort)
0023987: [Other] Suggest adding StringReplaceAll with Replacement Count (Michael Van Canneyt)
0034854: [FCL] TXMLConfig.Filename property is not initialized (Michael Van Canneyt)
0034998: [Documentation] Wrong alignment for i386 (Michael Van Canneyt)
0034889: [RTL] assignfile with codepage (Michael Van Canneyt)
0034973: [Documentation] filecreate mode (Michael Van Canneyt)
0035012: [Documentation] Section 8.5.5 of the reference guide, "Scope considerations" regarding generic type declarations, is simply incorrect. (Michael Van Canneyt)
0035086: [RTL] Exception in ObjectTextToBinary / TParser (Michael Van Canneyt)
0035072: [Compiler] AVR embedded - wrong Linker parameters when space in path (Florian)
0035090: [Documentation] system.xml about UniqueString: minor spelling mistake “necesary” → “necessary” (Michael Van Canneyt)
0034712: [RTL] makerop4 should take longword parameters, not longint... (Marco van de Voort)
0035015: [RTL] Method ToHexString(const AMinDigits: Integer) returns fixed number of digits instead of minimum (Marco van de Voort)
0034875: [FCL] fcl-registry is missing rdInt64 (REG_QWORD) support (Marco van de Voort)
0035048: [Compiler] The definition of user32.dll's FlashWindowEx and related structures and constants is missing. (Marco van de Voort)
0035041: [Compiler] the LoadLibraryEx flag LOAD_LIBRARY_AS_IMAGE_RESOURCE ($00000020) is missing (Marco van de Voort)
0032923: [Textmode IDE] Graphic glitch in Textmode IDE in window "About" (Michael Van Canneyt)
0013757: [Textmode IDE] go to line number (Michael Van Canneyt)
0012081: [Textmode IDE] Mousewheel support in text IDE is missing (Marco van de Voort)
0022435: [Textmode IDE] keyboard shortcut for "lowercase word" (CTRL-K-E) produces wild chars in FP IDE (Michael Van Canneyt)
0034991: [Documentation] programmer's guide $packrecords directive: missing comma in enumeration (Michael Van Canneyt)
0034990: [Documentation] minor spelling mistake in system.xml: “harmfull” (extraneous “L”) (Michael Van Canneyt)
0034943: [Documentation] reference guide: alias modifier code example does not compile (Michael Van Canneyt)
0034934: [Documentation] programmer's guide, appendix A, § “reading ppufiles” shows unfunctional example (Michael Van Canneyt)
0034944: [Documentation] reference guide: spelling mistake “out of sope” → “out of scope” (Michael Van Canneyt)
0034933: [Compiler] "Error: Asm: word value exceeds bounds 65536" when with -O4 built ( B := 65536 - D[1]; ) (Florian)
0034815: [Compiler] pclmulqdq instruction is not recognized (Florian)
0034653: [Compiler] Compiler misoptimizes the logical expression (Florian)
0034864: [Documentation] Unexpected warning for declaration of QWORD constants (Michael Van Canneyt)
0034893: [Compiler] System.Move incompatible type at call parameters error (Florian)
0019842: [RTL] broken getopts misordering parameters when using permute flag (Michael Van Canneyt)
0034901: [Compiler] "Error: unrecognized option -mtls-dialect=gnu" when fpc is built with -dtls_threadvars (Florian)
0034900: [Documentation] Programmer's guide: section name in context of resourcestrings doesn't make sense (Michael Van Canneyt)
0034891: [Documentation] MMXDemo uses undeclared identifier (Michael Van Canneyt)
0034850: [RTL] EMRPOLYLINE16 declaration (Marco van de Voort)
0034790: [Documentation] Programmer's Guide doesn't document a couple $modeSwitch directives mentioned in the Reference Guide (Michael Van Canneyt)
0005854: [Textmode IDE] shift-backspace unrecognized in IDE (Michael Van Canneyt)
0006496: [Textmode IDE] ide 1.0.6, menu file (Michael Van Canneyt)
0027378: [Compiler] {$WARNINGS/HINTS/NOTES OFF} does not reset at end of unit (Sven Barth)
0034438: [Compiler] Internal error (Pierre Muller)
0024663: [Textmode IDE] Error on Undo function - Duplicate rows (Florian)
0034691: [Compiler] Internal error 200402171 when publishing property from object (Sven Barth)
0034699: [Documentation] Documentation for the default constructor TObject.Create is wrong. (Michael Van Canneyt)
0034697: [Database] IBConnection - No fields for inclusion in where statement found (Michael Van Canneyt)
0034668: [RTL] Solaris ostypes missing certain (non-posix) constants (Marco van de Voort)
0034661: [Packages] Mode 1024x768 does not work in Graph unit (Michael Van Canneyt)
0033323: [Compiler] arm - embedded : error in string concatenation on cortex-m0 (Florian)
0034605: [Compiler] typecast of class reference variable leads to sigsegv (Pierre Muller)
0034538: [FCL] fcl-web: httproute.HTTPRouter.StringToRouteMethod segfaults on unknown HTTP method, which can be exploited remotely (Michael Van Canneyt)
0034567: [Documentation] The documentation says to use -Og while the compiler warns that switch is obsolete. (Michael Van Canneyt)
0034603: [Documentation] multi-dimensional setLength example describes wrong range (Michael Van Canneyt)
0034606: [Documentation] (simple) type helpers specifies illegal {$mode objpas} (Michael Van Canneyt)
0034619: [Documentation] spelling mistake in prog.tex (“GNU CC compiler” [erroneous extra C]) (Michael Van Canneyt)
0034574: [Compiler] Additional notes on current Win64 build failures based on further investigation (before-and-after assembly listings attached) (Jonas Maebe)
0034532: [Documentation] Comments inside {$ifdef X the rest is comment} are not documented (Michael Van Canneyt)
0034511: [Database] Postgres package can not cope with schema's enclose in "" (LacaK)
0034281: [Utilities] Zipping large file 7GB results in stream read error (Michael Van Canneyt)
0034278: [Database] feature request: support for sqlite3_open_v2() in all sqlite3 components (Michael Van Canneyt)
0034469: [Documentation] GetTypeKind is not yet documented (Michael Van Canneyt)
0032670: [FCL] The function "JSONStringToString" does not decode emoji (Michael Van Canneyt)
0034398: [Documentation] Section 4.4 about initialized variables: Strange Formatting (Michael Van Canneyt)
0034364: [RTL] Math unit is missing a MIn and Max function for QWORD/UInt64 (Michael Van Canneyt)
0034439: [Patch] Standard prefixes (Michael Van Canneyt)
0034429: [Packages] Different esc-sequences processing in regular expression and substitution string in RegExpr.Replace (Michael Van Canneyt)
0034380: [Compiler] ppc386 packages compilation crash with "-n -gwl -O4" option (Pierre Muller)
0034375: [FCL] Wrong Definition of pSHColumnID in Unit shlobj (Marco van de Voort)
0034259: [Documentation] nostackframe documentation is not up-to-date (since 3.0.0) (Michael Van Canneyt)
0034268: [Documentation] Some fpcdocs examples crash on execution on linux machine (Michael Van Canneyt)
0034222: [Compiler] specifying -Amasm produces internal error 200704253 (Florian)
0034288: [FCL] TFPExressionParser wrong test for failure (Michael Van Canneyt)
0033743: [Other] unit registry; function ReadBinaryData give a Exception when read a special binary data (Michael Van Canneyt)
0034176: [FCL] TRegistry.CreateKey does not use FAccess (Michael Van Canneyt)
0034154: [Documentation] Suggestion for a small improvement of the explanation of ARRAY OF CONST (Michael Van Canneyt)
0034155: [Documentation] Small improvement of presentation in the explanation of ARRAY OF CONST (Michael Van Canneyt)
0039009: [Database] TDbf removes valid digits from float field for some files. (Michael Van Canneyt)
0036822: [Utilities] zstream fails for concatenated gz files (Michael Van Canneyt)
0038961: [Compiler] AVR [patch] Minor editing fixes (Florian)
0038958: [Compiler] AVR [patch] Invalid code generated for avrtiny (Florian)
0038887: [FCL] fcl_passrc example unbuildable (Michael Van Canneyt)
0038893: [Compiler] commit 49328 breaks cross building the target riscv32-linux on macOS (Florian)
0038492: [Compiler] $setc regression (Jonas Maebe)
0038381: [RTL] Add TValue.Make functions (Sven Barth)
0038225: [Compiler] Assembler errors when compiling Lazarus Trunk for macOS/AArch64 (Florian)
0038861: [Compiler] AVR incorrect instructions generated for a variable at absolute 0 when passed as a var parameter (Florian)
0038577: [RTL] FormatDateTime with option fdoInterval not showing leading zeros (Michael Van Canneyt)
0038789: [Compiler] Xtensa [patch] Libraries passed via the command line not included in linker script for xtensa-freertos (Florian)
0038330: [FCL] SQLScript only executes the first time (Michael Van Canneyt)
0034842: [Packages] Add PEM_write_bio_PKCS7 to OpenSSL.pas (Michael Van Canneyt)
0035756: [Database] TBufDataset Filter memory growing (Michael Van Canneyt)
0036165: [FCL] Add functional methods to TStringList (Michael Van Canneyt)
0038771: [Compiler] Specialization of virtual generic method crashes compiler (Sven Barth)
0037977: [Packages] MacOS: Unable to use more modern LibreSSL libraries for TLS 1.2/1.3 only sites (Michael Van Canneyt)
0037727: [FCL] logic error in fcl-web-fpwebfile.pp, it works only in *nix-osses. (Michael Van Canneyt)
0038727: [Compiler] svn revision 49129 breaks crossbuilding powerpc(64)-* targets (Sven Barth)
0038677: [Packages] fpopenssl: TSSL.PeerName decode error. (Michael Van Canneyt)
0038682: [Compiler] svn version 49054 breaks building the cross targets aarch64-linux and aarch64-darwin (Jonas Maebe)
0037426: [Compiler] Internal error 200109221 on Byte.SetBit in a method (Sven Barth)
0038693: [Compiler] compiler: Colored FPC output does not work on MacOS/X terminals (while clang output does) (Florian)
0038642: [Compiler] Generics stumble upon non-sequential enums. (Sven Barth)
0038638: [Compiler] LOOPUNROLL tryfinally node patch on i386-win32. (Florian)
0038660: [RTL] StrUtils.RPosEx: unify casing in function name (Michael Van Canneyt)
0037370: [Other] TSdfDataset causes segfault if used with lazarus (Michael Van Canneyt)
0038150: [RTL] [Patch] Implement BinToHex overloads for Delphi compatibility (Michael Van Canneyt)
0038397: [Documentation] Document NameThreadForDebugging support for Windows, Linux and Android (Michael Van Canneyt)
0038630: [RTL] function NOW return time excluding time zone (Michael Van Canneyt)
0038580: [RTL] Delphi incompatibility in StartsStr and EndsStr for ASubStr='' (Michael Van Canneyt)
0038624: [FCL] Not processing "\u" characters in JSON String correctly with 4bytes unicode. (Michael Van Canneyt)
0038622: [Packages] JSONStringToString error when input contains consecutive \uxxxx blocks (Michael Van Canneyt)
0038616: [Documentation] Fixes for missing topics and invalid links. (Michael Van Canneyt)
0038448: [Documentation] Add documentation of the '?' ScanDateTime parameter (Michael Van Canneyt)
0038529: [Documentation] Docs for SScanf is weird (Michael Van Canneyt)
0037486: [Documentation] Language Reference Guide should mention availability of floating point types (Michael Van Canneyt)
0037909: [Documentation] TThread: Document that WaitFor calls CheckSynchronize (Michael Van Canneyt)
0038566: [RTL] patch to update according to .../include/linux/socket.h from kernel 5.10 (Michael Van Canneyt)
0038259: [Compiler] "exit" in an inlined routine is interpreted as an exit from the calling routine by DFA (Florian)
0038497: [Compiler] Using Set types in generic will fail. (Florian)
0038513: [RTL] Some flaw in the Boyer-Moore algorithm implementation in StrUtils. (Florian)
0038462: [RTL] ScanDateTime issues in AM/PM mode (Michael Van Canneyt)
0038437: [Documentation] Updated documentation for bufstream.xml (Michael Van Canneyt)
0038429: [RTL] TCustomVariantType.CastTo() is not called (Sven Barth)
0038414: [Documentation] Wrong link in documentation (Michael Van Canneyt)
0038408: [FCL] gdeque.pp: add some info about what it actually implements (Michael Van Canneyt)
0038406: [FCL] gdeque.pp: more adaptations to handle managed data. (Michael Van Canneyt)
0038407: [FCL] TDeque: implement protected proprty Data (Michael Van Canneyt)
0037295: [Packages] [Patch] fcl-xml: SAX XML - Added support for cdata section and comments (Michael Van Canneyt)
0038369: [Documentation] 12.3 Using a library in a pascal program (code fix) (Michael Van Canneyt)
0038368: [Documentation] 12.2 Creating a library (text and code need some fixes) (Michael Van Canneyt)
0038351: [FCL] TBufferedFileStream.Seek(0,soBeginning) not working (Florian)
0034435: [Database] TCSVDataset file not readable (Michael Van Canneyt)
0038321: [Compiler] AVR Assigning a pointer constant truncates value to 8 bits (Florian)
0034420: [FCL] More memory efficient TDeque.IncreaseCapacity (Michael Van Canneyt)
       0038306: [FCL] gqueue unit memory access error (Michael Van Canneyt)
0038310: [Compiler] r48002 breaks determination of overloaded functions: IfThen (Math vs. StrUtils) (Sven Barth)
0037315: [RTL] WideStrUtils - more implemented (Michael Van Canneyt)
0037382: [FCL] FPC 3.2.1 gdeque Erase(0) hangs forever (Florian)
0038285: [Compiler] AVR [patch] Fix missed optimization opportunities (Florian)
0038278: [Documentation] Documentation of Math.EnsureRange (Michael Van Canneyt)
0038238: [Compiler] Pointers to record methods don't seem to work (Sven Barth)
0038243: [RTL] Xtensa [patch] ESP8266 read function is non-blocking (Florian)
0038201: [RTL] On some platforms no RTE is triggered when an exception occurs in a try..except and sysutils is not used (Florian)
0038202: [RTL] Setting Double.Frac loses sign information (Florian)
0037911: [Documentation] Expand the FOR documentation to cover some essential aspects (Michael Van Canneyt)
0038173: [Compiler] AVR [patch] Use LDS for 8 bit references (Florian)
0038175: [Compiler] Xtensa [patch] ESP8266 doesn't support min/max instructions (Florian)
0038151: [RTL] ComObj property set by reference (Sven Barth)
0038145: [Compiler] Generic specialization problem (Sven Barth)
0038143: [Packages] Zipper doesn't work when trying to decompress certain files that work in other applications. (Michael Van Canneyt)
0038142: [Compiler] AVR Read-modify-write bug for avrtiny subarch (Florian)
0038071: [Documentation] State that declaration global operators in Delphi mode is not possible (Michael Van Canneyt)
0038058: [Compiler] For-in loop for sets inside generics (Florian)
0038083: [Compiler] Overloading a generic method with the same name (Sven Barth)
0034037: [Compiler] Generics - nil has to be treated as T(nil) (Florian)
0037767: [Documentation] Some optimization compiler directives not documented (Michael Van Canneyt)
0038077: [RTL] Improved WideStrUtils function (Michael Van Canneyt)
0038008: [RTL] feature req: Utf8ToUnicodeEx with ErrorMode (Michael Van Canneyt)
0038056: [Compiler] svn commit 47330 breaks building subarch armv6m of the arm-embedded crosscompiler (Florian)
0038051: [Compiler] compiler does not accept chr() as definition of ranged types. (Sven Barth)
0038025: [Compiler] compiler: Implement colored terminal output for Win10 (Florian)
0038036: [Compiler] Building FPC trunk compiler for i386-linux and i386-windows targets fails with EAccessViolation exception. (Jonas Maebe)
0038020: [RTL] Using GetModuleHandle instead of LoadLibrary when getting the GetTickCount64 address (Sven Barth)
0036407: [FCL] colGreen and colLime have same value (Michael Van Canneyt)
0038023: [RTL] UTF8ToUnicode micro optimization (Sven Barth)
0038012: [Compiler] Generic procedure with open array crashes compiler (Florian)
0038003: [Packages] Small memory leak in any project using ptcGraph (Michael Van Canneyt)
0037331: [Compiler] compiler: Colored error output on capable terminal (Florian)
0037986: [RTL] Typo in comment in softfpu unit (Sven Barth)
0037928: [Documentation] Bug in documentation for IntToBin (Michael Van Canneyt)
0037929: [Compiler] AVR [patch] Code generator incorrectly generates LDD instruction for avrtiny (Florian)
0037844: [Compiler] compilation of a "specialize" inside a "with" clause returns "Error: Illegal expression" (Sven Barth)
0037888: [Compiler] [patch] duplicate internal error numbers (Florian)
0037914: [Compiler] AVR [patch] Sometimes registers r0 or r1 are pushed for avrtiny (Florian)
0037898: [RTL] Provide option TStringSplitOptions.ExcludeLastEmpty (Michael Van Canneyt)
0037796: [Compiler] Function with untyped parameter accepts retyped constant (Florian)
0037308: [Compiler] FreeRTOS tool settings cause tools (gcc) not found. (Florian)
0037806: [Compiler] Include/Exclude intrinsics are not aware of generics. (Sven Barth)
0037779: [Compiler] Attached code generates invalid assembly (Sven Barth)
0037609: [RTL] Add TryAdd method to TDictionary (Sven Barth)
0037780: [Compiler] Wrong code generation with optimization level 2 and above (i386 win32) (Jonas Maebe)
0036909: [Compiler] [PATCH] Static array initialization from array constructor (Sven Barth)
0037415: [RTL] iso-mode: reset a data file gives a run time error. (Florian)
0037708: [Compiler] Xtensa incorrect stack based parameter passing (Florian)
0037743: [Compiler] RISC-V Embedded, compiler produces incorrect code for div operator. (Florian)
0037744: [Documentation] Some issues in Overflow checking chapter (Michael Van Canneyt)
0037709: [Compiler] RISC-V Embedded, code generator seems to use wrong registers. (Florian)
0033604: [Compiler] Overloaded routines with same arguments pass compilation. (Sven Barth)
0037590: [Documentation] Improve chapter about Sets operators (Michael Van Canneyt)
0036179: [FCL] fcl-passrc record sections in nested functions fail to parse (Michael Van Canneyt)
0036388: [Compiler] Generic function + SysUtils unit elicits Internal error 200204175 (Sven Barth)
0036377: [Compiler] Unit name prefix causes internal error 2019112401 (Generics) (Florian)
0036652: [Compiler] 2014010312 error (Sven Barth)
0036584: [Compiler] Generic constraints should not be allowed in definitions (Delphi mode) (Florian)
0035140: [Patch] Patch for constants in generics (Sven Barth)
0037650: [Compiler] String range error with generic constants (Sven Barth)
0037555: [Packages] Deprecation message of SSLeayversion points to wrong version and Result of _OpenSSLVersion is empty (Michael Van Canneyt)
0037473: [Documentation] Clarify documentation of SetLength when shrinking the array/string (Michael Van Canneyt)
0037646: [Database] [patch] Implement handling Firebird SQL_NULL data type (Michael Van Canneyt)
0037592: [Packages] Jsonconf: improve error string (Michael Van Canneyt)
0037530: [Documentation] tstatfs example program errors for macOS (Michael Van Canneyt)
0037660: [Website] Remove old news entries from main page (Michael Van Canneyt)
0037659: [Website] Remove duplicate news page entries (Michael Van Canneyt)
0035022: [FCL] TRegIniFile.WriteString writes to wrong Key (Michael Van Canneyt)
0037654: [Patch] [Patch] Add "DBImageType" to specify image's type for TFPReportCustomImage's data loading with "FieldName" (Michael Van Canneyt)
0037637: [Patch] [Patch] Fix TFPReportCustomImage's data loading with "FieldName" (Michael Van Canneyt)
0037335: [Compiler] Xtensa [patch] ESP8266 support for t_freertos.pas (Florian)
0037602: [RTL] Add StoredAttribute class (Michael Van Canneyt)
0037601: [RTL] Add TCustomAttribute descendants (Michael Van Canneyt)
0037583: [RTL] Xtensa [patch] Add support for windowed ABI stack dump (Florian)
0037550: [Compiler] Xtensa [patch] Nostackframe directive does not generate correct code for windowed ABI. (Florian)
0037559: [Compiler] Revision 44926 has broke the Haiku target : make zipinstall does not cycle anymore : segment violation (Sven Barth)
0037187: [Compiler] FPC crashes when compiling LGenerics. (Sven Barth)
0036080: [Database] WireCompression option in TIBConnection (Michael Van Canneyt)
0037464: [Compiler] Building compiler suite fails with error message "Error: (3028) Overloaded functions have the same parameter list" (Sven Barth)
0035124: [FCL] fcl-image, fpreadPNG, retrieve image information like grayscale (Michael Van Canneyt)
0037436: [Documentation] Mention that instances of THandleObject should not be created (Michael Van Canneyt)
0037400: [Compiler] internal error 200306031 popcnt ( param_byte); (Florian)
0035869: [Packages] fcl-web: simpleserver mimetypes parameter and mime.types file (Michael Van Canneyt)
0036970: [Compiler] svn revision 45057 breaks building on macOS (Florian)
0037397: [LCL] AArch64 error 200108231 at higher optimization levels (Jonas Maebe)
0035759: [Database] Memory not released when parsing new filter string (Michael Van Canneyt)
0037393: [Compiler] AArch64 functions with many arguments fail at higher optimization levels (Florian)
0036090: [Documentation] Clarify documentation on case-else statement (Michael Van Canneyt)
0037336: [RTL] Xtensa [patch] ESP8266 unit for FreeRTOS (Florian)
0037317: [Compiler] Xtensa [patch] Update call0 volatile register list (Florian)
0037300: [Patch] [Patch] Fix image handling at design time with fpReport's designer. (Michael Van Canneyt)
0034954: [Documentation] Adjust documentation for SimpleRoundTo (Michael Van Canneyt)
0037306: [Documentation] TProcess docs (Michael Van Canneyt)
0037301: [Compiler] -O1 optimization problem (Florian)
0036951: [Compiler] Revision 44933 breaks building aarch64-linux on macOS (Sven Barth)
0035296: [Packages] [fpReport] Memo's word wrap does not cut long words (Michael Van Canneyt)
0037242: [Compiler] Xtensa [patch] ESP8266 support for target freertos (Florian)
0037251: [Compiler] [Patch] Add intrinsic IsConstValue function (Sven Barth)
0036924: [Documentation] modifier winapi not documented (Michael Van Canneyt)
0035099: [FCL] TRegistry. Patch 1. Windows. PrepKey (Joost van der Sluis)
0035345: [RTL] Support for "TStrings" strings larger than 2GB on x64 systems. Patch. (Michael Van Canneyt)
0035331: [RTL] Patch. Functions TStrings.GetNextLine and TStrings.GetNextLineBreak does not check parameters (Michael Van Canneyt)
0032370: [RTL] Windows. Compatibility with Delphi when working with links (Sven Barth)
       0035744: [Compiler] Windows compiler doesn't see simlink as an executable (Sven Barth)
0035817: [RTL] Patch. TStrings.LoadFromStream does not work correctly with large files on x64 (Michael Van Canneyt)
0035106: [FCL] TRegistry. Patch 7. WriteBinaryData (Michael Van Canneyt)
0037130: [Compiler] Xtensa [patch] Add optional MAC16 registers to compiler (Florian)
0037099: [Compiler] Xtensa [patch] Add RSR and WSR instructions to compiler (Florian)
0037231: [Compiler] wrong help note -Agas-darwin (should be -Aas-darwin) (Jonas Maebe)
0037204: [RTL] Embedded - heap manager doesn't free small blocks (Florian)
0037195: [RTL] Heap manager doesn't free small blocks (Florian)
0036528: [RTL] fpLstat changed to call syscall_nr_fstatat, but flags is missing (Florian)
0037131: [Compiler] AVR [patch] Replace findreg_by_gasname with gas_regname_table (Florian)
0037136: [Compiler] SIGFPE in an assignment after a float comparison winth NaN (Florian)
0037126: [Utilities] fpdoc ignores ostarget (Michael Van Canneyt)
0037090: [Documentation] InterlockedCompareExchange docu says Comparand while variablename is Comperand (Michael Van Canneyt)
0037083: [Documentation] Several options for make compiler/RTL not documented (Michael Van Canneyt)
0037120: [Documentation] Small spelling error in Smartlinking docu (Michael Van Canneyt)
0037042: [RTL] [Patch] Add TBitConverter class (Sven Barth)
0037104: [FCL] Patch to add two features (Michael Van Canneyt)
0037002: [Textmode IDE] Textual error; Lose vs Loose (Florian)
0036385: [Packages] fcldb - TCustomCSVExporter - DoDataHeader - Export all field captions, even those that Enabled = False (Michael Van Canneyt)
0037016: [Compiler] svn revision 45236 break cross building the targets jvm-java and jvm-android (Jonas Maebe)
0036950: [RTL] [Patch] Implement thread naming for Linux and Android (Sven Barth)
0036940: [RTL] [Patch] Add support for naming threads to TThreadManager (Sven Barth)
0036941: [RTL] [Patch] Implement thread naming for Windows (Sven Barth)
0036949: [RTL] [Patch] Missing ifndef Android in pthread if dynpthreads is not defined (Sven Barth)
0036935: [Compiler] [Patch] "cs_opt_remove_emtpy_proc" typo fix (Sven Barth)
0036861: [Installer] man page for fp (Jonas Maebe)
0036895: [RTL] epoll_wait call is wrong if generic_linux_syscalls is defined (Sven Barth)
0036945: [Compiler] Building FPC trunk fails : Binary files ppc3 and ppc386 differ (Jonas Maebe)
0036993: [Patch] Tweaking of fcl-base/src/FileInfo unit (Michael Van Canneyt)
0036905: [Documentation] Incorrect reference to fdPeriod in /rtl/sysutils/formatchars.html (Michael Van Canneyt)
0032789: [Packages] openssl is outdated leading to error when trying to create a SSL context (Michael Van Canneyt)
0036838: [Documentation] Clarify behavior of Overflow- and RangeChecks regarding 32 vs. 64-bit targets (Michael Van Canneyt)
0036871: [Packages] fcl-pdf: Implement clip path management, publish graphic state management (Michael Van Canneyt)
0036886: [Packages] wrong GetText.pp (fcl-base package) code and example (Michael Van Canneyt)
0036837: [RTL] Add ToObjectArray and ToStringArray for Delphi compatibility to TStrings* (Michael Van Canneyt)
0036845: [Compiler] Inefficient code created for BSRqword (Florian)
0036868: [RTL] Missing semicolon for epoll_create function if generic_linux_syscalls is defined (Florian)
0036852: [Packages] fcl-pdf: Make document info supporting UNICODE (Michael Van Canneyt)
0035023: [FCL] TRegIniFile.OpenKey does not update FCurrenPath correctly (Michael Van Canneyt)
0033980: [FCL] TRegIniFile: failure on consecutive reads when Section parameter is empty (Michael Van Canneyt)
0036458: [Packages] TRegistry.readFloat causes stack corruption on MacOS (Michael Van Canneyt)
0036833: [Compiler] revision 44318 breaks building with LLVM=1 on macOS (Jonas Maebe)
0028536: [Compiler] [Feature Request] Inline High function just like Length for dyn arrays (Florian)
0036758: [Packages] Small improvement for Tcompressionstream (Michael Van Canneyt)
0035909: [Compiler] IS operator precendence is wrong (Florian)
0036690: [Packages] Paszlib Zipper - EFS language encoding UTF-8 implementation (Michael Van Canneyt)
0036691: [Packages] Paszlib Zipper - nonzero size of directory in Linux (Michael Van Canneyt)
0036738: [Compiler] record management operators (Sven Barth)
0032532: [FCL] Running more than one TDaemon class instances causes Access Violation exception to occur. (Michael Van Canneyt)
0036719: [Documentation] Change of to if in TStrings.AddObject documentation (Michael Van Canneyt)
0036427: [Compiler] Unneccessary movl after compile time evaluation and wrong output lines for asm register allocation (Florian)
0036698: [FCL] THashMap from fcl-stl (Florian)
0036697: [Compiler] AVR [patch] Combine code paths for avr1 and avrtiny when converting lds/sts to in/out (Florian)
0036673: [Packages] Paszlib Unzipper - EFS language encoding UTF-8 implementation (Michael Van Canneyt)
0036672: [Packages] Paszlib Unzipper fails to create directory if parent does not exist (Michael Van Canneyt)
0036684: [FCL] [PATCH] Parameter Validation for JSON RPC Handler (Michael Van Canneyt)
0036686: [Compiler] AVR [patch] More avr1 controllers and remove attiny28 from avr25 makefile list. (Florian)
0036659: [Compiler] AVR [patch] Board aliases to to onboard controllers (Florian)
0036650: [RTL] AVR [patch] Fix startup code for avrtiny subarch (Florian)
0036645: [Compiler] AVR [patch] Support for attiny10x controllers (Florian)
0034570: [Compiler] [Patch] Linker settings for STM32F091 controllers (Florian)
0036616: [Compiler] AVR [patch] Support for megaAVR 0 and tinyAVR 0/1 (Florian)
0036626: [RTL] current svn version of trunk is broken for cross building all subarchs of arm-embedded. (Florian)
0034818: [Compiler] out of memory when compiling with -Os1
0036389: [Compiler] compile code with error "Error: Asm: word value exceeds bounds 65536"
0036619: [Compiler] AVR [patch] Correct subarch for avrtiny series in compiler (Florian)
0036620: [Compiler] AVR [patch] Avrtiny26 controller is not subarch avr25 (Florian)
0035903: [Compiler] [Patch] Out-of-date copyright message
0036593: [Compiler] compiler: svn rev 43949 broke building i386-win32
0035346: [Compiler] [Refactor] Inlining methods for TCStream and TEntryFile
0036378: [Compiler] Internal Error Number Clash (2019112401)
0035701: [Other] [Test] Test "tests/webtbs/tw13294" is possibly invalid
0035180: [Other] [Patch / Test] Fixes to tests/test/cg/tmoddiv4.pp
0035406: [Compiler] [Refactor] TEntryFile.getbyte() optimisation
0035633: [Misc] [Test] Minor refactoring of bcase.pp
0034679: [Compiler] [Patch / Refactor] TmpUsedRegs object pooling and optimisation
0034618: [Patch] [Patch] Grammar fixes and consistency in English error messages
0034849: [Compiler] [Patch] Internal Error number clash
0034996: [Documentation] Declaring a public constant as the same name as an internal symbol causes silent error
0035065: [Compiler] [Patch] Internal Error 200208181 fix
0035602: [Other] Non-breaking space in tdfa19.pp
0036307: [Compiler] Internal Error 200130121 when compiling x86_64-win64 as of r43457
0036611: [RTL] svn commit 43997 breaks building the rtl for avr-embeded (Florian)
0036372: [Compiler] Compiler crashes on "EAccessViolation: Access violation" exception when rebuilding Lazarus IDE with certain packages installed (Jonas Maebe)
0036609: [fpReport] [patch] tcreportgenarator.pas misses gTTFontCache.SearchPath.Clear (Michael Van Canneyt)
0036581: [fpReport] [Patch] Bugfixing fpreport demos and new test for rendered demos (Michael Van Canneyt)
0035877: [Compiler] Trunk compiler fails with 200510032 (Jonas Maebe)
0036530: [Compiler] FPC does not build with -Os option (Florian)
0036589: [Compiler] internal error 200706092 for loop with invalid range (Florian)
0036242: [Compiler] AVR - compiler gets stuck in trgobj.do_register_allocation (Florian)
0031379: [Packages] RegExpr with Ignorecase make unexpected result with UTF-8 pattern string. (Michael Van Canneyt)
0036585: [fpReport] [Patch] unconditional debug output in fpreportjson.pp (Michael Van Canneyt)
0036592: [fpReport] [Patch] TFPReport.RunReport a second time fails (Michael Van Canneyt)
0036541: [Database] ORA-24347: Warning of a NULL column in an aggregate function (Michael Van Canneyt)
0036358: [Patch] Rtti unit properties do not process object, interface and float properties (Sven Barth)
0036532: [fpReport] Some changes broke nested group demo (Michael Van Canneyt)
0036562: [Compiler] [patch] Passing a file name with extension to cross compiler with -o causes error (Florian)
0036554: [Compiler] internal error 200611054 (for loop with no ordinal type) (Florian)
0036519: [fpReport] test fails with some errors (Michael Van Canneyt)
0036547: [fpReport] Patch: Export render result as JSON (Michael Van Canneyt)
0036531: [fpReport] ReAssignParentFont when adding element to band using owner (Michael Van Canneyt)
0036537: [fpReport] Band width in multi column mode is calculated wrong (Michael Van Canneyt)
0036130: [Patch] heaptrc: Improve tracing by printing actual module name (ether EXE or DLL) (Florian)
0036503: [fpReport] testfpreport does not compile (Michael Van Canneyt)
0036504: [RTL] TEncoding.IsSingleByte returns False for Windows ANSI codepages. (Ondrej Pokorny)
0036496: [Compiler] compile error when attempting recursion in generic function (Sven Barth)
0035581: [Compiler] Compiler crash when assigning CP_UTF7 string and compiling with -FcUTF8 (Florian)
0036486: [Database] SQLite-DB: reads wrong values from big INTEGER columns (Michael Van Canneyt)
0032006: [Compiler] Internal error 200103281 on floating point division (Florian)
0036459: [fpReport] fpreport: HTML Tags for bold are not correct rendered in pdf (Michael Van Canneyt)
0035113: [FCL] JsonConf handles Unicode path/value wrong on Win32 (Michael Van Canneyt)
0034424: [RTL] Types.pp needs more 'inline' (Florian)
0034451: [Packages] FPJson: wish for option foSkipWhiteSpaceOnlyLeading (Michael Van Canneyt)
0035660: [RTL] TStringList ValueFromIndex incomatible with Delphi (Michael Van Canneyt)
0032673: [RTL] Implement TCollection.Move() (Michael Van Canneyt)
0036270: [RTL] TFPSList.Assign and .AddList can be faster (Michael Van Canneyt)
0036303: [Packages] RegExpr comment (Michael Van Canneyt)
0036284: [RTL] TStringList.SetCommaText needs refactor (Michael Van Canneyt)
0036269: [Website] TEventObject help page (Michael Van Canneyt)
0036268: [RTL] fgl.pp comment typo (Michael Van Canneyt)
0033384: [Compiler] Attributes support (Sven Barth)
0035326: [Compiler] For some reason objcopy --add-gnu-debuglink=<file> doesn't support full path with spaces to file. (Sven Barth)
0036399: [FCL] Add UnZip method for a single file to TUnZipper (Michael Van Canneyt)
0036396: [FCL] Delete a built-in identifier in TFPExpessionParser (Michael Van Canneyt)
0036394: [fpReport] fcl-report is not compiled by default (make all install) (win x86_64-win64) (Michael Van Canneyt)
0034409: [Compiler] [regresion] mov ax, w - generate invalid assembler code (Florian)
0036304: [Packages] Bugfix of TFixedLengthExporter component (Michael Van Canneyt)
0036323: [Compiler] svn revision 43501 breaks cross-building aarch64-linux on macOS. (Florian)
0036309: [Compiler] commits 43439-43441 break building some targets on x86_64-darwin (Florian)
0036322: [Compiler] r43506 need to be merged in fixes_3_2 (Florian)
0036147: [RTL] using readln on TMemoryStream opened with AssignStream return empty strings (Michael Van Canneyt)
0036317: [Compiler] FPC revision 43473 breaked compilation: Identifier not found "IsManagedType" (Michael Van Canneyt)
0035128: [FCL] fcl-image Clipping bug: SortRect in CheckRectClipping results in wrong exceptions (Michael Van Canneyt)
0035126: [FCL] fpCanvas: make "other" public methods from TFPCustomCanvas virtual (Michael Van Canneyt)
0036231: [Database] TRTFExporter enhancement (Michael Van Canneyt)
0036079: [Compiler] AVR - Const value passed as parameter to procedure clobbered by peephole optimizer (Florian)
0036212: [Compiler] -O3 memory corruption with record assignments to function result (Florian)
0036248: [Packages] libxml - xmlMemSetup should be called first (Michael Van Canneyt)
0036244: [Packages] libxml - Invalid variables content when NO_EXTERNAL_VARS is defined (Michael Van Canneyt)
0036243: [Packages] libxml - no 'xmlStrdup' function implemented (Michael Van Canneyt)
0036223: [Compiler] multihelpers unknown type error (Sven Barth)
0036236: [Compiler] AVR - Internal Error 20039041 with fpc trunk. (Florian)
0032219: [Compiler] AVX addition does not compile (Florian)
0036018: [Packages] svn revision 42820 breaks cross building the targets i386-wince and arm-wince (Michael Van Canneyt)
0036174: [Compiler] x86 compile broken after r43157. (Sven Barth)
0036180: [FCL] fcl-passrc record class operator fails (Michael Van Canneyt)
0036181: [FCL] fcl-passrc {$include} directive always requires file extension. (Michael Van Canneyt)
0036144: [Compiler] Wrong Dwarf2/3/4 info for array (all array, but affects bitpacked) / incorrect use of DW_AT_bit_stride (Jonas Maebe)
0036017: [Compiler] Wrong Dwarf-3 for "type foo = OBJECT ...." (Florian)
0036095: [Compiler] AVR [patch] Optimizing code generation for shift with compile time constant (Florian)
0036136: [RTL] TInterfaceList.IndexOf function can cause reference counted Intefaced Objects to be destroyed. (Michael Van Canneyt)
0036141: [Packages] GetVal() in HTMLUtils returning wrong attribute value when '=' is surrounded by spaces (Michael Van Canneyt)
0034285: [Utilities] ptop: silence hint about unused parameter (Michael Van Canneyt)
0036123: [FCL] Debugging daemon component in win64 mode (Michael Van Canneyt)
0036121: [Compiler] missing define FPC_ISO (Sven Barth)
0036105: [Patch] dl: Small improvement that make possible GetModuleFileName implementation for UN*X (Michael Van Canneyt)
0036119: [Documentation] no documenation of mode extendedpascal and delphiunicode (Michael Van Canneyt)
0036106: [Packages] WinHTTP.h header translation (Michael Van Canneyt)
0036113: [Packages] HMACSHA1Match() cause infinite recursion (Michael Van Canneyt)
0036081: [Compiler] [Linux/i386] After compiler define FPC_STACKALIGNMENT was introduced, bootstrapping compiler fails. (Pierre Muller)
0036089: [Database] AV on TCustomSQLQuery.InternalInitFieldDefs (Michael Van Canneyt)
0036084: [Documentation] Internal compiler procedures like Inc() and Dec() cannot be overloaded (Michael Van Canneyt)
0036085: [Packages] [fcl-db] Access Violation with MySQL after recent changes (Michael Van Canneyt)
0036086: [Database] AV on lookup field with an empty lookup dataset (Michael Van Canneyt)
0036075: [Packages] FCL-WEB: OnInitSession is called at wrong place in iniwebsession (Michael Van Canneyt)
0036066: [Compiler] AVR - Incorrect code generated when copying a static array [patch] (Florian)
0031385: [Packages] memds more friendly with utf-8. (Michael Van Canneyt)
0030205: [Compiler] [Win32-SEH] Internal error 201201143 when dealing with managed locals in subroutine (Sven Barth)
0036037: [FCL] fpJSON now shows error on valid json file (Michael Van Canneyt)
0035988: [RTL] 0031462: SysReAllocMem should call Sys* counterparts instead of MemoryManager fields (Sven Barth)
0035962: [RTL] Enable Sort() with context in TFPList and TList (Michael Van Canneyt)
0036023: [RTL] Deprecate SSLeay_version for OpenSSL (Michael Van Canneyt)
0036002: [Documentation] Undocumented file tag in fpdoc (Michael Van Canneyt)
0036011: [Documentation] Updated documentation for dateutils.xml in RTL (Michael Van Canneyt)
0035989: [FCL] fcl-web: change TResponse.Content to RawByteString (Michael Van Canneyt)
0035990: [FCL] fcl-web: TCustomJSONRPCModule Response content type (Michael Van Canneyt)
0035985: [FCL] fpjson function VarRecToJSON UnicodeString Support (Michael Van Canneyt)
0035999: [FCL] fcl-web: SIGSEGV on JSON RPC request without parameters (Michael Van Canneyt)
0035955: [Compiler] The new []-notation for array assignment cannot be used for "array of Variant" (Sven Barth)
0035964: [Packages] svn revision 42594 breaks cross building the packages winceunits for the targets i386-wince and arm-wince (Sven Barth)
0035953: [Compiler] Error in inline assembly code after r42655. (J. Gareth Moreton)
0035918: [Compiler] Problem with prefixedattributes (Sven Barth)
0035906: [RTL] TSearchRec.TimeStamp is not accurate on Windows (Sven Barth)
0034754: [RTL] Add IsLeadChar for Delphi compatibility (Michael Van Canneyt)
0035687: [RTL] Add TValue.FromOrdinal to RTTI (Sven Barth)
0035711: [Compiler] [AVR] Incorrect overflow checking when h/w MUL* instructions are involved (Jeppe Johansen)
0035580: [FCL] Compiler picks up wrong overload for TMemoryStream.Write(TBytes, Longint); (Jonas Maebe)
0035902: [Compiler] Commit 42527 breaks cross-building the target m68k-linux (Pierre Muller)
0035899: [Compiler] AVR [patch] Enable nostackframe directive for interrupt routines (Jeppe Johansen)
0035691: [RTL] AVR [patch] div, mod and shift operations for 64 bit math (Jeppe Johansen)
0033914: [Compiler] AVR - invalid address used when evaluating a variable in gdb (Jeppe Johansen)
0035862: [RTL] sysutils: Terminate proc linked list is never freed either never invoked (Sven Barth)
0035874: [Compiler] FPC Trunk r42479 make internal error 99080501 (Jonas Maebe)
0035028: [RTL] memory leak in Thread.Queue (Sven Barth)
0035027: [RTL] TThread.Synchronize - undefined behaviour / crash (Sven Barth)
0035735: [Compiler] It is not posible to create generic helper method in objfpc mode but only in delphi mode (Sven Barth)
0035674: [Packages] TUnZipper and custom output stream - do not create a TFileStream for directories (Michael Van Canneyt)
0035693: [RTL] TValue.IsOrdinal can't convert enumerations (Sven Barth)
0035796: [Database] Get string as variant issue in non-utf8 databases (Michael Van Canneyt)
0035670: [Compiler] Generic procedure/normal procedure order of declaration error (Sven Barth)
0035760: [RTL] Graph unit's lines are drawn wrong when line style is ThickWidth (Sven Barth)
0034203: [Compiler] Internal access violation when recompiling specialization (Sven Barth)
0034287: [Compiler] [GENERICS] Error: method identifier expected (Sven Barth)
0035780: [Documentation] DateTimeToStr() contains reference to LongDateTimeFormat, which is not defined (Michael Van Canneyt)
0035653: [Utilities] fpdoc unportable code. (Michael Van Canneyt)
0035724: [FCL] [Patch] Add support for TBlowFishDeCryptStream.Position := 0 (Michael Van Canneyt)
0035736: [Documentation] Small improvement to FileSize documentation (Michael Van Canneyt)
0035638: [RTL] Make TReader.ReadRootComponent threadsafe (Michael Van Canneyt)
0035672: [Packages] Typo in ImmGetCandidateWindow import (Marco van de Voort)
0035332: [RTL] AVR - incorrect stack error checking (Jeppe Johansen)
0032103: [RTL] AVR - Assembler routines for 8, 16 & 32 bit unsigned div (code contribution) (Jeppe Johansen)
0035047: [RTL] Missing ContainsText function from Delphi (Marco van de Voort)
0035573: [RTL] After r42042, building fails with this error message Error: (4057) Can't determine which overloaded function to call (Michael Van Canneyt)
0035559: [Compiler] Update of German error files: errord.msg and errordu.msg (Jonas Maebe)
0035359: [Compiler] Wrong dwarf-3 info for unicodestring (Sven Barth)
0035386: [Compiler] Wrong dwarf-3 info for ansistring when cross compiling to 32 bit (Sven Barth)
0035554: [Packages] [PATCH] fcl-db: oracle: add convenience support for largeint data type in output parameters. (Michael Van Canneyt)
0035330: [RTL] TFileStream.ReadBuffer fails with TBytes while Delphi works (Michael Van Canneyt)
0035159: [Patch] Patch for multi-helpers (Sven Barth)
0035544: [RTL] TryISO8601ToDate: support short time zone designators (Michael Van Canneyt)
0030601: [Documentation] In the "Programmer’s Guide" documentation at "$I or $INCLUDE : Include compiler info" section is missing a directive. (Michael Van Canneyt)
0035307: [RTL] [Feature]: DateToISO8601 is missing (Michael Van Canneyt)
0035476: [Documentation] Loop control vriable in a procedure must be local to that procedure, but this is not documented. (Michael Van Canneyt)
0035471: [Packages] revision 41958 breaks building i8086-msdos target. (Michael Van Canneyt)
0035441: [Utilities] Typo in script (Pierre Muller)
0035271: [Utilities] fpcmkcfg tool kills fpc.cfg if commandline parameter equals -o fpc.cfg (Marco van de Voort)
0035341: [RTL] TStrings.AddStrings don't use BeginUpdate-EndUpdate (Michael Van Canneyt)
0034526: [Compiler] := class operator bug with implicit arrays (Sven Barth)
0035227: [Packages] TXMLRegistry does not support Int64 (Michael Van Canneyt)
0035132: [FCL] TRegistry.DeleteKey inconsistent behaviour Windows vs other platforms (Michael Van Canneyt)
0035305: [RTL] Lazy initialization of ClassAliasList within (Michael Van Canneyt)
0035304: [RTL] RegisterClassAlias is not thread-safe (Michael Van Canneyt)
0035269: [RTL] Zipper is unable to create files with filename length > 256 characters (Michael Van Canneyt)
0035300: [Patch] [fpReport] Fix TFPReport.TwoPass' streaming when saving a report design (Michael Van Canneyt)
0035281: [FCL] Request: deprecate the XMLREG implementation of TReg(istry)IniFile (and add platform hint directive) (Michael Van Canneyt)
0035218: [FCL] Reusing TSQLScript will results in slowdown (Michael Van Canneyt)
0035280: [Database] r41795 breaks build of fcl-db (Michael Van Canneyt)
0035252: [FCL] fcl-pdf: Specifying both options "poNoEmbeddedFonts" and "poSubsetFont" generates wrong PDF file (Michael Van Canneyt)
0035274: [Patch] fpReport TFPReportJSONStreamer fix for stream content reading (Michael Van Canneyt)
0035276: [Documentation] Added documentation file bufdataset.xml (Michael Van Canneyt)
0035213: [Packages] Make TRegistry fully Unicode capable (Michael Van Canneyt)
0035190: [FCL] flc-pdf example error: Access violation. (Michael Van Canneyt)
0035174: [Documentation] Added documentation of TMemDataset (Michael Van Canneyt)
0035109: [FCL] (patch) fpPDF: implement image transparency (Michael Van Canneyt)
0035131: [FCL] fcl-image TFPColor param optimalization with const parameter (Michael Van Canneyt)
0035127: [FCL] fcl-image Clipping bug: wrong y comparison for ClearRect (Michael Van Canneyt)
0035141: [Compiler] svn revision 41416 breaks building sparc-linux (Jonas Maebe)
0035153: [Documentation] Batch of updates for fpdocs (Michael Van Canneyt)
0035144: [Compiler] build for cross powerpc64-aix is broken (Jonas Maebe)
0035134: [FCL] fpreadgif: r40995 broke paletted GIF reading (Michael Van Canneyt)
0035060: [FCL] TRegistry: regression when reading a key that has unicode charcters in it's name (Joost van der Sluis)
0034266: [FCL] TFPCustomCanvas.Draw and .StretchDraw do not support alpha-blended images (Michael Van Canneyt)
0035098: [Packages] Request: add aCount parameter to StrUtils.StringReplace (Michael Van Canneyt)
0035091: [RTL] Add inlines for new SysUtils funcs (Michael Van Canneyt)
0034808: [General] IDE: FPPKG requires root on Linux (and other *nix systems) (Joost van der Sluis)
0034500: [RTL] Application crashes in unit CRT when executing a writeln (Michael Van Canneyt)
0034928: [Documentation] UnicodeCharLenToString, UnicodeCharToString indicated as return type AnsiString, but in code they return UnicodeString (Michael Van Canneyt)
0034917: [Packages] Rev. 40927 breaks build of fcl-xml for i386-win32 (Michael Van Canneyt)
0034799: [Compiler] [patch] add assembler instructions blsi, blsr, blsmsk, adcx, adox (Florian)
0033952: [Compiler] AVR, output string corrupt if compiled with optimization level -O2. (Florian)
0034277: [Utilities] ptop put operators on different lines (Michael Van Canneyt)
0034839: [FV] unit drivers function formatStr expect param as array of PtrInt (Marco van de Voort)
0034817: [Documentation] Ctrl-K-E and Ctrl-K-F have opposite actions as documented (Michael Van Canneyt)
0034805: [Documentation] Example code for FindFirst() (Michael Van Canneyt)
0034533: [Textmode IDE] Options -> Save As dialog Save Options has wrong button caption "Open" (Florian)
0034782: [Compiler] Revision 40706 breaks building target mips-linux. (Florian)
0034212: [Compiler] revision 39693 breaks cross compiling the package libxml2 (Sven Barth)
0034640: [RTL] race condition in ThreadQueueAppend // threads may access random memory and crash (Sven Barth)
0034721: [Compiler] AVR - 16 bit timer registers needs to be written high byte first (Florian)
0034496: [RTL] RTTI.Invoke(): Access violation when passing floating-point parameters (Sven Barth)
0034764: [Compiler] Rev 40660 breaks build of at least i386-win32 (Sven Barth)
0034751: [Textmode IDE] [patch] Ctrl+Shift+arrowKeys emits escape code sequences (Marco van de Voort)
0034499: [RTL] AssignStream doesn't report it if the executable path isn't found (Michael Van Canneyt)
0034595: [Packages] fphttpclient - improved redirections (Michael Van Canneyt)
0034690: [RTL] Missing UIntToStr from Delphi (Michael Van Canneyt)
0034636: [Packages] Rev. 40450 breaks build due to changes in Pas2jsFileCache (Michael Van Canneyt)
0034620: [Documentation] {$CODEALIGN 8} illegal alignment directive (Michael Van Canneyt)
0034622: [Compiler] Build of x86_64-win64 is broken: Internal error 200601287 (Jonas Maebe)
0034611: [RTL] [PATCH] rtti: allows to get the size of an argument type (Michael Van Canneyt)
0034584: [Database] PostgreSQL: Support to Payload when receiving Database Notifications (Michael Van Canneyt)
0034385: [Compiler] Error in range test (Jonas Maebe)
0034552: [Compiler] after svn revision 40275 target i8086-msdos is still broken. (Florian)
0034535: [FCL] Prettify code in FCL-STL (Michael Van Canneyt)
0034528: [Compiler] Revision breaks building compiler (Florian)
0034463: [Packages] fcl-pdf: ttf CMap with one subtable - map is not loaded (Michael Van Canneyt)
0034456: [Compiler] r40027 breaks build (Pierre Muller)
0034441: [Packages] _SHFILEOPSTRUCTW is wrongly packed (has wrong structure) (Marco van de Voort)
0034394: [Compiler] Revision 39815 breaks cross building package numlib on arm-linux (Florian)
0034388: [FCL] FPImage: HtmlToFPColor doesn't set the second byte, which results in corrupt color (Michael Van Canneyt)
0034405: [RTL] ScanDateTime failing if format string ends with quotes (Marco van de Voort)
0033549: [Compiler] [FEATURE REQUEST] assembler: to add BMI2 instructions pdep, pext (Florian)
0034355: [Compiler] Array assignment is allowed yet it does nothing (Sven Barth)
0034314: [Website] development: Connect to Source Repository with SVN: fv and ide moved to packages (Michael Van Canneyt)
0034348: [FCL] fpJSONDataSet -- SIGSEGV when checking if field is null (Michael Van Canneyt)
0034359: [RTL] String.Split inconsitent behaviour if Separators is [chars] vs [strings] (Michael Van Canneyt)
0034345: [Compiler] Mipsel embedded not allowed according to OSCPUSupported, but Makefile allows (Florian)
0034166: [RTL] ExpandFilename does not handle double DirectorySeparator followed by .. in a path (Tomas Hajny)
0034333: [Compiler] Copy(S, 1, 2, 3) wrong error message (Sven Barth)
0034317: [Compiler] AVR - Getting rid of nuisance warning for interrupt (Florian)
0034292: [Compiler] After r39759, cannot launch Lazarus IDE (Florian)
0034344: [Packages] [Patch] Make TPascalScanner ignore UTF-8-BOM (Michael Van Canneyt)
0034343: [Compiler] build for i386-win32 (Pierre Muller)
0034332: [Compiler] Copy(S, 1) fails on ShortString: type mismatch (Sven Barth)
0034271: [FCL] Less hints in fcl-stl (Sven Barth)
0034218: [Compiler] Update of German error files: errord.msg and errordu.msg (Florian)
0034264: [FCL] AlphaBlend refactoring (simplify, reduce operations) (Michael Van Canneyt)
0034241: [Packages] fpmkunit - TDependencies.AddInclude doesn't actually change file extension if needed (Michael Van Canneyt)
0034239: [Compiler] Problem with objects`vmt structure (Sven Barth)
0034210: [Compiler] fpc: Recent management operator changes read to i386-linux compiler crash on freeing operators (Sven Barth)
0034216: [FCL] Memory leak in chmreader (Michael Van Canneyt)
0034209: [Packages] Cannot compile chmcmd with fpc 3.0.4 and trunk (Sven Barth)
0034164: [RTL] FPCUnit - Add AssertCount increment to TAssert.CheckIs and use ComparisonMsg in TAssert.CheckNotEquals (Michael Van Canneyt)
0033993: [FCL] TRegIniFile crash on WriteXXX if Filename in constructor starts with '\' (Michael Van Canneyt)
988 issues View Issues
Released 2017-05-02
0023799: [RTL] copy2symbdel from Unit Strutils generates compiler errror when using compiler directive $codepage (Michael Van Canneyt)
0033163: [RTL] Locale Unaware variant of some methods does not exist (Marco van de Voort)
0029872: [Other] fpc compiler binary tarball corrupted (Marco van de Voort)
0034079: [Documentation] PDFs on FPC documentation site are not updated to 3.0.4 (Michael Van Canneyt)
4 issues View Issues
Released 2017-02-15
0028748: [Compiler] Adding Double to Currency - wrong result (Yuriy Sydorov)
0031767: [Packages] gtk_file_chooser_get_filename vs. gtk_file_chooser_get_filename_utf8 (Michael Van Canneyt)
0031420: [Documentation] Packrecords Alignment:The default alignment (which can be selected with DEFAULT) is natural alignment, contrary to Turbo Pascal, (Michael Van Canneyt)
0028749: [Compiler] Internal error 200307043 for adding double expression to currency (Yuriy Sydorov)
0028895: [RTL] feature request for DisposeAndNil (follow-up on 28891) (Michael Van Canneyt)
0029870: [RTL] Possible Problem with UNIX file attributes in SysUtils.FindFirst? (Michael Van Canneyt)
0030906: [Packages] Fcl-json: use inline (Michael Van Canneyt)
0032281: [Documentation] documentation of break and continue is not consistent (Michael Van Canneyt)
0031954: [Documentation] Incorrect conversion from local time to UTC (Michael Van Canneyt)
0031294: [Packages] fcl-passrc fails "short" methods impl in delphi mode (Michael Van Canneyt)
0030883: [Documentation] process.runcommandindir return value not documented for one overloaded case (Michael Van Canneyt)
0017964: [Documentation] FCL-res documentation not included (Michael Van Canneyt)
0031197: [RTL] SysErrorMessage crashes whith HeapTrace enabled (fpc 3.0.2rc1). (Jonas Maebe)
0030591: [FCL] SIGSEGV in FpcUnit TestCast (Michael Van Canneyt)
0028669: [Compiler] Android 6.0 reject (crash) app with text relocations (Yuriy Sydorov)
0030331: [RTL] fd file descriptor in Fpopendir in rtl/linux/ overflows if > 32*1024 (Marco van de Voort)
0029037: [RTL] StrToCurr('-922337203685477.5808') raises exception for lowest currency value on Win64 (Michael Van Canneyt)
17 issues View Issues
Released 2016-10-16
0037095: [Compiler] $UNITPATH directive misinterprets relative paths (Jonas Maebe)
0036934: [Compiler] Internal error 2002090904 when compiling BGRABitmap on ppc64le (Jonas Maebe)
0036198: [Installer] Binary installer from sourceforge will not link again libX11 for 64 bit Mac OS programs. (Jonas Maebe)
0035149: [Compiler] Revision 40785 breaks sizeof call for nested vars (Jonas Maebe)
0034055: [Compiler] elements of arrays indexed by an enumerated type cannot be accessed using the enumerated type's elements (Jonas Maebe)
0034821: [Compiler] Internal error 2011010304 (Jonas Maebe)
0034971: [Compiler] bitpacked keyword calculates wrong bitSizeOf for border case number ranges (Jonas Maebe)
0036351: [FCL] fpSimpleXMLExport encoding = "ISO 8859-1" (Michael Van Canneyt)
0036424: [Installer] Cannot install on Mac Catalina (Jonas Maebe)
0037287: [Utilities] zipper au moyen de zipper.pp un fichier individuel plus gros que FFFFFFFF rend l'archive inutilisable (Marco van de Voort)
0037172: [RTL] fixes_3_2: Identifier not found "AT_SYMLINK_NOFOLLOW" (Michael Van Canneyt)
0037018: [Compiler] Internal error 2017040701 when compiling BGRABitmap on ppc64le (Jonas Maebe)
0036933: [Compiler] Cocoa procedure setDocumentView has changing implementation (Jonas Maebe)
0012974: [Compiler] FPC can't catch windows exceptions (av's) in a try/except in a dll call (Joost van der Sluis)
0029668: [Packages] darwin: cocoaint appkit/ missing instance methods (Jonas Maebe)
0036450: [Compiler] DragonFly patch for building compiler. (Florian)
0036395: [Compiler] Building for ARM with a sysroot (-XR) results in a crashing app. (Florian)
0036197: [Installer] The installer encountered the following error: Compilation of "BuildUnit_fcl_json.pp" failed (Michael Van Canneyt)
0034851: [RTL] TBits.OpenBit (Marco van de Voort)
0035369: [RTL] The GDI function GetDCBrushColor is missing (Marco van de Voort)
0035368: [RTL] The GDI function GetDCPenColor is missing. (Marco van de Voort)
0033607: [Compiler] arm64: Incorrect record member value when returned from a function (Jonas Maebe)
0033666: [Compiler] Assigning one character to ANSI string gives wrong .ascii output (Jonas Maebe)
0021868: [Utilities] fpmake terminates while clean repo (Joost van der Sluis)
0034586: [Documentation] sizOf(boolean16) = 2 (Michael Van Canneyt)
0034158: [RTL] function ExecuteProcess not working with Unicodestring (Marco van de Voort)
0033880: [Packages] Serial.SerWrite( ... var Buffer ...) - parameter declared as VAR, but must be CONST (Michael Van Canneyt)
0032962: [Database] When trying to enter a TBufDataset.IndexName in Design Time, it disappears. (Michael Van Canneyt)
0032136: [Packages] Generics.Collections.TObjectList does not free the item on assignment Items[I] := xxx (Michael Van Canneyt)
0037040: [Packages] Missing $ from cocoaint's CocoaAll.pas (Jonas Maebe)
0035566: [Compiler] dwarf-3 for widestring (rev 42039, 42038) is wrong (Sven Barth)
0035671: [Compiler] Enable range check for Delphi-mode (Jonas Maebe)
0034442: [Compiler] Error: (1026) Compilation raised exception internally (Jonas Maebe)
0033875: [Compiler] Compiler recently began to fail resolving overloaded functional call for UnicodeString and WideChar (Jonas Maebe)
0028756: [Compiler] Enable Win32 SEH by default (Joost van der Sluis)
0037135: [Compiler] Merge r43880 and r44093 to 3.2 (Marco van de Voort)
0036273: [Compiler] Command line overflow for macOS with ld (Jonas Maebe)
0036420: [Packages] Cocoa - when using context functions in Lazarus IDE: operator missing (+patch) (Jonas Maebe)
0036631: [Compiler] Mode Delphi allows .[index] for TArray while Delphi doesn't (Sven Barth)
0036361: [FCL] csvdocument should used buffered filereader (Michael Van Canneyt)
0036247: [Packages] chmcmd (Marco van de Voort)
0036345: [Compiler] Error in linker script when building with sysroot. (Florian)
0034543: [Compiler] for loop Error: range check error while evaluating constants (Florian)
0036126: [Installer] does not include fpc.exe (comand line compiler) (Pierre Muller)
0035994: [Packages] CocoaInt: NSMutableDictionary is difficult to use with new headers (Jonas Maebe)
0034786: [Compiler] Fatal: Internal error 200108231 - compiling of Lazarus breaks (Florian)
0033535: [FCL] [FCL-WEB] FCL-Web Application generates Memory Leaks (Michael Van Canneyt)
0033399: [Packages] fpreport: TFPReport.Clear doesn't clear bands and elements (Michael Van Canneyt)
0033338: [Packages] FPReport designer: Group header band with ReprintedHeader set to rsPage freezes designer (Michael Van Canneyt)
0032473: [Packages] fcl-image feature request: make load of freetyp library dynamicaly (Michael Van Canneyt)
0030837: [FCL] [PATCH] fcl-db/sqlite3: declare required fields (LacaK)
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Not Yet Released
0038974: [Patch] Ukrainian UI update (Maxim Ganetsky)
0038937: [LazUtils] deprecate uitypes (Maxim Ganetsky)
0038925: [Documentation] XML-error in file docs\xml\lcl\buttons.xml: line 2870 (Maxim Ganetsky)
0038347: [IDE] crash when opening a file (Martin Friebe)
0038625: [Debugger] fpdebug has problems decode multi byte nop instructions (Martin Friebe)
0038626: [Debugger] fpdebug push rax decoded as push eax (Martin Friebe)
0038546: [IDE] (64bit ?) fpdebug causes permission errors when 32bit debuggee launches 64bit process (Martin Friebe)
0035362: [LCL] ListView with MultiSelect incorrectly deselects items on MouseDown (Martin Friebe)
0038403: [LCL] TTabControl.IndexOfTabAt is always -1, with a hack p.y:=-5 it works (Martin Friebe)
       0038422: [LCL] TTabControl fix in r64424 broke the CudaText (Martin Friebe)
0021451: [LCL] running at full CPU when it should be Idle (modal form + ReleaseComponents) (Martin Friebe)
0038257: [Patch] Ukrainian UI update (Maxim Ganetsky)
0037963: [Packages] Synedit: Selection lost on mouse click (Martin Friebe)
0037970: [Packages] Synedit is missing property defaults for attribute priorities (Martin Friebe)
0029747: [IDE] LHelp shows empty window (if F1 context sensitive help called twice) (Maxim Ganetsky)
0037884: [Debugger] win32: Debugger run has ascii path limit? (Martin Friebe)
0037885: [Debugger] Debugger hangs if program previously aborted with error (Martin Friebe)
0037861: [Debugger] No feedback from Debugger/IDE if DLL is missing (Martin Friebe)
0037797: [Debugger] In register windows the xmm register entrys are fragmented although the output of gdb is ok. (Martin Friebe)
0037432: [IDE] Marhed/HiLited text, can not be dragged to copy it next to itself. (Martin Friebe)
0037667: [Patch] Ukrainian UI update (Maxim Ganetsky)
0037612: [LCL] TLazThreadedQueue.Grow may loose items in the queue (Martin Friebe)
0037431: [IDE] Marking text in gutter, does not make the text Dragable by mouse (Martin Friebe)
0037433: [IDE] Markings are removed, when they are used. (Martin Friebe)
0032865: [IDE] When I undo to unchanged state, lines are still marked yellow and I can't save to mark them green (Martin Friebe)
0037435: [IDE] Can't choose default editor font in IDE (Martin Friebe)
0035707: [Installer] The Lazarus installation uses the wrong icon for Windows file types .pas and .pp. (Martin Friebe)
0037289: [IDE] Polish translation of Lazarus IDE (Maxim Ganetsky)
0037290: [IDE] Update lazaruside.zh_CN.po (Maxim Ganetsky)
0037201: [Patch] Ukrainian UI update (Maxim Ganetsky)
0027928: [Patch] New patch for SynHighlighterVB (Martin Friebe)
0031653: [Debugger] Gdb shows err which cannot to read (Martin Friebe)
0021958: [Debugger] review of "Run to cursor" (F4) (Martin Friebe)
0036898: [Debugger] Console In/Out Window adds extra linefeeds under Linux (Martin Friebe)
0036678: [Other] BitButton leaks GDI objects / 多次打开窗体关闭后bitbtn异常 (Bart Broersma)
0035917: [LCL] MSWindows: TListView.OnContextPopup is called twice (Martin Friebe)
0036917: [IDE] "Persistent block" and "Classic" keyboard scheme: pressing TAB deletes selection (Martin Friebe)
0033811: [LCL] Listview: DragMode dmAutomatic does not function with Multiselect enabled (Martin Friebe)
0036841: [Patch] Ukrainian UI update (Maxim Ganetsky)
0036848: [Widgetset] WinCE widgetset fails: Error: Forward declaration not solved "LCLBoundsToWin32Bounds (LacaK)
0032654: [IDE] Register Debug Window keeps recreating the list upon Step Over / Step Into (Martin Friebe)
0036711: [Patch] Ukrainian UI update (Maxim Ganetsky)
0034014: [LCL] ScrollBar Min/Max/Enabled properties wrong behaviour (Martin Friebe)
0036613: [IDE] Duplicate line in IDE editor works incorrectly when "persistent block" option active (Martin Friebe)
0036476: [Patch] Ukrainian UI update (Maxim Ganetsky)
0027625: [IDE] [Feature] Add a few templates (Martin Friebe)
0036100: [Packages] SynEdit: suggestion for 'Select all' command (Martin Friebe)
0035487: [LCL] not portable symbol warnings in shellctrls.pas (Bart Broersma)
0036188: [Patch] Ukrainian UI update (Maxim Ganetsky)
0036097: [Patch] Ukrainian UI update (Maxim Ganetsky)
0036061: [IDE] [suggestion] Add key mapping for disabling a breakpoint (Martin Friebe)
0025063: [Installer] Feature Request - Lazarus Installation (Martin Friebe)
0035842: [IDE] Update lazaruside.zh_CN.po (Maxim Ganetsky)
0035405: [Debugger] raise exception in debug mode (Martin Friebe)
0035247: [IDE] [Lazarus] Overview gutter background, colors in options (Martin Friebe)
0029929: [IDE] Please add Close Tabs to the right to source editor notebook (Martin Friebe)
0035358: [Patch] Ukrainian UI update (Maxim Ganetsky)
0034654: [IDE] SynEdit: static keyword is not highlighted (Martin Friebe)
0034692: [LCL] TCustomForm.MakeFullyVisible not working (when form not yet visible / e.g., during start of IDE) (Martin Friebe)
0035117: [Patch] Ukrainian UI update (Maxim Ganetsky)
0035044: [Patch] Hide toolbar buttons's captions in Call Stack window (Martin Friebe)
0034941: [Patch] Ukrainian UI update (Maxim Ganetsky)
0034930: [LCL] StringGrid : bug after cell changed by keyboard and then removed (Martin Friebe)
0034760: [Packages] SynEdit: Selection via Gutter (or any smLine mode) skips folded lines, if fold header line gets selected (Martin Friebe)
0034741: [Patch] Ukrainian UI update (Maxim Ganetsky)
0038977: [LCL] Spelling Mistake (Maxim Ganetsky)
0038972: [Documentation] Documentation updates for LCL, LazUtils (Maxim Ganetsky)
0038951: [Documentation] Documentation updates for LCL buttons.xml (Maxim Ganetsky)
0038928: [Documentation] Documentation fixes for LCL, LazUtils (Maxim Ganetsky)
0038708: [Debugger] The initialization section does not have complete debugging information (Martin Friebe)
0038676: [LCL] LCLTaskDialog prevent \n conversion to LF (Maxim Ganetsky)
0038685: [IDE] IDE: default color of Gutter in src editor (Martin Friebe)
0037857: [IDE] HighDPI: Small bookmark bullet in editor preview (Martin Friebe)
0038534: [Debugger] Register view does not update when using gdbmidebugger (Martin Friebe)
0038453: [LCL] OnContextPopup and OnShowHint missing with a number of controls (wp)
0038511: [Other] TSynEdit does not publish OnContextPopup and OnResize (Martin Friebe)
0038219: [Debugger] FpDebug - breakpoint with no action cause focus change to IDE (Martin Friebe)
0032240: [Debugger] Continuous attempts to disassemble AVR target in Lazarus when stopped at break point (Martin Friebe)
0038443: [Debugger] Lazarus debugger error when disassembling code at address 0 (AVR) (Martin Friebe)
0038449: [Debugger] FpDebugger referencing SymbolArr64 in 32 bit dwarf target (Martin Friebe)
0038436: [IDE] IDE Brazilian portuguese language files updates (Maxim Ganetsky)
0038370: [Packages] [Patch] TSynEdit Change request in TSynGutterLineNumber component. Add event OnGetText. (Martin Friebe)
0038167: [Debugger] Cannot debug a 64 bit executable in 32 bit IDE - no error message when using FpDebug (Martin Friebe)
0037657: [Debugger] FpDebug: Stack window: can't locate dotted units like generics.collections (Martin Friebe)
0038065: [Debugger] fpDebug: occasional crashes when stopping hanging App (Martin Friebe)
0038080: [Debugger] ExitCode not reset to zero after running (Martin Friebe)
0036858: [Debugger] When dtTargetExtendedRemote is set in Debugger_Target_Mode at debugger options, IDE shows debugger error dialog. (Martin Friebe)
0037902: [Debugger] Project Debugger Backend is not always saved (Martin Friebe)
0037858: [IDE] HighDPI: Icon to stop macro recording not scaled correctly (Martin Friebe)
0037724: [LCL] after rev 63756 dont work SynEdit.OnDragOver event (Martin Friebe)
0037778: [Packages] [Patch] [PascalScript macros] [New feature] export the property lines.count for use in PascalScript macros. (Martin Friebe)
0037623: [IDE] LazUtils compile error on FPC 3.2 (Martin Friebe)
0037348: [Debugger] Internal Error 200405231 raised when compiling Lazarus with -O3 (Martin Friebe)
0036524: [Other] French PO translations (updates) (Maxim Ganetsky)
0037531: [Patch] Slovak language update (Maxim Ganetsky)
0037365: [Documentation] Documentation updates for LCL, LazUtils (Maxim Ganetsky)
0037405: [IDE] IDE Brazilian portuguese language files updates (Maxim Ganetsky)
0037379: [Debugger] FpDebug: Lazarus freezes after set breakpoint (Martin Friebe)
0037337: [IDE] [Patch] IDE About Box text - fix grammar, macOS naming (Maxim Ganetsky)
0028404: [Widgetset] Crash in TWIindowProcHelper.DoWindowProc when using TCalendarPopupForm (Martin Friebe)
0037283: [IDE] IDE Brazilian portuguese language files updates (Maxim Ganetsky)
0037240: [IDE] IDE Brazilian portuguese language files updates (Maxim Ganetsky)
0037161: [LCL] Flicker when changing active TabSheet in TPageControl (Martin Friebe)
0037191: [IDE] IDE Brazilian portuguese language files updates (Maxim Ganetsky)
0037184: [IDE] IDE aborts when File > Close All is executed (Martin Friebe)
0037183: [Debugger] In current revision (r63311), the debugger will be always (re)started regardless if there is no program to be debugged. (Martin Friebe)
0037162: [IDE] IDE Brazilian portuguese language files updates (Maxim Ganetsky)
0037150: [IDE] Cannot select a text with the mouse in source code editor if the FPDoc-Editor is active (Martin Friebe)
0037105: [LCL] Win32: TBitBtn does not show Caption and Glyph without using manifest in resources (Bart Broersma)
0036969: [Packages] SynPasSyn highlighter should have default value for new TypeHelpers property (Martin Friebe)
0036995: [Patch] Slovak language update (Maxim Ganetsky)
0036987: [LazUtils] LazLogger.pas spelling error in method name: TLazLoggerFile.DoFinsh (Martin Friebe)
0036989: [Documentation] Corrections for errors and warnings from fpdoc build log (Maxim Ganetsky)
0036429: [LCL] Behavior of ScrollBar Enabled property vs hwnd.IsWindowEnabled during scroll position change. (Martin Friebe)
0036928: [IDE] IDE Brazilian portuguese language files updates (Maxim Ganetsky)
0036904: [Other] High CPU ioad in multithreading demo (Martin Friebe)
0036107: [IDE] Install/Uninstall Packages window show only last lines of package info (Martin Friebe)
0036729: [IDE] IDE Brazilian portuguese language files updates (Maxim Ganetsky)
0036707: [IDE] Update controller information for AVR (Maxim Ganetsky)
0036695: [IDE] exception when open Tools -> Options (Maxim Ganetsky)
0036692: [IDE] IDE Brazilian portuguese language files updates (Maxim Ganetsky)
0036614: [IDE] IDE Brazilian portuguese language files updates (Maxim Ganetsky)
0036594: [Documentation] Content error in wscontrols.xml (Maxim Ganetsky)
0036451: [IDE] IDE Brazilian portuguese language files updates (Maxim Ganetsky)
0036413: [IDE] IDE Brazilian portuguese language files updates (Maxim Ganetsky)
0036390: [IDE] IDE Brazilian portuguese language files updates (Maxim Ganetsky)
0036326: [IDE] IDE Brazilian portuguese language files updates (Maxim Ganetsky)
0036224: [IDE] IDE Brazilian portuguese language files updates (Maxim Ganetsky)
0036184: [IDE] IDE Brazilian portuguese language files updates (Maxim Ganetsky)
0036088: [Patch] Slovak language update for Lazarus IDE (Maxim Ganetsky)
0036076: [Debugger] Close debugging session when remote connection is closed (Martin Friebe)
0036016: [IDE] IDE Brazilian portuguese language files updates (Maxim Ganetsky)
0035928: [Other] Updated hungarian translation for trunk (r.61666) (Maxim Ganetsky)
0035912: [IDE] IDE Brazilian portuguese language files updates (Maxim Ganetsky)
0035816: [IDE] IDE Brazilian portuguese language files updates (Maxim Ganetsky)
0035703: [IDE] IDE Brazilian portuguese language files updates (Maxim Ganetsky)
0035619: [IDE] IDE Brazilian portuguese language files updates (Maxim Ganetsky)
0035459: [TAChart] TAChart: patch to minimize flickering in zoom drag tool (wp)
0035523: [LCL] Cocoa: leakinfo does not compile (Martin Friebe)
0035477: [Debugger] "Unknown type" in Watches? (Martin Friebe)
0035363: [Documentation] Invalid link in docs/INSTALL.txt (Martin Friebe)
0035351: [IDE] IDE Brazilian portuguese language files updates (Maxim Ganetsky)
0035293: [IDE] IDE Brazilian portuguese language files updates (Maxim Ganetsky)
0035192: [IDE] IDE Brazilian portuguese language files updates (Maxim Ganetsky)
0035181: [IDE] Highlighter discarded when opening a package (Martin Friebe)
0034753: [Debugger] FPDebug highlights wrong lines on crash (Martin Friebe)
0035148: [IDE] IDE Brazilian portuguese language files updates (Maxim Ganetsky)
0035034: [Other] Updated PO french files (Maxim Ganetsky)
0035006: [Other] Updated PO french files (Maxim Ganetsky)
0034780: [IDE] Message dialog pops up and says : "The following packages failed to load:" (Joost van der Sluis)
0034836: [LCL] Let lcltranslater use a custom app name. (Maxim Ganetsky)
0034738: [IDE] IDE Brazilian portuguese language files updates (Maxim Ganetsky)
0034651: [IDE] IDE Brazilian portuguese language files updates (Maxim Ganetsky)
0034652: [IDE] Cannot compile IDE as of r59720 (Maxim Ganetsky)
0034607: [FCL] FindAllFiles and TFileSearcher will not retrieve filenames if the target directory contains a semicolon ";" in the name (Bart Broersma)
0034544: [IDE] [PATCH] registers window: allows to copy a register name+value or all listed registers (Martin Friebe)
156 issues View Issues
Released 2021-02-23
0038640: [Other] Resave forms with enabled i18n doesn't work for all forms (Maxim Ganetsky)
1 issue View Issues
Released 2020-07-08
0037613: [Utilities] patch for some debug server errors (Michael Van Canneyt)
1 issue View Issues
Released 2020-07-08
0035087: [LCL] Data lost in ComboBox, Style=csSimple => Leave with TAB (Michl)
0037070: [IDE] Lazarus 2.0.9 (63147) doesn't compile with FPC 3.3.1 (45361) due to IS operator precedence change, fix-patch attached (Maxim Ganetsky)
0037258: [LCL] TStringGrid copy/paste cell containing ampersand enters infinite loop (Bart Broersma)
3 issues View Issues
Released 2020-04-14
0037149: [IDE] popup menu editor lost the elements on klick (Michl)
1 issue View Issues
Released 2020-04-14
0036679: [IDE] Lazarus detects file with a long, first line as "binary" (Bart Broersma)
0036344: [IDE] UseUnitDlg File list is partly under the edit field (Maxim Ganetsky)
0036873: [Other] Updated hungarian translation for fixes and trunk (r.62886) (Maxim Ganetsky)
0036576: [LCL] OnCellProcess isn't fired when Copy one Cell and Paste to another (Bart Broersma)
0036387: [IDE] IDE crashes whenever trying to open any Javascript file (Martin Friebe)
0036357: [Patch] Slovak language update (Maxim Ganetsky)
6 issues View Issues
Released 2019-10-28
0036067: [LCL] Grids.pas shows error in TCustomStringGrid.InsertRowWithValues (Bart Broersma)
0035432: [LCL] Command line switch for language non-standard (Maxim Ganetsky)
0036118: [Patch] Slovak language update (Maxim Ganetsky)
0036082: [IDE] Import Editor Macros - Index out of range (-1) (Martin Friebe)
0032793: [LCL] Strange behaviour of TSpinEdit when Value = MaxInt and then increment (Bart Broersma)
0036069: [LCL] TTaskDialog wrong ModalResult when pressing Close button (CommonButtons) (Bart Broersma)
0036055: [LCL] Setting TShellTreeView.FileSortType in OI raises exception (Bart Broersma)
0036050: [Patch] Patch for typo in Slovak language file for IDE (Maxim Ganetsky)
0035959: [Installer] Update to inno setup brazilian portuguese language file (Maxim Ganetsky)
0035958: [Packages] Internal error in TSynCustomFoldHighlighter (Martin Friebe)
10 issues View Issues
Released 2019-08-06
0035716: [LCL] TDbgrid wrong width of first column if FixedCells>1 and dgIndicator is turned off (Jesus Reyes)
1 issue View Issues
Released 2019-08-06
0035395: [Widgetset] Race condition in TGtk2WidgetSet (TGtkMessageQueue) (Juha Manninen)
0035635: [Other] Synedit produces an AV on saving files due to issue at left gutter (Martin Friebe)
0035562: [LCL] Memleak in TCustomIcon.AssignImage (Martin Friebe)
0035372: [LCL] Tbitmap.LoadFromRawImage creates memory leaks of image size. (Martin Friebe)
0035891: [Other] Updated hungarian translation for fixes and trunk (r.61624) (Maxim Ganetsky)
0035649: [IDE] "Run without debugging" ,parameters are not passed to the debugged process . (Martin Friebe)
0035464: [Installer] Add Simple Chinese item for Lazarus IDE installer (Martin Friebe)
0035385: [IDE] IDE Brazilian portuguese language files updates (Maxim Ganetsky)
8 issues View Issues
Released 2019-04-16
0034932: [Widgetset] Printing not correct with gtk (Jesus Reyes)
0035216: [Utilities] FPDocUpdater required units (Bart Broersma)
0035209: [LCL] TCustomUpDown bug (Bart Broersma)
0035129: [Debugger] Debug fails on interface variables (Martin Friebe)
0035135: [Widgetset] lclIsHandle remaining reference prevents building Cocoa (Maxim Ganetsky)
0035340: [Debugger] watching of Unicodestring (Martin Friebe)
0035238: [Packages] SynEdit: highlight of func/proc name don't work for 1st procedure (Martin Friebe)
7 issues View Issues
Released 2019-02-04
0033704: [LCL] TEdit NumbersOnly does not work under Linux Mint & Ubuntu (Bart Broersma)
0035193: [Installer] Chinese lazarus.zh_CN.isl file for Lazarus IDE installer (Maxim Ganetsky)
0034830: [Patch] Ukrainian UI update (Maxim Ganetsky)
0033720: [LCL] TTabControl/TCustomTabControl OnChanging triggers from code but shouldn't (Bart Broersma)
0029959: [Debugger] When assert is hit, debugger breaks one function call down the call stack (Martin Friebe)
0034774: [Patch] Add missing overload directives in TBasicDrawer class (tachart/tadrawutils.pas) (wp)
0034579: [IDE] Chinese *.po files for Lazarus IDE SVN57404 (Maxim Ganetsky)
0034554: [Patch] Ukrainian UI update (Maxim Ganetsky)
0034549: [IDE] Czech translation update (Maxim Ganetsky)
0034616: [Other] Updated PO french files (Maxim Ganetsky)
0034912: [Other] Updated hungarian translation for fixes and trunk (r.60119) (Maxim Ganetsky)
0034862: [TAChart] Incorrect horizontal placement of series labels for non-stacked bar series (wp)
0034861: [TAChart] Incorrect placement of series labels for stacked series in case of non-linear axis transformations (wp)
0034844: [Debugger] 60049 breaks build of at least i386 (Martin Friebe)
0034838: [IDE] IDE Brazilian portuguese language files updates (Maxim Ganetsky)
0034803: [LCL] TIpHtmlPanel: tag br makes a big spaces in text. (wp)
0034825: [IDE] [Regression] Complex IDE shortcuts stopped working (Martin Friebe)
0034657: [Debugger] FpDebugLLDB crashes on Mac with bad access after rev 59729 (Martin Friebe)
0034623: [LCL] 59700 breaks building (Maxim Ganetsky)
0034610: [IDE] IDE Brazilian portuguese language files updates (Maxim Ganetsky)
0034539: [IDE] Painting artefacts in object inspector when scrolling (Martin Friebe)
0034555: [IDE] IDE Brazilian portuguese language files updates (Maxim Ganetsky)
0034506: [IDE] code editor caret not visible after going back from sparta designer (Martin Friebe)
0034519: [IDE] IDE Brazilian portuguese language files updates (Maxim Ganetsky)
0034492: [IDE] IDE Brazilian portuguese language files updates (Maxim Ganetsky)
0034192: [IDE] Whole console window is monospaced (Martin Friebe)
0034453: [Debugger] with dwarf3: debug inspector shows only types, without values (Martin Friebe)
0034452: [IDE] Debug inspector remains empty (Martin Friebe)
28 issues View Issues
Released 2018-09-19
0038910: [Database Components] ZQuery from Zeoslib doesn't change paramaters after changing SQL query (Michl)
0038939: [LazUtils] LazUTF8 function UTF8FixBroken Endless loop (Mattias Gaertner)
0019079: [LCL] Introduce TListBox.AutoScrollWidth property (Michl)
0038946: [Compiler] Data Module Creation (Michl)
0038627: [LCL] Cannot focus a disabled or invisible window. (Michl)
0038835: [LCL] Anchordocking should fsSplash forms untouched. (Michl)
0038790: [LCL] FormStyle fsNormal is ignored after switching back from fsStayOnTop (Michl)
0038777: ParentBackground of GroupBoxes cannot be set to true (Michl)
0035229: [LCL] Frame.Color not change the color of frame. (Michl)
0038699: [IDE] IDE with installed AnchorDockingDsgn throws AV when unit is cloned in SourceEditor to new SourceEditor (Michl)
0036192: [IDE] IDE crashes when auto-scrollbars in a Memo are selected (containing large body of text) (Michl)
0037123: [Database Components] TDBMemo with Linux (GTK) (Jesus Reyes)
0038186: [Database Components] TAB Problem with dbgrid when bidimode=bgRightToLeft (Jesus Reyes)
0038303: [LCL] DbGrid with multiselect option will cause AV on application exit. (Jesus Reyes)
0038258: [LCL] LazReport raises AV after Export through standard save button in standard preview form (Jesus Reyes)
0038265: [LCL] Pas2J missing code for windows. (Michael Van Canneyt)
0038261: [Packages] After revision 63888 SpartaDockedFormEditor is not refreshed after bounds change (Michl)
0023664: [Other] FCL-Web and LazReport (Jesus Reyes)
0036370: [IDE] Included TFrames get scaled twice when opening form (Ondrej Pokorny)
0030623: [LCL] TStringGrid copy/paste to/from MS Excel and OO Calc bug (Jesus Reyes)
0035563: [LCL] StringGrid cell autosize is not ok for Unicode (Jesus Reyes)
0034951: [LCL] Memleak in TStatusBar with GTK2 (Michl)
0035202: [LCL] DBgrid does not accept translations in main form only (Jesus Reyes)
0035038: [LCL] Define DisableLCLTiff used more (Michl)
0034306: [LCL] Double validation in TStringGrid (Jesus Reyes)
0034390: [LCL] MouseMoveEvent in DBGrid (Jesus Reyes)
0025966: [LCL] InputBox dialog is to wide on a Windows CE device (LacaK)
0023345: [Widgetset] Tedit autoselect on winCE is always ON. (LacaK)
0038976: [LCL] TLabel.ParentColor and TCheckbox.ParentFont not working on run time (Michl)
0038960: [IDE] Lazarus Trunk crashes when AnchorDocking is installed (Michl)
0034508: [Packages] AnchorDocking, add an event allowing to draw a custom header (Michl)
0038856: [LCL] AUTOSCROLL does not turn off scrollbars if UNCHECKED while scrollbars are showing. (Michl)
0019272: [Other] AchorDocking ignored FormStyle:=fsStayOnTop (Michl)
0036718: [Packages] AnchorDocking: wrong main window size ater layout loading with LCL scaling (Michl)
0038740: [IDE] Status bar text not updated if information box is disabled (Michl)
0038753: [IDE] IDE with AnchorDockingDsgn crashes on "Show headers" (Michl)
0038296: [IDE] IDE with AnchorDockingDesgn cannot close cloned source editor (Michl)
0038644: [LazUtils] CopyDirTree false exit on certain path combinations (Bart Broersma)
0035806: [IDE] AnchorDocking: size of close buttons very small on High DPI (Michl)
0034763: [LCL] Regression: not every TGrouBox child follows parent's "Enabled" property. (Michl)
0036151: [Packages] Access violation in Lazarus IDE when sparta_DockedFormEditor is installed and a unit with a frame is closed (Michl)
0037794: [LazReport] New "Onbeforepreview" event in LazReport (Jesus Reyes)
0035453: [LCL] [Patch] Grids Hints are inconsistent (Jesus Reyes)
0037313: [LCL] [Patch] TCustomEdit and CharCase (Bart Broersma)
0034447: [IDE] Lazarus Crash in IDE Docking Mode (Michl)
0035018: [LCL] The builded EXE crashes before the formular is showing (Michl)
0035096: [LCL] Flat TStringGrid do not redraw when form resize. (Jesus Reyes)
0035249: [Database Components] fix form size for NewField dialog (Jesus Reyes)
0034890: [LCL] Drawing the indicator in flat TDBGrid (Jesus Reyes)
0035206: [LazUtils] FileUtils produces error compiling trunk on Windows (Bart Broersma)
0034987: [Patch] [Patches] Assigning icons to four items of source editor menu. (Michl)
0035036: [LazUtils] Wrong offsets in free type font subclips (Michl)
0035032: [LCL] Missing TFPImageFreeTypeDrawer.DrawGlyph (Michl)
0035035: [LCL] TLazIntfImage.Create() doesn't create data - it is not usable without the SetSize call (Michl)
0034347: [Packages] AnchorDocking feature (new button: size reduction of the panel) (Michl)
0034680: [Other] Regression. Printing under linux broken. (Jesus Reyes)
0034614: [Packages] AnchorDocking: Sites can be overlapped after minimize\unminimize (Michl)
57 issues View Issues
Released 2018-09-19
0034093: [Widgetset] Minimize and Maximize buttons are not shown in titlebar (WinCE) (LacaK)
0033957: [Widgetset] Forms are not correctly centered, when used Position=poScreenCenter or poDesktopCenter (LacaK)
0030117: [LCL] Cleanup WinCE interface (LacaK)
0034370: [Other] FloatSpinEditEx truncating decimals (Bart Broersma)
4 issues View Issues
Released 2018-09-19
0034428: [Other] Updated PO french files (Maxim Ganetsky)
0034426: [IDE] IDE Brazilian portuguese language files updates (Maxim Ganetsky)
2 issues View Issues
Released 2018-05-20
0033551: [Packages] Pascal Highlighter creates node for "for" in "class helper for ..." (Martin Friebe)
1 issue View Issues
Released 2018-03-01
0033180: [IDE] IDE completion listbox overlaps caret area, if on bottom (Martin Friebe)
0032930: [IDE] Outlines in Source Editor (feature request) (Martin Friebe)
0032940: [IDE] Crash while editing code in Lazarus, InitNestInfoForIndex: FFoldNodeInfoList.Count (Martin Friebe)
0033106: [Debugger] Debugging 64bit apps shows error after each step (Martin Friebe)
0032581: [IDE] SynEdit: allow to paste filename copied from system files (Martin Friebe)
0032965: [LCL] function IsEmptyRow in Grids.pas uses a wrong variable (Bart Broersma)
0032838: [Packages] ecDeleteEOL wrong with utf8 (Martin Friebe)
0032841: [IDE] IDE untranslated string on frame selection dialog (Maxim Ganetsky)
0032764: [Other] Updated hungarian translation for fixes and trunk (r.56582) (Maxim Ganetsky)
0032771: [IDE] Brazilian portuguese language files updates (Maxim Ganetsky)
10 issues View Issues
Released 2017-12-05
0032857: [Packages] OnlinePackageManager: Install package does not work if selected folders do not exist (Balázs Székely)
1 issue View Issues
Released 2017-12-05
0025554: [LCL] pagecontrol onchange event (Bart Broersma)
0031614: [Patch] Ukrainian UI update (wp)
0032750: [IDE] Chinese *.po files for Lazarus IDE (wp)
0023780: [Other] ($LazarusDir)/COPYING.txt: no license info for $(LazarusDir)/images/ directory (Bart Broersma)
0032701: [IDE] IDE CharMap dlg hi-dpi bug (wp)
0032590: [Patch] Ukrainian UI update (Maxim Ganetsky)
0032544: [Patch] Ukrainian UI update (Maxim Ganetsky)
0027862: [Widgetset] Z-order problem with TSpinEdit (Michl)
0032400: [LCL] Treeview Tooltips shown even if disabled (Ondrej Pokorny)
0032357: [Patch] Ukrainian UI update (Maxim Ganetsky)
0032255: [Patch] Ukrainian UI fixes (Maxim Ganetsky)
0032232: [Patch] Ukrainian UI update and fixes (Maxim Ganetsky)
0032223: [IDE] crash in markup fold colors (Martin Friebe)
0032217: [Patch] Polish translation update (240 errors removed) (Maxim Ganetsky)
0032213: [Patch] Ukrainian UI fixes (Maxim Ganetsky)
0032184: [Patch] Ukrainian UI update (Maxim Ganetsky)
0032099: [Patch] add new po file : ideprinting.ja.po (Maxim Ganetsky)
0032100: [Patch] new japanese po file : projecttemplates (Maxim Ganetsky)
0032081: [Patch] Japanese translation for LCL (Maxim Ganetsky)
0031980: [Patch] Ukrainian UI update and fixes (Maxim Ganetsky)
0031957: [Patch] Ukrainian UI update and fixes (Maxim Ganetsky)
0031525: [LCL] Due to FPC 0031515, Lazarus does not build anymore on Darwin. (Bart Broersma)
0031822: [Patch] Ukrainian UI update and fixes (Maxim Ganetsky)
0031810: [Patch] Ukrainian UI update and fixes (Maxim Ganetsky)
0031783: [Patch] Ukrainian UI update and fixes (Maxim Ganetsky)
0031731: [Patch] Spanish translation for Lazarus 1.8 (Maxim Ganetsky)
0031463: [Patch] Ukrainian UI update (Maxim Ganetsky)
0031253: [LCL] Project with TShape component compiled with Cocoa WidgetSet crashes in TCocoaContext.SaveDC (accSone)
0030980: [IDE] lazaruside.zh_CN.po (Maxim Ganetsky)
0026553: [LCL] New lines in forms break LRT and PO localization files (Maxim Ganetsky)
0029817: [LazUtils] Request : UTF8ReverseString, UTF8RPos (Bart Broersma)
0029660: [Widgetset] TUpDown shows no visual effects if clicked (Bart Broersma)
0029627: [IDE] [Patch] Exclude components from i18n by identifier or original text (Maxim Ganetsky)
0031047: [Packages] [Translation] Spanish translation for Online Package Manager component (Maxim Ganetsky)
0031192: [LCL] Cocoa SpinEdit/FloatSpinEdit do not handle text (Felipe Monteiro de Carvalho)
0032754: [IDE] Brazilian portuguese language files updates (Maxim Ganetsky)
0032126: [Patch] [translations] Lithuanian translations update (Maxim Ganetsky)
0032587: [Other] French updated PO files (Maxim Ganetsky)
0032503: [Other] Hungarian translation update (r55964). (Maxim Ganetsky)
0032379: [LCL] TCalenderDialog doesn't show initial date. (wp)
0032014: [Other] Hungarian translation update (r55350) (Maxim Ganetsky)
0032067: [Packages] CompareSynEditMarks produces range check error with pointers above 4GB (Martin Friebe)
0032149: [LCL] Update to Dutch LCL language file (Maxim Ganetsky)
0032133: [Other] Updated PO files for French language (Maxim Ganetsky)
0031978: [Other] Updated po files for French language (Maxim Ganetsky)
0031739: [Other] Hungarian translation update (r54784) (Maxim Ganetsky)
0031946: [Other] Updated po files for French language (Maxim Ganetsky)
0031905: [Other] New and updated po files for French language (Maxim Ganetsky)
0031788: [Widgetset] Cannot compile for WinCE: error in LazUtf8 (Bart Broersma)
0031666: [IDE] UseUnit dialog cannot add unit to main project file, if you previously added some unit to implementation section (Mattias Gaertner)
0031533: [Other] Updated PO files for French language (Maxim Ganetsky)
0031373: [Other] Updated PO files for French language (Maxim Ganetsky)
0030421: [Packages] Update to TSynEditMarkupFoldColors including correct invalidation (Martin Friebe)
       0030420: [Packages] upgrade to Pascal highlighter: fold node for "else" part (Martin Friebe)
0031362: [Other] Updated PO files for French language (Maxim Ganetsky)
0031274: [IDE] Due to changes in r53987, during debugging session the current execution location isn't highlighted any more. (Martin Friebe)
0031049: [Patch] Array FFoldColorInfos in SynEditMarkupFoldColoring is too small/not dynamic (Martin Friebe)
0031031: [Other] [PATCH] Fix todoliststrconsts.pt_BR.po (Maxim Ganetsky)
0030919: [Other] Hungarian translation update (r53355) (Maxim Ganetsky)
0030732: [Other] French translation updated (Maxim Ganetsky)
0030702: [IDE] [PATCH] MultiPaste: update Brazilian translation (Maxim Ganetsky)
0030361: [Other] French translations (update) (Maxim Ganetsky)
0030025: [IDE] Updating of Russian translation: (Maxim Ganetsky)
0029979: [IDE] [FEATURE REQUEST] Choosing the files to be converted in the tool "Converte Encoding of Project/Packages" (Bart Broersma)
0029949: [LCL] TTimeEdit position issue at screen border and hour display issue (Bart Broersma)
0029993: [LCL] Stack overflow when adding a TValueListEditor to the form (Bart Broersma)
0029895: [LCL] In TDateEdit doesn't work today's date (Bart Broersma)
0029777: [Other] Localization support for glazres (Maxim Ganetsky)
0029646: [LCL] TCalendar.HitTest method incorectly returns cpDate (Bart Broersma)
0029662: [Other] [PATCH] New translations not available in "translation" example project (Maxim Ganetsky)
0029634: [Other] New translations (French - updates) (Maxim Ganetsky)
0029608: [Other] French translations (following) (Maxim Ganetsky)
0029406: [IDE] OI: with keyboard it is not possible to select a boolean property when using TCheckBoxThemed editor (Juha Manninen)
0029447: [Other] Translation of lazaruside.po (French) (Maxim Ganetsky)
0029401: [Other] Translation of lazaruside.po (French) (Maxim Ganetsky)
0029389: [Other] Translation of lazaruside.po (French) (Maxim Ganetsky)
0029354: [Other] New translations (French) (Maxim Ganetsky)
0029286: [Documentation] r51048 breaks compilation of html help (Bart Broersma)
78 issues View Issues
Not Yet Released
0031451: [Other] Hungarian translation update (r54274) (Maxim Ganetsky)
1 issue View Issues
Released 2017-03-08
0032392: [LCL] Incorrect mouse position for TScrollingWinControl during DragNDrop (Michl)
0033800: [LCL] Dataset enter in "Edit" mode if there is a DBLookupComboBox (Jesus Reyes)
0027186: [LCL] TCustomDBComboBox descendents do not call "EditingDone" on CloseUp when style set to DropDownList (Jesus Reyes)
0032383: [LCL] TDbComboBox has problems to set data when item changes (Jesus Reyes)
0034213: [LazReport] issue 0029313 regressin (Jesus Reyes)
0033164: [LCL] Start editing in DataSet through DBComboBox, application closes automatically (Jesus Reyes)
0034017: [LCL] TCustomGrid: incorrect ClipRect handling with goColSpanning (Jesus Reyes)
0033734: [LCL] The DBGrid's field is filled with garbage when the focus is changed to another field. (Jesus Reyes)
0033585: [IDE] OI filter input: caret jumps to begin (Michl)
0014829: [Database] When edit a created dbfield on object inspector garbage comes for fields type blob (Jesus Reyes)
0033042: [LCL] In TDrawGrid, when UseXORFeatures property is true, no focus rectangle is shown. (Jesus Reyes)
0033415: [IDE] IDE Menu Editor bug with wrong item height (Michl)
0032878: [LCL] A patch for supporting TCanvas.Draw a TBitmap in pf8bit TBitmap.PixelFormat on windows and gtk2 (Michl)
0032779: [LCL] TPanel has the wrong color when using clDefault. (Michl)
0032548: [LazReport] Can't set DebugLogger in LazLogger.pas to nil (Martin Friebe)
0032635: [IDE] Lazarus Dialog modal windows go behind regular windows and won't come on top (Jesus Reyes)
0032641: [Patch] Ukrainian UI update (Maxim Ganetsky)
0032249: [LCL] ShowMessage dialog (and related) executed from modal dialog can hide behind the caller form (GTK2) (Jesus Reyes)
0032458: [LCL] Tab cannot go from combobox to combobox (Michl)
0026695: [LCL] ComboBox AutoComplete accepts no ItemIdex (Michl)
0032515: [LCL] GTK2: TPanel is ActiveControl (Michl)
0032419: [Patch] Ukrainian UI update (Maxim Ganetsky)
0032329: [LCL] Problems writing a cell editor for a TDBGrid (Jesus Reyes)
0032290: [Patch] Ukrainian UI update (Maxim Ganetsky)
0032212: [IDE] Procedure List: need to fix layout for gtk2 (Michl)
0032057: [LCL] FocusControl not work with DBGrid (Jesus Reyes)
0032036: [Patch] Ukrainian UI update (Maxim Ganetsky)
0024568: [IDE] IDE Crashes after changing settings in ChildSizing. (Michl)
0021394: [LCL] TComboBox have not correct vertical center by Anchor (Michl)
0030661: [LCL] TTreeView memory leak (WARNING: TResourceCacheItem.IncreaseRefCount 1000 TPenHandleCache) (Michl)
0031958: [IDE] OI don't show "default" in list of font names (Michl)
0028483: [LCL] Crash at start up - TControl.InvalidatePreferredSize loop detected (Michl)
0031681: [LCL] Non-standard scrolling behaviour on selecting in multiline treeview (Michl)
0031834: [Packages] r54525 breaks reloading of AnchorDocking layouts (Michl)
0031888: [-] (3104) Compiling externhelpfrm.pas (Michl)
0031816: [IDE] AV on closing the IDE (Michl)
0031744: [IDE] Menu designer: btn to add separator should be enabled for last item (Michl)
0021816: [LCL] Carbon: Add SW_RESTORE support to LCLIntf.ShowWindow (Zeljan Rikalo)
0019278: [LCL] W32: Pagecontrol, does show space for tabs, but no tabs in it (despite existing tabs) (Michl)
0031238: [FCL] [AnchorDocking] Faulty LoadLayoutFromConfig when used second time (Michl)
0032844: [LCL] Mouse leave event fires going into control once until you reposition opposite axes of mouse. (Ondrej Pokorny)
0033602: [LCL] patch - new methods for DBImage - compataible with delphi (Jesus Reyes)
0032943: [LCL] TDBLookupComboBox and csDropDown - restore correct ItemIndex (Jesus Reyes)
0034032: [LCL] It is inconvenient to change the width of the last column in DBGrid. (Jesus Reyes)
0033888: [LCL] TStringGrid: the cell editor is not shown when double-clicking. (Jesus Reyes)
0033874: [LCL] Speedbutton does not respond to pressing, after closing the modal form with a double click. (Michl)
0033783: [LCL] goScrollKeepVisible option does not work in TStringGrid (Jesus Reyes)
0032758: [Other] French updated PO files (Maxim Ganetsky)
0033640: [Packages] FPReport preview: Cannot zoom out after max zoom in (Michael Van Canneyt)
0033641: [Packages] FPReport preview: Printer toolbutton is disabled (Michael Van Canneyt)
0033291: [Packages] FPReport designer: Report components get stuck behind band and/or page (Michael Van Canneyt)
0033556: [LazReport] LazReport patch (Jesus Reyes)
0033351: [Packages] FPReport designer (feature request): Implement copy and paste for elements (Michael Van Canneyt)
0033526: [LCL] ALT + ANY_KEY works wrong.(TLabel.FocusControl) (Michl)
0033508: [Packages] FPReport designer: Link report data as master/detail (Michael Van Canneyt)
0033513: [Packages] fpreport designer doesn't build (Michael Van Canneyt)
0033494: [Packages] FPReport IDE designer: Open report yields AV (Michael Van Canneyt)
0033506: [Packages] FPReport designer: Modifying Report data clears all bands' Data property (Michael Van Canneyt)
0033507: [Packages] FPReport designer: Changing a report data from csv to sqldb leaves relics in the json file (Michael Van Canneyt)
0033509: [Packages] FPReport designer: Changing page name in the OI isn't immediately reflected in the tabs (Michael Van Canneyt)
0033489: [Packages] FPReport designer: Added pages name bug (Michael Van Canneyt)
0033484: [Packages] FPReport designer: Adding a page leads to a SIGSEGV (Michael Van Canneyt)
0033333: [Packages] FPReport: Bands positioning (Michael Van Canneyt)
0033456: [Packages] FPReport designer: Editing the report data yields an error (Michael Van Canneyt)
0033459: [Packages] FPReport designer: Variables initial value for numeric types uses a limited spinedit instead of editox (Michael Van Canneyt)
0033454: [Packages] FPReport designer: All variable types can have an initial value except rfkFloat (Michael Van Canneyt)
0033460: [Packages] FPReport designer: Changing variable name doesn't update the left window (Michael Van Canneyt)
0033410: [IDE] [Patch][IDEIntf] Register a property editor for TFileName properties (wp)
0033325: [Packages] FPReport IDE designer: Opening a report saved with the standalone designer doesn't strip the design data (Michael Van Canneyt)
0033282: [Packages] TFPJSONReport loading and running a saved report (Michael Van Canneyt)
0033383: [IDE] SHIFT click to select a range doesn't work in Object Inspector (Michl)
0033355: [Packages] FPReport designer: Moving a memo from band to band doesn't update the report structure (Michael Van Canneyt)
0033397: [Packages] FPReport designer: New page footer positions itself above all bands (Michael Van Canneyt)
0033378: [Packages] FPReport designer: Changing the font of a band or the page will affect the band name on top of the that band (Michael Van Canneyt)
0033362: [Packages] FPReport designer: Add option to shrink the band to exactly accommodate its elements (Michael Van Canneyt)
0033395: [Packages] TFPJSONReport component editor: Save and Load bugs (Michael Van Canneyt)
0033350: [Packages] TFPJSONReport IDE designer (feature request): Import and export functionality (Michael Van Canneyt)
0033366: [Packages] FPReport designer: Group header bands order (Michael Van Canneyt)
0033359: [Packages] FPReport designer: Add option to align dialogue to align to right or left of parent band (Michael Van Canneyt)
0033365: [Packages] FPReport designer: prevent circular references in ParentGroupHeader (Michael Van Canneyt)
0033360: [Packages] FPReport designer: Add option to resize dialogue to resize to size of parent band (Michael Van Canneyt)
0033352: [Packages] FPReport designer: Resize toolbutton horizontal/vertical mixup (Michael Van Canneyt)
0033376: [Packages] FPReport designer: Font issues part 2 (Michael Van Canneyt)
0033367: [Packages] FPReport designer: Set focus to its editor upon double click a memo (Michael Van Canneyt)
0033379: [Packages] FPReport designer: New elements don't inherit font properties (Michael Van Canneyt)
0033382: [Packages] FPReport designer: Bands don't inherit the pages properties (Michael Van Canneyt)
0033278: [Packages] FPReport designer: Font properties are not applied correctly (Michael Van Canneyt)
0033375: [Packages] FPReport designer: Automatic renaming of elements with duplicate names doesn't set the modified flag (Michael Van Canneyt)
0033371: [Packages] FPReport designer: Add PageCount to the built-in variables list (Michael Van Canneyt)
0033294: [LCL] Pressing RETURN in the last row of the BDGRid the focus stay in the last collumn (Michl)
0033353: [Packages] FPReport designer: Align and resize dialogue are not implemented (Michael Van Canneyt)
0033264: [Packages] FPReport designer (feature request): Aggregates (Michael Van Canneyt)
0033315: [Packages] FPReport designer: Databand loses its data property upon opening the Report data form and pressing ok (Michael Van Canneyt)
0033335: [Packages] FPReport designer: Group footer band's GroupHeader doesn't list any entry (Michael Van Canneyt)
0033324: [Packages] FPReport IDE designer: Ghost pages upon opening a TFPReport (Michael Van Canneyt)
0033328: [Packages] FPReport IDE designer: Saving a report doesn't reset the modified flag (Michael Van Canneyt)
0033332: [Packages] FPReport designer: Deleting a band doesn't set the modified flag (Michael Van Canneyt)
0033327: [Packages] FPReport IDE designer: Report preview doesn't unprepare the report once finished (Michael Van Canneyt)
0033284: [Packages] FPReport designer: 2 bands can have the same childband (Michael Van Canneyt)
0033281: [LCL] When the field is selected in DBGrid, the value is not set. (Jesus Reyes)
0033326: [Packages] FPReport IDE designer: Loading a report from file and exiting the designer can change the TFRReport component name (Michael Van Canneyt)
0033320: [Packages] FPReport designer: Preview lacks Goto 1st and Last arrow buttons (Michael Van Canneyt)
0033309: [Packages] FPReport designer: Crash on New/Load report (Michael Van Canneyt)
0033287: [Packages] FPReport IDE designer: Modified flag starts on the wrong foot (Michael Van Canneyt)
0033283: [Packages] FPReport: Remove fpjsonreport.pp from lazarus fpreport folder (Michael Van Canneyt)
0033275: [Packages] FPReport designer (feature request): Add a 4th tab in the right side window with report built-in variables (Michael Van Canneyt)
0033280: [Packages] FPReport designer: Opening a report adds the same functions again and again to the functions list (Michael Van Canneyt)
0033276: [Packages] FPReport designer: Save report bug (Michael Van Canneyt)
0033262: [Packages] FPReport designer: TFPReportFrame issues (Michael Van Canneyt)
0033261: [Packages] FPReport designer: Font cannot be specified (Michael Van Canneyt)
0033274: [Packages] FPReport designer: Adding a memo to a report may add many page 0 instances (Michael Van Canneyt)
0033259: [Packages] FPReport designer (feature request): Implement formats in TFPReportMemo (Michael Van Canneyt)
0033271: [Packages] FPReport designer: Modified flag in status bar doesn't change (Michael Van Canneyt)
0033268: [Packages] FPReport designer: Saving a report adds data pages (Michael Van Canneyt)
0033267: [Packages] FPReport designer: Opening a report with non existing data file references fails (Michael Van Canneyt)
0033269: [Packages] FPReport designer: ChildDataBand can have itself as its child (Michael Van Canneyt)
0033258: [Packages] FPReport designer (feature request): Implement Save As feature (Michael Van Canneyt)
0033253: [Packages] FPReport designer: MRU list doesn't put last opened/saved report on top (Michael Van Canneyt)
0033260: [Packages] FPReport designer: Modifying memo text doesn't set the modified flag (Michael Van Canneyt)
0033256: [Packages] FPReport designer: Creating a new report doesn't reset the name (Michael Van Canneyt)
0033266: [Packages] FPReport designer: Adding page doesn't set the modified flag (Michael Van Canneyt)
0033247: [Packages] FPReport designer: Impossible to assign a Data property in the OI (Michael Van Canneyt)
0033248: [Packages] FPReport designer: Relationship between bands cannot be set (Michael Van Canneyt)
0033236: [Packages] FPReport designer (feature request): Test connection in report data doesn't give feedback for success (Michael Van Canneyt)
0033239: [Packages] FPReport designer: designer asks to save an already saved report before exiting (Michael Van Canneyt)
0033240: [Packages] FPReport designer: Resaving a loaded report will ask for the filename (Michael Van Canneyt)
0033251: [Packages] FPReport designer: Bands overlap when added (Michael Van Canneyt)
0033235: [Packages] FPReport designer: Resizing 0 size memo freezes designer (Michael Van Canneyt)
0033237: [Packages] FPReport designer: opening a saved report will freeze the designer on exit (Michael Van Canneyt)
0033249: [Packages] FPReport designer: Added bands don't show immediately in the report structure (Michael Van Canneyt)
0033246: [Packages] FPReport designer: Naming a memo will still show it in the report structure (OI) as unnamed element (Michael Van Canneyt)
0033244: [Packages] FPReport designer: Toolbuttons have no hints & missing items (Michael Van Canneyt)
0033245: [Packages] FPReport designer: Naming a band hides its class/type (Michael Van Canneyt)
0033250: [Packages] FPReport designer: Added child data bands show up as Column footer bands (Michael Van Canneyt)
0033234: [Packages] FPReport designer: Add page SIGSEGV (Michael Van Canneyt)
0032919: [IDE] Components with published properties of type "interface" does not work, Access violation in IDE (Michl)
0033196: [LCL] after rev 57301 on windows not work OnKeyDown for press Enter (Michl)
0032375: [IDE] IDE crashes after putting a activex control on form (Michl)
0032870: [Packages] Pas2js designer does not pickup custom path towards pas2js compiler. (Michael Van Canneyt)
0032863: [LCL] TNotebook always fires OnBeforeShow for pages when it's destroyed (Michl)
0032806: [IDE] IDE Brazilian portuguese language files updates (Maxim Ganetsky)
0032787: [IDE] IDE Brazilian portuguese language files updates (Maxim Ganetsky)
0032763: [Other] OnLinePackageManager: regenerated translations + updated Hungarian translation (Maxim Ganetsky)
0032766: [IDE] TMenu: Access violation on adding from menu templates (Michl)
0032693: [TAChart] Modifing ChartBarSeries.Marks.Attachment=maCenter property. (wp)
0032628: [Patch] [Patches] High-DPI icons (Michl)
0032533: [LCL] TDateEdit/TTimeEdit controls break the tab order (Michl)
0032527: [Widgetset] Cannot hide TPanel from TForm.OnCreate after HandleNeeded() (Michl)
0032595: [Patch] [Patches] High-DPI icons: Improving of previous icons (Michl)
0032593: [LCL] GTK2: Set TPanel visible to false on nonvisual TabSheet doesn't work (Michl)
0032529: [Patch] [Patches] High-DPI icons: Improving of some previous icons (Michl)
0032508: [Patch] [Patches] High-DPI icons (Michl)
0032507: [Other] French updated PO files (Maxim Ganetsky)
0032493: [Patch] [Patches] High-DPI icons (Michl)
0032454: [Patch] High-DPI icons (Michl)
0032456: [Other] French updated PO files (Maxim Ganetsky)
0031276: [LCL] Set Font.Size in FormCreate cause scaled twice (Michl)
0032431: [Patch] High-DPI icons (Michl)
0026971: [LazReport] Exception at application start (Jesus Reyes)
0032420: [Patch] Sorted bookmark_list.txt and laz_images_list.txt (Michl)
0032416: [Patch] [Patches] High-DPI icons: Bookmarks-3 (Michl)
0032396: [Patch] [Patches] High-DPI icons: Bookmarks-2 (Michl)
0032374: [Patch] [Patches] High-DPI icons: Bookmarks-1 (Michl)
0032319: [IDE] CLASSIC THEME with bold "DialogFieldFont" : wrong appearance, part of the text is hidden... (Michl)
0031877: [IDE] [High-DPI] Menu editor doesn't support high dpi. (Michl)
0032268: [Widgetset] Font issues at high-DPI on Gtk2 (Michl)
0032167: [Packages] Regression: Revision 55424 breaks loading default undocked desktop after removing AnchorDockingDsgn (Michl)
0032277: [IDE] Initial mainbar height wrong for Windows (Michl)
0027213: [LCL] Size of TCustomGrid ButtonStyle cbsButtonColumn isn't correct (Jesus Reyes)
0032158: [Other] Updated po files for French language (Maxim Ganetsky)
0032004: [Other] Updated po files for French language (Maxim Ganetsky)
0031880: [LCL] Changing ListView.OwnerDraw at design time caused an access violation error (Michl)
0031732: [Packages] LHelp can't handle javascript:helppopup links, but here is solution for this problem ("patch") (wp)
0031697: [Widgetset] TCheckListBox.OnSelectionChange never fires (Zeljan Rikalo)
0031595: [Widgetset] Strange behaviour on TListView onChange event (Zeljan Rikalo)
0031625: [Patch] [Patch] New icons for IDE (Ondrej Pokorny)
176 issues View Issues
Released 2017-03-01
0031345: [LCL] TListFilterEdit/TListviewFilterEdit/TTreeFilterEdit .Constraints not published (Bart Broersma)
0031330: [LCL] TProgressBar.Font, .ParentFont not published (Bart Broersma)
0031329: [LCL] TFileListbox.Enabled not published (Bart Broersma)
0031328: [LCL] TFileListbox.Color, .ParentColor not published (Bart Broersma)
0031327: [LCL] TFilenameEdit/TDirectoryEdit/TCalcEdit .Constaints not published (Bart Broersma)
0031338: [LCL] TTimeEdit .ButtonHint/.ButtonCursor/.ButtonCaption not published (Bart Broersma)
0031333: [LCL] StaticText.PopupMenu not published (Bart Broersma)
0031315: [LCL] StaticText.ParentShowHint not published (Bart Broersma)
0031313: [LCL] StaticText.Enabled not published (Bart Broersma)
0031133: [LCL] TOpenDialog Files.Count and ofAllowMultiSelect (Bart Broersma)
0031088: [TAChart] deprecated symbol GetTickCount when compiling TAChartLazarusPkg (wp)
0031386: [Debugger] With GDB 7.12.x and newer, remote debugging will fail due to missing command "info pid". (Martin Friebe)
0031367: [IDE] Fix dutch language file (Maxim Ganetsky)
0031278: [LCL] TDateEdit - OnEditingDone event handler is not called (Bart Broersma)
0031103: [LazUtils] UnicodeToUtf8(0) returns empty string, where it should return Chr(0) (Bart Broersma)
15 issues View Issues
Released 2016-11-15
0031281: [LCL] in tfilelistbox ftdirectory doesn't function (Bart Broersma)
0031269: [IDE] Combo box for language selection on Unicode page of Chachcter map window is too small (wp)
2 issues View Issues
Released 2016-11-15
0022646: [LCL] Draw line at Pen.Style: = psPattern and Pen.width: = 1. (Bart Broersma)
0030031: [LCL] i18n generates text Ok and Cancel to translate from TDateEdit (Bart Broersma)
0029418: [LCL] Combobox, DBLookupCombobox does not search correctly. (Michl)
0029856: [RTL] IDE Charmap don't show Rus chars in 128..255 (Bart Broersma)
0029494: [Installer] Lazarus can't start if settings folder contains cyrillic symbols (Bart Broersma)
0030526: [LCL] [patch] conditional evaluation bug in TWin32WidgetSet.SetComboMinDropDownSize ( (Bart Broersma)
0023065: [LCL] TSelectDirectoryDialog: Failure in OnClose and OnShow event handling under WIN32 (Bart Broersma)
0023914: [Widgetset] Scrolling bug in TListBox with large amount of items in it (Windows) (Bart Broersma)
0030258: [Patch] Spelling errors in lazarus (Bart Broersma)
0030034: [FCL] TComboBox.Items.IndexOf fails with UTF-8 characters (Bart Broersma)
0029881: [LazReport] Czech translation contains errors (Maxim Ganetsky)
0028782: [LCL] TCustomGrid.GetEditorBorderStyle does not get correctly BorderStyle if editor is FPickListEditor (Bart Broersma)
0029905: [Widgetset] Imagelist bug: png icons load in wrong size (Ondrej Pokorny)
0030668: [LCL] TFindDialog position can not be obtained (Bart Broersma)
0030425: [LCL] TDateEdit: DefaultToday doesn't work properly if DirectInput property is False (Bart Broersma)
0027799: [Widgetset] Mac Listbox don't support ItemHeight, please document as "restricted" (Bart Broersma)
0030882: [LCL] [patch] after revision 53250 a TMainMenu couldn't be deleted (Access violation) (Bart Broersma)
0030688: [LCL] TNotebook can't delete page (Bart Broersma)
0030557: [Other] French translation (update) (Maxim Ganetsky)
0030581: [Other] Hungarian translation update (r52936) (Maxim Ganetsky)
0030502: [LCL] LazHelpHTML: Quotation marks surrounding executable path prevent browser from being launched (Bart Broersma)
0030132: [IDE] "List index out of bounds" error (Martin Friebe)
0030340: [LCL] TFontDialog fdLimitSize for font-size doesn't work (Bart Broersma)
0030151: [Other] French translations (following) (Maxim Ganetsky)
0030136: [Other] French translations (following) (Maxim Ganetsky)
0030148: [Other] Hungarian translation update (r52311) (Maxim Ganetsky)
0029947: [Other] Hungarian translation update (r52100) (Maxim Ganetsky)
0029975: [Widgetset] TWin32WSCustomCalendar.HitTest returns 0 in unthemed application on Vista and up (Bart Broersma)
0029851: [LazUtils] Bug in UTF8FindNearestCharStart (Bart Broersma)
29 issues View Issues
Released 2016-02-18
0030342: [Other] Hungarian translation update (r52619) (Maxim Ganetsky)
1 issue View Issues
Released 2016-02-18
0027950: [Other] compiler warnings when compiling leakview with Laz 1.4.0 under Win (Maxim Ganetsky)
0021307: [LCL] TextHint support (Bart Broersma)
0028841: [LazUtils] fileutil.CopyDirTree does not handle copy to contained directory (Bart Broersma)
0027290: [IDE] Store IDE position (Ondrej Pokorny)
0007971: [IDE] Bad Xinerama support (Ondrej Pokorny)
0026449: [Other] valuelisteditor and umlauts (Bart Broersma)
0029084: [LCL] Left and right Arrows keys do not work as intended when TValueListEditor is in edit mode (Bart Broersma)
0026019: [Other] QuestionDlg dialog does not work correctly! (Ondrej Pokorny)
0018611: [IDE] Project Options - Verbosity: Labels of checkboxes not displayed correctly (Mattias Gaertner)
0028995: [IDE] Window positions garbled after startup on multi-mon (Ondrej Pokorny)
0029118: [Other] Hungarian translation update (r50550) (Maxim Ganetsky)
0028853: [LCL] Publish property Alignment of TRadioButton (Bart Broersma)
0028146: [LCL] Flicker in TListbox (Juha Manninen)
0029062: [Documentation] Typo (Grid) (Bart Broersma)
0029098: [IDE] Cannot run Lazarus: access violation (Bart Broersma)
0029059: [LazUtils] WinCE projects fail to compile (Bart Broersma)
0028959: [Patch] Access to the real size of the columns of the grids (Ondrej Pokorny)
0029748: [LCL] TEdit, texthint show password char instead of real text (Bart Broersma)
0029551: [Other] Hungarian translation update (r51462) (Maxim Ganetsky)
0029586: [Other] French translations (following) (Maxim Ganetsky)
0029603: [Packages] ChecBoxThemed: Wrong caption alignment for taLeftJustify (Bart Broersma)
0028815: [LCL] LCLTranslator does not work if national characters in path (Bart Broersma)
0029343: [Widgetset] TFloatSpinEdit on Linux QT does not fire OnChange when Text is changed (unless Value is changed by it) (Bart Broersma)
0029351: [Other] Hungarian translation update (r51210) (Maxim Ganetsky)
0029322: [Installer] Hungarian translation for the windows installer of Lazarus (Maxim Ganetsky)
0029330: [Other] New translations (French - following) (Maxim Ganetsky)
0029291: [Other] New translations (French) (Maxim Ganetsky)
0029315: [Other] New translations (French - following) (Maxim Ganetsky)
0029254: [Other] New translations( French - following) (Maxim Ganetsky)
0029255: [LCL] TShellListView cannot be masked case-insensitive on Linux (Bart Broersma)
0029244: [Other] New translations( French - following) (Maxim Ganetsky)
0029212: [Other] Translation of lazaruside.po (French) (Maxim Ganetsky)
0029222: [Other] New translations( French - following) (Maxim Ganetsky)
0029214: [Other] New translations (French) (Maxim Ganetsky)
0029218: [Other] Hungarian translation update (r50953) (Maxim Ganetsky)
0028133: [LCL] Issue with ItemIndex in TRadioGroup (one more time) (Bart Broersma)
0029208: [Other] New French translations for IDE (Maxim Ganetsky)
0026088: [LCL] TShellTreeView.SetPath() doesn't work correctly (Bart Broersma)
0029103: [Packages] favorites: patch to support localization (Ondrej Pokorny)
0028406: [LCL] possible Patch -> bug in TFileSearcher -> umlauts not found (Bart Broersma)
0028931: [LCL] Grids ignore the csNoFocus control style (Ondrej Pokorny)
0029007: [IDE] Czech translation update (Maxim Ganetsky)
0028988: [LCL] QuestionDlg doesn't always return mrCancel when Escape key is pressed (Ondrej Pokorny)
0028781: [LCL] published TextHint for some controls (Bart Broersma)
0028921: [IDE] Ctrl+F9 shortcut does not work if Main window or Messages window is focused (regression) (Bart Broersma)
0028772: [IDE] I18n issue: print form (Maxim Ganetsky)
0028733: [Converter] SynExportHtml exports no CodeStart with Option heoFragmentOnly but a CodeEnd (Bart Broersma)
0028561: [LCL] [Patches] TimeEdit - property SimpleLayout (Bart Broersma)
0028627: [Packages] TSynExporterHTML does not generate doctype and content-type information (Bart Broersma)
0028633: [Packages] TSynExporterHTML does not correctly calculate HTML Format information for Windows ClipBoard (Bart Broersma)
0028481: [Packages] Hide ButtonsPanel when non need it (pacth) (Bart Broersma)
0028434: [LCL] TimeEdit: after leaving control I read wrong Time=now (Bart Broersma)
0028337: [LazDataDesktop] 'New connection ...' menu item (Maxim Ganetsky)
0028336: [LazDataDesktop] frmsqlconnect.lfm: patch to fit translation (Maxim Ganetsky)
0028244: [Other] Hungarian Translation update (trunk r49259) (Maxim Ganetsky)
0028021: [Utilities] LHelp has new localize-strings (Maxim Ganetsky)
0027937: [IDE] Layout of IDE Options / Coolbar page is wrong (not resizable and does not allow to fit translated captions) (Maxim Ganetsky)
0027787: [TAChart] ParentColor in TChart not preserved (wp)
0027545: [Debugger] Typos (Maxim Ganetsky)
59 issues View Issues
Released 2016-02-01
0027467: [LCL] TTabControl.IndexOfTabAt() always returns -1 (Michl)
0029877: [Database Components] DBGrid onDblClick event (Jesus Reyes)
0030078: [IDE] Textual description (and translations too perhaps) of editor bookmarks could be more coherent (Martin Friebe)
0029698: [Installer] installer does not install windres.exe (Martin Friebe)
0024711: [IDE] Stay-On-Top Helper Windows (Ondrej Pokorny)
0031247: [LCL] LCL TComboBox: modifier key triggers dropdown list (Michl)
0030892: [LCL] Clipping Region Error in TCustomGrid Descendents (Windows only) (Jesus Reyes)
0030013: [Other] i18n do not translate TDBGrid TColumn.Title.Caption (Jesus Reyes)
0030367: [LazReport] Multi-Column report - column widths incorrectly calculated (Jesus Reyes)
0031586: [LCL] TMemo disappers after executing .BorderStyle:=bsNone; in .FormResize routine (Michl)
0030698: [Packages] ActionList sets Enabled to False for actions with SpartaDockedFormEditor installed. (Michl)
0031268: [LCL] StringGrid Painting issue (Jesus Reyes)
0029824: [LCL] TTabControl TabWidth and TabHeigh work wrong (Michl)
0024022: [LCL] TTabControl (Drag and Drop) don't work (Michl)
0010587: [LCL] D7 compatibility: AllocPatternBitmap not defined in Graphics (Bart Broersma)
0008665: [LCL] TMemo methods scroll the control (Michl)
0030392: [LazReport] Lazreport not saving last property used in inspector object. (Jesus Reyes)
0031155: [LazReport] Patch for lrcodereport. (Jesus Reyes)
0022132: [LCL] TStringGrid.PaintTo() doesn't work (Juha Manninen)
0029132: [IDE] ListView Column Width always changing (Michl)
0016140: [LCL] TMemo Text Flickers wild on Sizing (Michl)
0030459: [Patch] [Enhancement] ComponentList: On Enter the selected component is added to the Designer (Ondrej Pokorny)
0029982: [IDE] Code Editor hints completely broken (regression, FPC 2.6.4) (Felipe Monteiro de Carvalho)
0028816: [LCL] dbgrid cellhint (Jesus Reyes)
0030345: [LazReport] PageHeader band should appear before ReportTitle band (Jesus Reyes)
0030206: [LazReport] Removing a memo object leaves phantom object with no name. (Jesus Reyes)
0021943: [LCL] TNotebook.TabStop:= False does not work (Ondrej Pokorny)
0029978: [Widgetset] Sub-panel aligned in MDI form affects alignment/viewport of MDI children area. (Zeljan Rikalo)
0029967: [Other] TTIGrid with FixedCols=0 does not draw property names in the column headers (Jesus Reyes)
0029966: [LazReport] Lazarus 1.6 will not display generated by the Report Lazarus 1.4 (Jesus Reyes)
0029890: [LazReport] LazReport Memo field word wrap is false at rotate (Jesus Reyes)
0027771: [LCL] Position "screen center" don't give vert-center (Ondrej Pokorny)
0029403: [LazReport] Missing functions in lists Editor LazReport (Jesus Reyes)
0013245: [IDE] Ctrl+click on a function/procedure should move to body, not declration (Ondrej Pokorny)
0029534: [IDE] Scroll jumps in editor when code folding (Martin Friebe)
0028096: [Packages] AnchorDockingdsgn drive IDE into WM_Size Loop Detected (Ondrej Pokorny)
0029429: [IDE] Docking the Assembler window results in it to be no longer useable (Ondrej Pokorny)
0029184: [IDE] Desktop with anchor docking on secondary display jumps to primary display on next launch. (Ondrej Pokorny)
0030608: [LCL] TStringGrid when FixedRow = 0 instead of the data copied the title (Jesus Reyes)
0030607: [LCL] TStringGrid empty cells does not replace cells with data when copy and paste one empty cell (Jesus Reyes)
0030556: [LCL] TStringGrid empty cells does not replace cells with data when copy and paste one empty cell or one column with empty cell. (Jesus Reyes)
0030454: [LCL] TStringGrid copy selection bug, when cell in last column in selected range is empty. (Jesus Reyes)
0029695: [LazUtils] Function "CopyDirTree" is not working anymore in 1.6 (Bart Broersma)
0029149: [LCL] TCustomComboBox: Support Windows Message CB_SETDROPPEDWIDTH (Ondrej Pokorny)
0029763: [IDE] TDBGrid.Columns.Title.Caption do not save to LRT file, not save to PO file and not translate (Jesus Reyes)
0016458: [Widgetset] GTK2 = SetScrollInfo makes hidden scrollbar visible (differs from w32 widgetset) (Martin Friebe)
0031331: [LCL] Combobox: cannot select text by shift+left/right (Autodropdown) (Michl)
0030137: [IDE] RegisterIDEButtonCommand from unit ToolBarIntf does'nt link onClick event to the new toolbutton created (Ondrej Pokorny)
0029530: [IDE] idecommands crash, when closing options dlg [Lazarus stops responding and "dies" when Brackets highlight] (Martin Friebe)
0031520: [IDE] ItemsTreeview in dialog TNewOtherDialog too narrow, window size not persistent (Juha Manninen)
0031226: [LCL] [TCustomGrid] OnHeaderSized event does not always fire (Jesus Reyes)
0027638: [IDE] Top position of Form Designer depend of top position of Object Inspector (Juha Manninen)
0031631: [LCL] TDBGrid: (dgMultiSelect in Options) and (not DataSet.Active) and LeftMouseDown = Exception (Jesus Reyes)
0031375: [LCL] TDBGrid shows some rows repeated with TSQLQuery (Ondrej Pokorny)
0031457: [LazReport] Bug fixes and improvements for LazReport (Jesus Reyes)
0031479: [LCL] Spartadockedformeditor always disables TActions for controls on form (Michl)
0025448: [LCL] GetFormImage supplies black Bitmap (Michl)
0031309: [LCL] Combobox: Backspace deviation (Michl)
0031308: [LCL] Combobox: Left-arrow deviation (Michl)
0030904: [IDE] Empty component pallete page when selected with pallete drop-down form (Bart Broersma)
0031270: [Patch] TabOrder dialog - add possibility to sort tab orders for all child controls recursively. (Juha Manninen)
0031061: [Patch] DBGrid - Implement dgRowMove (Jesus Reyes)
0031163: [IDE] Menu Editor: in Windows XP (with XP style) top items of TMainMenu are invisible (except selected) (Michl)
0031028: [LCL] Error when using component SetFocus property in an OnShow event of a TabSeet (wp)
0025868: [LCL] Groupbox hides contained Label when Groupbox.Caption is changed (Ondrej Pokorny)
0030913: [LCL] texthint bug (Bart Broersma)
0029310: [LCL] When resizing a form, wrong ClientHeight is retrieved (increased by MainMenu height) (Ondrej Pokorny)
       0029308: [IDE] flick on IDE window resize if anchordockingdsgn installed (Ondrej Pokorny)
0030077: [Debugger] Option of copying from mouse over window when debugging (Martin Friebe)
0030604: [Patch] make FOnMousLink and FOnClickLink protected (Martin Friebe)
0030600: [Patch] BeforeKeyUpHandler for TCustomSynEdit (Martin Friebe)
0030605: [Packages] [SynEdit] fMarkupManger.TextChanged gets called with indices instead of linenumbers (Martin Friebe)
0030684: [IDE] Editor exception on paster-then-undo text with compiler directive (Martin Friebe)
0029235: [Packages] [REG,SYNEDIT] TSynCompletion problem dut to use of highlighter property IdentChars (Ondrej Pokorny)
0029441: [IDE] Acces violation when typing in the filter of the "search results" (Ondrej Pokorny)
0030012: [IDE] [FEATURE REQUEST] Source Editor: jump to the marked line by clicking on it (Martin Friebe)
0030044: [LCL] wrong reaction to pressing the esc key in stringgrid cell editor (Jesus Reyes)
0028770: [LazReport] LazReport Designer in Windows does not save the last directory (Jesus Reyes)
0028743: [LCL] Fix result of DBGrid.MyCompareBookmarks (Jesus Reyes)
0030364: [LCL] We need public "MoveExtend()" in the Grid (Jesus Reyes)
0030337: [LCL] The grid ignore the first "EditorMode:=true" (Jesus Reyes)
0030346: [LazReport] In LazReport designer selecting a color is broken (Jesus Reyes)
0023173: [LCL] Events of TStringGrid (Jesus Reyes)
0028919: [LCL] DBGrid OnTitleClick and OnCellClick malfunction (Jesus Reyes)
0030335: [LCL] The grid ignore the first "Delete" key press. (Jesus Reyes)
0030332: [LCL] Add FixedGridLineColor property to TCustomGrid (Jesus Reyes)
0030061: [LCL] DBGrid - Autosize column with double click on the columns splitter (Jesus Reyes)
0030256: [LazReport] This patch fix error on export from lazreport and scripts (Jesus Reyes)
0030209: [LCL] TGridColumn .Tag and TListColumn.Tag should be declared as PtrInt, not Integer (Ondrej Pokorny)
0028889: [Database Components] Last Column in a DBGrid not scrollable (Jesus Reyes)
0028059: [IDE] Options changed through "Change Build Mode" CoolBar button isn't respected by the compiler (Ondrej Pokorny)
0030057: [LCL] Grid-save-to-csv issues related to VisibleColumnsOnly (Jesus Reyes)
0029691: [LCL] TCustomGrid Column.SizePriority wouldn't be saved correct (Jesus Reyes)
0029842: [LCL] Error on click to DBGrid after last collumn (Jesus Reyes)
0029813: [LCL] Error on enter data to dataset with DBGrid (Jesus Reyes)
0029802: [LCL] Click on DBGrid's empty area fire not needed events (OnCellClick, OnTitleClick) (Jesus Reyes)
0029490: [IDE] Clicking in gutter does not always select the line (Martin Friebe)
0028875: [IDE] [Codetools] Advanced records and class operators : Doing "Complete Code" gives "Error: procedure redefined (first at X,Y)" (Ondrej Pokorny)
0029445: [LCL] Empty window after minimize and restore (Ondrej Pokorny)
0029420: [LCL] [patch] grid fix for offset bug (Ondrej Pokorny)
0029379: [LCL] Building for qtopia is not working (Zeljan Rikalo)
0029328: [Packages] sparta docked designer and menu editor AVs (Maciej Izak)
0029362: [IDE] [New menu editor, sparta]: IDE crashes when double-clicking a menu item to create default event (Maciej Izak)
0029038: [Packages] [sparta_dockedformeditor]: Ctrl+Tab, Ctrl+Shift+Tab does not work in docked designer (Ondrej Pokorny)
0029042: [Packages] [sparta_dockedformeditor]: when activating Lazarus IDE with Alt+Tab on Win, it doesn't show (Ondrej Pokorny)
0029257: [Packages] sparta_DockedFormEditor: localization support (patch) (Maciej Izak)
0029201: [IDE] Sparta docked form editor was broken by r50644 (Ondrej Pokorny)
0018538: [Other] Under certain configurations docked windows, lower window arbitrarily increasing its height (Juha Manninen)
0029298: [Packages] Docked window height changes when changing the dock site width (Ondrej Pokorny)
0029243: [LCL] [Patch] Wrong Alignment in TCustomGrid for Editor with Columns (Ondrej Pokorny)
0029261: [LCL] Wrong value posted to dataset after cancelling edit by Esc-key in DbGrid (Ondrej Pokorny)
0029252: [IDE] [IdeIntf] ImageList Editor - new button "Replace" and other small changes (Ondrej Pokorny)
0029253: [LCL] Qt: when dialog with PopupParent is shown and you select another form (not PopupParent), the dialog is hidden (Zeljan Rikalo)
0029237: [LCL] r50847 broke grid's RowSelect behavior (Ondrej Pokorny)
0029202: [LCL] F2 key fails to activate proper inplace editor in TStringGrid (Ondrej Pokorny)
0023016: [Other] Highlights matching tags in SynHighlighterHTML (Martin Friebe)
0029126: [IDE] IDE Editor(SynEdit) problem with IME (Martin Friebe)
117 issues View Issues
Released 2016-01-01
0010227: [IDE] Top of Lazarus interface covered by taskbar (Ondrej Pokorny)
0026140: [IDE] Source editor window jumps to top of screen when any tab clicked (Ondrej Pokorny)
0028185: [IDE] MouseAction dlg bad look (Martin Friebe)
0027003: [IDE] False debug running condition prevents shutdown (Martin Friebe)
0028102: [LCL] After the first TBitmap.Draw operation (or CopyRect!), subsequent Draw (or CopyRect!) operations draw the old image (Felipe Monteiro de Carvalho)
0022283: [IDE] CodeTools does not respect $SCOPEDENUM (Ondrej Pokorny)
0015450: [IDE] Lazarus should save window positions and sizes per resolution (Ondrej Pokorny)
0013994: [IDE] Code Tools tuning - location of new events (Ondrej Pokorny)
0028924: [IDE] r50190 crashes if closed source editors (Ondrej Pokorny)
0028752: [LCL] DBGrid AutoAdvance aaNone change the selected cell after editing (Jesus Reyes)
0028042: [Installer] Installing Lazarus 1.4 leave an unknown Icon on lpi file (Martin Friebe)
0028230: [LCL] Stringgrid with two fixed-rows has trouble loading csv-files (Jesus Reyes)
0027696: [LCL] Tlistview view on QT only will not show text if icon is assigned from imagelist to tlistitem. (Zeljan Rikalo)
0016527: [LazReport] Viewing/Printing an Report with an Subreport on PageFooter crashs Lazreport (Jesus Reyes)
0025754: [LCL] TDBRadioGroup value not set when not in editmode (Jesus Reyes)
0015033: [Database Components] No information in SaveToFileTDBGrid component (Jesus Reyes)
0027703: [IDE] Problem Editing with TDBGridColumn Title.Caption Editor (Jesus Reyes)
0028074: [Database Components] TDBGrid's event OnEditButtonClick is not called if line is not selected (Jesus Reyes)
0028015: [Widgetset] DrawText with clip on results in subsequent paint operations failing (Felipe Monteiro de Carvalho)
0024356: [LCL] android TEdit line break suffix (Felipe Monteiro de Carvalho)
0027053: [Custom Drawn] CDEdit has currently no Text property (Felipe Monteiro de Carvalho)
0027443: [LCL] TStringGrid.LoadFromCsvFile can't handle multiline cells. (Jesus Reyes)
0027962: [LCL] Desktop locks on DBGrid add/modify column. (Jesus Reyes)
0027970: [Printer] some default printers cause error (Jesus Reyes)
0026867: [Database Components] Field Editor (Jesus Reyes)
0025589: [LCL] PopupParent don't work (Qt and GTK2) (Zeljan Rikalo)
0027748: [IDE] Crash in syneditmarkupifdef (Martin Friebe)
0027695: [LCL] Owner Draw on Tstatusbar panels not working right with GTK2 (Zeljan Rikalo)
0023157: [LCL] drag-n-drop accross PageControl Tabs freezes cursor (Zeljan Rikalo)
0026492: [IDE] Fieldname list empty in (e.g.) a TColumn if the datasource.dataset is not or has not been active (Jesus Reyes)
0015649: [IDE] For Block selected text, TAB should indent only the selection not whole line (Martin Friebe)
0027563: [Widgetset] [Cocoa] Implement Check List Box (Felipe Monteiro de Carvalho)
0027561: [Widgetset] [Cocoa] Tools->Options menu in the IDE results in crash (Felipe Monteiro de Carvalho)
0027136: [IDE] Cannot inspect class properties in Debugger (Martin Friebe)
0026470: [Debugger] Debugger cannot set breakpoint when running (Martin Friebe)
0026285: [Packages] SynCssSyn is wrong, needs some rework (Martin Friebe)
0026324: [Packages] SynMemo: need published for some props (Martin Friebe)
0027236: [Debugger] Add to Watch window Ctrl+Alt+W hexadecimal index for arrays (Martin Friebe)
0027620: [TAChart] [Qt] points of LineSeries are drawn with different line width (Zeljan Rikalo)
0027712: [IDE] Source Editor(TSynEdit) input problem with IMM. (Martin Friebe)
0027714: [IDE] Source Editor(TSynEdit) input problem with IMM. "System" draws horiz lines (Martin Friebe)
0028900: [IDE] [Feature request] Allow to scroll Find in Files->Search Results by page up/down using keyboard (Ondrej Pokorny)
0028930: [IDE] "Access violation" error dialog pops up when trying to change source file encoding. (Ondrej Pokorny)
0028953: [IDE] CodeTools, CodeCreation: operator evaluation ignores operand types (Ondrej Pokorny)
0028823: [IDE] [Regression] Anchordocking: Unable to move docked window into tab (Ondrej Pokorny)
0027130: [Debugger] In Evaluate/Modify dialog, pressing Modify button won't change value of evaluated variable. (Martin Friebe)
0028335: [Debugger] Sometimes when debugging a program, Lazarus will give "Access Violation" dialog. (Martin Friebe)
0028880: [LCL] csNoFocus component style not working properly (Zeljan Rikalo)
0028837: [LCL] Gtk2 fails to set form width/height when BorderStyle=bsSingle (Zeljan Rikalo)
0028747: [LCL] Range check error when pasting a selection with empty cells in a string grid (Jesus Reyes)
0027437: [LCL] Public method "ClearSelections" for TCustomGrid (Jesus Reyes)
0028688: [LCL] Fix crash when inserting a record attached to a TDBGrid with multiselect (Jesus Reyes)
0028582: [LCL] CSV import into StringGrid omits first line (Jesus Reyes)
0025116: [LCL] StringGrid.Columns[].Title.Caption not set empty value (Jesus Reyes)
0027431: [Debugger] Run button stalls debugger (Martin Friebe)
0028084: [Debugger] Call Stack window: Show ... at the start of filenames instead of at the end (Martin Friebe)
0027976: [Patch] Enable grid editor at IME composition in Windows. (Jesus Reyes)
0028144: [Patch] [LCL, Grids] correction in AutoAdjustColumn of TStringGrid (Jesus Reyes)
0028112: [Packages] Lfm hiliter: symbol ":" not hilited as "=" (Martin Friebe)
0028106: [Widgetset] Qt WS doesn't return proper DC Device Size (Zeljan Rikalo)
0027982: [Widgetset] Qt: OnExit does not trigger for the first time inside MDI child form - regression (Zeljan Rikalo)
0027955: [LCL] TStringGrid.Onvalidate does not work correctly if the field was edited by directly typing new content (Jesus Reyes)
0027232: [Database Components] TDBGrid doesn't fire OnSelectEditor if scrolling past visible extent (Jesus Reyes)
0027869: [Printer] Add convenience method TPrinter.Write(const S: AnsiString): Boolean; overload; (Jesus Reyes)
0025892: [IDE] TFields Editor can not delete multi selection (Jesus Reyes)
0022853: [LCL] TPageControl ignores nboKeyboardTabSwitch (Zeljan Rikalo)
0027781: [Widgetset] Qt: destroy handle uses QObject_deleteLater(), so sometimes widget can stay visible on screen. (Zeljan Rikalo)
0027675: [Widgetset] Qt: combobox sends mouse wheel events from dropdown list. (Zeljan Rikalo)
0027659: [Widgetset] Qt: component palette settings, icons have offset by header size (Zeljan Rikalo)
0027760: [IDE] Cant' use TSynMemo / TJITComponentList.AddJITChildComponentFromStream (Martin Friebe)
0027673: [LCL] TListView.Selected.EditCaption; NOT work (Zeljan Rikalo)
0027547: [TAChart] [Qt, rotated text] Wrong position of Tile of left TChartAxis (Zeljan Rikalo)
0027618: [LCL] [Patch] Property Style for TDividerBevel (Martin Friebe)
0026752: [IDE] Evaluate/Modify dialog crashes on closing (Zeljan Rikalo)
0027577: [IDE] All modal IDE windows crash on closing (Zeljan Rikalo)
0027541: [IDE] Double-click in modal file dialog is passed to underlying source editor (Martin Friebe)
0027501: [IDE] Clicking on gutter should by default select text, instead of setting a breakpoint (Martin Friebe)
0026209: [Debugger] Debugger error when running a program with an unused function just before main "begin" (Martin Friebe)
0027379: [Documentation] Misleading documentation of X/Y parameter of TCanvas.TextRect (Jesus Reyes)
0024641: [IDE] In Callstack window frames without debug info should use as fallback the mangled function name (Martin Friebe)
0026329: [Packages] TSynPluginSyncroEdit cant be instanciated from lfm/design-time (Martin Friebe)
0026227: [Packages] TSynEdit.SearchReplace removes lines if FindText contains LineEnding (Martin Friebe)
0027331: [Other] Error or Installer making tool (Martin Friebe)
0027310: [Debugger] lazdebuggergdbmi/cmdlinedebugger: fix for Todo: use newconsole for Win9x (Martin Friebe)
0027247: [Patch] Integer division operator is not recognised by Visual Basic highlighter (Martin Friebe)
85 issues View Issues
Released 2015-10-04
0028435: [IDE] Manifest for Windows in Project Options must be updated (Bart Broersma)
0028565: [LCL] TShellTreeView - Drive letters show twice when changing the FileSortType in the form designer (Bart Broersma)
0028569: [-] fpc 3.0.0 RC1 causes Lazarus to give an "Abstract method called" on form read/write (Bart Broersma)
0028701: [Other] Hungarian translation update (r49844) (Maxim Ganetsky)
0028626: [LCL] Spin edits ignore clipboard shortcuts (cut, copy, paste) (Bart Broersma)
0028611: [Database Components] TDBGridColumnsPropertyEditorForm When prompted to delete the column in the message text is missing the column name (Maxim Ganetsky)
0028492: [LCL] EditButton - missing property ParentShowHint (Bart Broersma)
0028543: [Other] Hungarian translation update (r49685) (Maxim Ganetsky)
0028393: [Other] Hungarian Translation update (fixes r49517) (Maxim Ganetsky)
9 issues View Issues
Released 2015-09-13
0028729: [LCL] TSynEditMarkup.Enabled property do not update the TSynEdit (Martin Friebe)
0028548: [Patch] [Patches] SynHighlighterCSS - new CSS 3 property (Martin Friebe)
0028724: [Packages] [SynEdit] Drag & drop - wrong position (Martin Friebe)
0028547: [Patch] SynHighlighterHTML - new HTML 5 tags (Martin Friebe)
0027992: [IDE] Two stage shortcuts malfunction (Martin Friebe)
5 issues View Issues
Released 2015-07-13
0028385: [LCL] TMaskEdit left arrow does not move cursor if selection exists (Zeljan Rikalo)
0028251: [IDE] Lazarus i18n issues (Maxim Ganetsky)
0028243: [Other] Hungarian Translation update (fixes r49259) (Maxim Ganetsky)
0028204: [IDE] CodeBrows dlg not local (Maxim Ganetsky)
0028156: [IDE] French translations (XVI) (Maxim Ganetsky)
0028094: [IDE] French translations (XV) (Maxim Ganetsky)
0028067: [IDE] Ru lang, not local string (Maxim Ganetsky)
0027966: [IDE] Ru lng, (Maxim Ganetsky)
0028012: [IDE] French translations XIV (Maxim Ganetsky)
0027997: [IDE] French translations XIII (Maxim Ganetsky)
0027903: [Other] Hungarian translation changes (2015.Apr.19) r48767 (Maxim Ganetsky)
0027990: [IDE] French translations XII (Maxim Ganetsky)
0027977: [Utilities] LHelp- dialog Opn not localized (Maxim Ganetsky)
0027803: [Other] es.po files with updated translation/corrections to Spanish (Maxim Ganetsky)
0027956: [IDE] French translations XI (Maxim Ganetsky)
0027932: [IDE] French translations X (Maxim Ganetsky)
0027920: [IDE] French translations VIII (Maxim Ganetsky)
0027925: [IDE] French translations IX (Maxim Ganetsky)
0027904: [IDE] French translations VI (Maxim Ganetsky)
0027913: [IDE] French translations VII (Maxim Ganetsky)
20 issues View Issues
Released 2015-07-13
0028019: [Packages] [Synedit] caret partially drawn - need workaround in 1.4.1 (Martin Friebe)
1 issue View Issues
Released 2015-04-19
0026957: [LCL] TCustomGrid: Application.Hint not set when using CellHints (Bart Broersma)
0026865: [LCL] Some important TMaskEdit methods don't work anymore (Bart Broersma)
0027845: [IDE] "&OK" displayed in the IDE configuration assistant (Maxim Ganetsky)
0009366: [Documentation] TStrings implementation in combo objects - TObject not working (Bart Broersma)
0026688: [LCL] DefaultTranslator patch (Maxim Ganetsky)
0026631: [LCL] On demand localization instead of forced at init section in DefaultTranslator (Maxim Ganetsky)
0026799: [LCL] Minor source cleanup in menus.pp (Maxim Ganetsky)
0026616: [LCL] New lines produce fuzzy noise in updated PO files (Maxim Ganetsky)
0026527: [LCL] In Lazarus PO translation mode: Strings marked as FUZZY are displayed. (Maxim Ganetsky)
0026585: [IDE] Components dlg: bottom panel has unneeded frame (Maxim Ganetsky)
0025511: [Database Components] Example of using image for sqlite Database (Maxim Ganetsky)
0025409: [Widgetset] TOpenDialog and TSaveDialog dialogs doesn't work (is not implemented) in Cocoa widgetset (Paul Ishenin)
0025362: [Widgetset] Cocoa Widgetset hangs in endless loop once TEdit becomes focus (Paul Ishenin)
0026544: [IDE] Some actualization of French .po's for Lazarus 1.3 (Maxim Ganetsky)
0027548: [LazReport] LazReport - updated polish translaction (Maxim Ganetsky)
0012155: [LCL] TEditButton aligns incorrect (glyph is not taken into account) (Bart Broersma)
0027028: [Widgetset] Range check in TWin32WidgetSet.DrawText (Jesus Reyes)
0027652: [IDE] Trivial/ Ru text (Maxim Ganetsky)
0027878: [IDE] French translation (following V) (Maxim Ganetsky)
0027874: [IDE] French translation (following IV) (Maxim Ganetsky)
0027585: [LCL] Translation of lclstrconsts.po (french) (Maxim Ganetsky)
0027587: [IDE] New translation of (french) (Maxim Ganetsky)
0027834: [IDE] new (and complete) tranlations for Lazarus - French language (Maxim Ganetsky)
0027846: [IDE] French translation (following) (Maxim Ganetsky)
0027863: [IDE] French translation (following III) (Maxim Ganetsky)
0026500: [IDE] Untranslatable strings in EditorToolBar settings (Maxim Ganetsky)
0027786: [LCL] Make property Columns on TShellListView public (ShellCtrls unit) (Bart Broersma)
0027780: [IDE] AV in compare files (Bart Broersma)
0027694: [IDE] Incorrect dlg showing "Procedure list" (Bart Broersma)
0027640: [LCL] ShellTreeView add few events (Delphi compatibility) (Bart Broersma)
0027591: [LCL] ShellTreeView error message on startup (Bart Broersma)
0027583: [IDE] Trivial/ russ lng (Maxim Ganetsky)
0027546: [IDE] Translation for (Maxim Ganetsky)
0024695: [LCL] CheckListBox: space bar events - incompatibility with Delphi (Bart Broersma)
0027478: [LCL] French translation of LCL (end) (Maxim Ganetsky)
0027423: [LCL] French translation of LCL (Maxim Ganetsky)
0027397: [LCL] TColorListBox colors listing (Bart Broersma)
0027339: [LazReport] lazreport: function argument editor is not translatable (Maxim Ganetsky)
0027340: [LazReport] lazreport: editor options are not translatable (Maxim Ganetsky)
0027338: [Patch] lazreport: addfunction typo (Maxim Ganetsky)
0027295: [LCL] Arbitrarily appears previously closed Form with the setting property PopupParent (Maxim Ganetsky)
0025512: [Widgetset] Compilation for WinCE broken by revision 43069 (graphics.pp) (Paul Ishenin)
0027126: [Other] Example lazfreetype don't work (Bart Broersma)
0026839: [IDE] [regression] Broken items selection in "Search Results" window (Mattias Gaertner)
0026595: [IDE] [regression] "List index out of bounds" error in messages window (Mattias Gaertner)
0026423: [IDE] Recent changes in resourcestring format has lead to incompatible format arguments in several po files. (Maxim Ganetsky)
0026565: [Other] Hungarian translation update (2014.aug.05) (Maxim Ganetsky)
0026479: [Database] Suggested addition of SQLite Demonstration for the Examples folder (Maxim Ganetsky)
0026502: [LazReport] Untranslatable menu entry in LazReport designer: "Data inspector" (Maxim Ganetsky)
0026503: [LazReport] Untranslatable form in LazReport designer: "Insert Expression" (Maxim Ganetsky)
0026499: [IDE] Untranslatable strings in "New ..." (Maxim Ganetsky)
0026144: [Other] Hungarian translation (2014.May.11.) (Maxim Ganetsky)
0026425: [Other] Hungarian translation update (2014.Jul.29) (Maxim Ganetsky)
0026434: [IDE] Not translatable: "Remove .. items from project?" (Maxim Ganetsky)
0026198: [Patch] xmlresourcefile.pas twice (double content) (Maxim Ganetsky)
0026228: [LazDataDesktop] EResNotFound: Resource "ddconnection" not found (Maxim Ganetsky)
0026171: [LCL] New TCustomEditBtn does not handle EditingDone from the Edit (Bart Broersma)
0026051: [IDE] Moves the code window after changing the active tab (Martin Friebe)
0026071: [LCL] TEditButton.ButtonOnlyWhenFocused (Bart Broersma)
0026062: [LCL] property ParentColor of TCustomEditButton (Bart Broersma)
0026057: [LCL] property OnKeyDown of TCustomEditButton not correct (Bart Broersma)
0026050: [LCL] TCustomEditButton.EditKeyPress should be virtual (Bart Broersma)
0025985: [LCL] Set TFileNameEdit.Text doesn't set Filename (Buttonedit change) (Bart Broersma)
0025998: [LCL] TFileNameEdit OnKeyDown does not trigger (Bart Broersma)
0025975: [LCL] In the object TCustomEditButton no methods and properties (Bart Broersma)
0025991: [LCL] TDateEdit has no method Clear (Bart Broersma)
0025847: [LCL] TStringGrid in edit cell mode: error sound when pressing Escape key on a form with TButton.Cancel=True (Jesus Reyes)
0025802: [LazReport] Report does not respect Orientation (poLandscape) when printed (Jesus Reyes)
0025458: [LCL] Memory leak on empty strings in function TWidgetSet.DrawText (fix attached) (Paul Ishenin)
0025430: [Database] Add MySQL 5.6 Connection component to sqlDB palette (Maxim Ganetsky)
0025460: [Packages] on x86 and others, trunk FPC fails to build trunk Lazarus (linking cairo-gobject) (Maxim Ganetsky)
0025450: [LCL] Text direction in TCheckList is incorrect when BiDiMode<>bdLeftToRight (Maxim Ganetsky)
0023703: [IDE] On SPARC, crash at startup (Martin Friebe)
0025336: [LCL] BitBlt in cocoa behaves differnt than with the win32 and carbon widgetset (Paul Ishenin)
0025305: [IDE] code editor lockup. (Martin Friebe)
75 issues View Issues
Released 2015-03-01
0026179: [IDE] It's possible to write into comboboxes inside the object inspector for boolean values. (Juha Manninen)
1 issue View Issues
Released 2014-10-11
0026396: [Widgetset] Range check error in SetCaretPos in Memo (Bart Broersma)
0026775: [IDE] Patch: Center a lost Window (Mattias Gaertner)
0026759: [Widgetset] Drag'n'drop is broken with QT bindings (Zeljan Rikalo)
0026654: [LCL] LCL: ScaleBy() does not work correct (Bart Broersma)
0026619: [Utilities] PO-checker could use option to not process "fuzzy" translations (Bart Broersma)
5 issues View Issues
Released 2014-06-14
0018590: [LCL] TStringGird: Typo in EGridException "FixedRows can't be >= RowCount" (Bart Broersma)
0026101: [IDE] Typo in Code Explorer settings (Maxim Ganetsky)
0024817: [LCL] TToolButton and acceleration keys (Bart Broersma)
3 issues View Issues
Released 2014-04-20
0025846: [Installer] French translation file for Lazarus windows installer (update) (Maxim Ganetsky)
0025881: [LCL] TValueListEditor.InsertRow function is wrongly designed (Bart Broersma)
2 issues View Issues
Released 2014-03-02
0025997: [IDE] [Patch] No gdb settings by default (Martin Friebe)
0025811: [IDE] IDE Crash when opening the project source (Martin Friebe)
0025989: [IDE] Synedit error for undo change (Martin Friebe)
3 issues View Issues
Released 2014-03-01
0010850: [Debugger] Encoding of locale-specific characters in GetAppConfigDir(False) result (Bart Broersma)
0025496: [IDE] Hotkey on replace confirm windows during replacing (Maxim Ganetsky)
0025411: [LCL] MB_ICONASTERICK is wrong on LCLType, Right is MB_ICONASTERISK (Bart Broersma)
0025161: [Other] Spam from unique key validation of TValueListEditor (Bart Broersma)
0008857: [LCL] TCalendar on show reset to first day of mounth (Bart Broersma)
0025338: [Widgetset] TCanvas.Rectangle doesn't fill with brush color (Paul Ishenin)
0025328: [Widgetset] TMemo doesn't work with Cocoa widgetset (Paul Ishenin)
0025217: [LCL] TLabel crahes with EXC_BAD_ACCESS (Paul Ishenin)
0025277: [Debugger] Debugger hangs on startup if host is not a a fpc program (Martin Friebe)
0023168: [LCL] Latest changes in GTK2 changed drawing rules (Paul Ishenin)
0025647: [LCL] Building Lazarus fails with compiler error in "dbgrids.pas" when using latest FPC (Maxim Ganetsky)
0025376: [Other] Translations example (Maxim Ganetsky)
0022491: [LCL] ColorDialog.Title not used as ColorDialog Title (Bart Broersma)
0025570: [IDE] Object inspector stops working correctly when TChart series editor is opened (Mattias Gaertner)
0025653: [LCL] TMemo: WantReturns does not work (Bart Broersma)
0020833: [IDE] Can't to debug application if path to project consists non-latin chars (Martin Friebe)
0025708: [LCL] TStringGrid: wrong keyboard shortcut for clipboard (Bart Broersma)
0025699: [Patch] Update Japanese translations (Maxim Ganetsky)
0025408: [LCL] BiDiMode and FlipChildren issues with TRadioGroup, TCheckGroup and TCheckedListbox (Maxim Ganetsky)
0025541: [Patch] Translations example does not compile on Ubuntu (Maxim Ganetsky)
0025452: [TAChart] Chartlistbox not showing checkboxes (Maxim Ganetsky)
0024373: [LazUtils] TMask.Matches fails on filenams and masks with UTF8 codepoints (Bart Broersma)
0025495: [LCL] [PATCH] TComboBox autocomplete working with numeric keys too (Maxim Ganetsky)
0024657: [Printer] Merge my chages to CairoCanvas (Jesus Reyes)
0025475: [LCL] MessageDlg mtCustom is not Delphi compatable (Bart Broersma)
0025471: [Database Components] Add support for MySQL5.6 connector starting from FPC 2.6.4 (Maxim Ganetsky)
0025321: [LCL] Several __NSAutoreleaseNoPool console messages just on CocoaGDIObjects initialization (Paul Ishenin)
0015917: [Patch] Key handling in the grids (Jesus Reyes)
0022304: [LCL] DBGrid crash with filtered dataset after scroll (Jesus Reyes)
29 issues View Issues
Released 2014-01-13
0025374: [LCL] WindowsVersion and Windows8 (Maxim Ganetsky)
0025308: [IDE] Updated polish translations (Maxim Ganetsky)
2 issues View Issues
Released 2013-11-15
0025271: [Debugger] wrong "-environment-cd", doube quoted ? (Martin Friebe)
1 issue View Issues
0024692: [LCL] TTreeView does not reduce space to text if no icon image is selected. (Mattias Gaertner)
0025134: [IDE] IDE Brazilian language files updates (Maxim Ganetsky)
2 issues View Issues
Released 2013-09-14
0022943: [IDE] Menu Editor Issue with QT widget set on Windows (Zeljan Rikalo)
0024039: [LCL] TDBGrid Column Titles lost properties (Jesus Reyes)
0026353: [LazReport] Lazreport and Powerpdf - Problems with justified paragraph (Jesus Reyes)
0027100: [LazReport] Stack Overflow when using Column Footer (Jesus Reyes)
0026306: [Packages] SynEdit: colorize selection only till EOL, not till edge of control (Martin Friebe)
0026257: [Packages] SynEdit: more customizing for caret width (Martin Friebe)
0026932: [LazReport] LazReport Templates (Jesus Reyes)
0025225: [LCL] Problem (DBGrid x Option DefaulDrawing (True/False) x OnDrawColumnCell (Jesus Reyes)
0016857: [LCL] TDBGrid OnFieldEditMask is never called (Jesus Reyes)
0022542: [Widgetset] TStringGrid in Version Info tab still does not work (Jesus Reyes)
0023243: [LCL] TFields - DbGrid error with not valid Currency/Float (Jesus Reyes)
0026862: [Database Components] dbGrid with message "List index (3) out of bounds" (Jesus Reyes)
0019924: [IDE] Dataset field editor shows exception for a lookup field from a dataset without table name (Jesus Reyes)
0020756: [LazReport] Save as doesnt work (Jesus Reyes)
0025154: [LCL] TCustomGrid Right to left Bugs (Jesus Reyes)
0025451: [LCL] Copy from readonly DBGrid (Jesus Reyes)
0026310: [Packages] SynEdit: more complete wordbreak list (Martin Friebe)
0026245: [LCL] SynEdit: SynPasSyn missed coloring or 1.2e+3 (Martin Friebe)
0026309: [LCL] LazSynTextArea.pp: fix text (Martin Friebe)
0020614: [LCL] Pixels behavior depends on previous setting of PenMode (Vincent Snijders)
0026315: [LCL] DBGrid horizontal scrollbar strange behaviour (Jesus Reyes)
0025472: [Database] Better fix for issue 0022916 - DBEdit ESC behaviour (Jesus Reyes)
0022475: [LCL] TForms and Alt+Tab (DbGrid and other controls) (Jesus Reyes)
0026079: [IDE] Help crashes (Reinier Olislagers)
0020757: [LazReport] Selected Object border handles doesnt appear in LazReport (Jesus Reyes)
0023217: [IDE] OnMouseMove don't work with TTrayIcon (Zeljan Rikalo)
0026693: [LazReport] LazReport crash after exporting from Preview window (Jesus Reyes)
0026232: [IDE] stringgrid crash (Jesus Reyes)
0026665: [LazReport] ZoomIn,ZoomOut,Find button icons does not appear (Jesus Reyes)
0026354: [LazReport] Lazreport - Dessing report doesn't work on freebsd-gtk2 (Jesus Reyes)
0026280: [LazReport] Adding CTRL+Wheel event for zoom in & zoom out (Jesus Reyes)
0026281: [LazReport] sigsegv when trying to access an undefined variable (Jesus Reyes)
0023112: [LCL] Reading Pixels property of TBitMap raises FPImageException (Jesus Reyes)
0026138: [LCL] stringgrid crash (Jesus Reyes)
0025878: [LCL] ValueListEditor.Font refresh (Jesus Reyes)
0025877: [LCL] TStringGrid => TitleFont => Color ignored (Jesus Reyes)
0025555: [FCL] PageControl default page does not paint (Martin Friebe)
0025840: [LazReport] PrintDialog show 0 and accept charaters (Jesus Reyes)
0025763: [LCL] StringGrid sorting lost after update (Jesus Reyes)
0025750: [Database] memory leak in TDBImage (Jesus Reyes)
0025796: [Installer] The default AppName is added when selecting a destination folder (Martin Friebe)
0024524: [IDE] Default setting for "Tab indents blocks" (Martin Friebe)
0024557: [IDE] Indentation not working well for tab's only style (Martin Friebe)
0025566: [LCL] Tabbing in stringgrid does not work (Martin Friebe)
0025526: [Widgetset] Cocoa: TLabel Font handling doesn't work (accSone)
0025407: [Widgetset] MouseMove with pressed mouse button is not received in TFrame with Cocoa Widgetset (fix attached) (Paul Ishenin)
0025155: [Packages] Error when compiling LazReport (Paul Ishenin)
0019029: [LCL] Component TDirectoryEdit causes the OnChange event when displaying the form (Bart Broersma)
0011932: [LazReport] Device fonts are not shown in font drop down list (Jesus Reyes)
0025086: [LCL] Selected filter in TSaveDialog sets wrong extension, returns wrong index (Jesus Reyes)
0025097: [LazReport] Error in editor dialogs of the LazReport. (Jesus Reyes)
0025010: [Database Components] DBGrid.OnEnter happens twice (Jesus Reyes)
0024893: [LCL] DBGrid: Uppercase doesn't work with first character on GTK2 (Jesus Reyes)
0025219: [LCL] Lazarus enhancement - DBGrid Columnt property editor with a new functionality (Jesus Reyes)
0026087: [LCL] Problem with TScrollingWinControl.ScrollBy / Unecessary Invalidate (Martin Friebe)
0019997: [IDE] Leak of 2 handles, each time project is compiled (not run) (Vincent Snijders)
0025734: [Debugger] Win32: When debugging a library, IDE steps in wrong lines. (Martin Friebe)
0023313: [LCL] TStringGrid italic texts are cut off (Jesus Reyes)
0025845: [LazReport] Lazreport losing focus of the selected property (Jesus Reyes)
0026664: [Debugger] In revision 44763 stop debug throught SSH (Martin Friebe)
0026640: [Packages] Missing lr_PreviewToolsAbsract in lazreport in revision 46079 (Jesus Reyes)
0026855: [LazReport] Patch for LazReport (Jesus Reyes)
0026770: [Widgetset] TListView: icons are too smaal on QT Linux (Zeljan Rikalo)
0026724: [LCL] Please make IsBackwardSel public in SynEdit. (Martin Friebe)
0025245: [LCL] TTabControl.OnDrawTab causes Error: Duplicate identifier "Active" (Bart Broersma)
0015189: [Database] TDBDateEdit - data-aware TDateEdit (Jesus Reyes)
0027135: [Patch] Postscript example doesn't compile in Windows (Jesus Reyes)
0027079: [Widgetset] [Qt] when exiting from TEdit it reports wrong SelStart in OnEditingDone (Zeljan Rikalo)
0026785: [LCL] TDateTimePicker missing property (Zoran Vučenović)
0025249: [LCL] Stringrid editing becomes borked, when Options -> GoAlwaysShowEditor is set to true (Jesus Reyes)
0027137: [Packages] AV when pressing ENTER on a TListFilterEdit & TTreeFilterEdit (Jesus Reyes)
0026487: [Packages] hardcoded syneditkeycmds are messy - EcFoldLevel1 duplicated 4 times (Martin Friebe)
0027080: [LCL] PtInRegion hangs if a bitmap handle is supplied (Zeljan Rikalo)
0027007: [Widgetset] Gtk2: Modal windows problem under compositing manager (Zeljan Rikalo)
0027116: [LCL] TCustomGroupBox descendants becomes visible even though visible = false (Zeljan Rikalo)
0026904: [Widgetset] TCheckListBox doesn't register mouse click when clicking on last item on list. (Zeljan Rikalo)
0027041: [LCL] TFileDialog.Handle is 0 on MAC (Carbon) (Jesus Reyes)
0024924: [LCL] Bad bookmarks order in dbgrid (Jesus Reyes)
0027000: [LCL] [Patch] Multiple range select in grids (Jesus Reyes)
0024922: [LCL] DBGrid loses focus after CompositeCellEditor is closed (Jesus Reyes)
0025824: [Database Components] DBGrid Focus regression (Jesus Reyes)
0023715: [IDE] JCF failure (Jesus Reyes)
0023810: [LCL] SIGSEGV in TColumnTitle.GetDefaultCaption (Jesus Reyes)
0026191: [LCL] DBGrid InplaceEditor stays locked and cannot be hided (Jesus Reyes)
0026461: [LCL] DBGrid inplace Editor stays locked if error occured in UpdateData (Jesus Reyes)
0026061: [LCL] DBGrid shows '(blob)' on all Blob fields (Jesus Reyes)
0025484: [Printer] CairoCanvas WordBreak implementation with pango_layout (Jesus Reyes)
0025832: [LCL] Bad grid long column sizing (Jesus Reyes)
0025485: [Printer] CairoCanvas - repair Clipping (Jesus Reyes)
0026929: [Database Components] TDBGrid prevents record insertion due to spurious exit event (Jesus Reyes)
0026916: [Database Components] TDBGrid on a TPageControl generates "List index out of bounds" error due to spurious exit event (Jesus Reyes)
0026913: [Database Components] AV on delete selected records in DBGrid (Jesus Reyes)
0026911: [LCL] Halt command crashes in /qt/ (Zeljan Rikalo)
0026909: [LCL] Memory leak in TStaticText (Zeljan Rikalo)
0026893: [Packages] AnchorDocking crashes with Object inspector (Zeljan Rikalo)
0020864: [LCL] ShowInTaskbar = stAlways Bug of MainForm on Windows and TWin32WidgetSet(WidgetSet).AppHandle Bug (yang jixian)
0025005: [LCL] Black area at the right side of visible component on resize (yang jixian)
0026825: [Database Components] [Patch] SQL editor: add button Copy as constant (Reinier Olislagers)
0025902: [LCL] Feature request: Multiline column titles for TStringGrid (Jesus Reyes)
0026358: [LCL] TTrackbar issues too many OnChanges (Zeljan Rikalo)
0026504: [LazReport] Report Designer: "Invalid typecast" (Jesus Reyes)
0026506: [LazReport] Report Designer: Undo raises "List index (-1) out of bounds" (Jesus Reyes)
0026698: [LazReport] Report Designer: Undo leaves visual markers on the page(s) (Jesus Reyes)
0026728: [LazReport] lr_OfficeImport: Wrong number of parameters specified for call to "GetLastRowIndex" and "GetLastColIndex" (Jesus Reyes)
0026729: [LazReport] Report Designer: Function descriptions are not translatable (Jesus Reyes)
0025489: [LCL] StringGrid Paint Issue (Jesus Reyes)
0025033: [LCL] Minor corrections to two clipbrd.pp comments (Maxim Ganetsky)
0026697: [IDE] Lhelp: error message "no help found for this topic" after 10 seconds (Reinier Olislagers)
0026769: [LCL] TMemo calls OnEditingDone when pressing Enter (Zeljan Rikalo)
0026767: [Widgetset] TListView..GetItemAt(X, Y) returns wrong item, if ListView is scrolled (Linux GTK2). (Zeljan Rikalo)
0026556: [IDE] LHelp flickers loading files (Reinier Olislagers)
0026489: [IDE] Out of memory (Jesus Reyes)
0026714: [LCL] Radiogroup does not updated clicked button when in non-visible TPageControl tab (Zeljan Rikalo)
0026647: [LazReport] LazReport should use TFileStreamUtf8 instead of TFileStream (Jesus Reyes)
0026464: [Widgetset] Qt: dragImageList does not draw image sometimes (Zeljan Rikalo)
0026586: [Widgetset] ThemeServices return wrong state images for checkbox (Zeljan Rikalo)
0026200: [Widgetset] rev45059 break anchordocking on qt widget type (Zeljan Rikalo)
0026682: [LCL] LCL: TCheckListBox triggers check state change with VK_SPACE if item is disabled (Zeljan Rikalo)
0026607: [Widgetset] Color of Panel [Qt] (Zeljan Rikalo)
0026636: [LazReport] Inconsistent error handling of TfrReport.LoadFromFile (Jesus Reyes)
0026624: [Printer] Underlined text printing bug - Linux (Jesus Reyes)
0026605: [Patch] Example fixes (Reinier Olislagers)
0026596: [Patch] Fix compilation groupedctrls.pas (Reinier Olislagers)
0023026: [Printer] Program crashes if printer units are added to project under windows 64bit (Jesus Reyes)
0026305: [IDE] Incorrect error message: Compiling project Panic: internal error: File not open (Mattias Gaertner)
0025638: [LazReport] Colors dont work from Scripts (Jesus Reyes)
0025073: [IDE] Breakpoints cause Save toolbutton to become enabled on every run (Martin Friebe)
0026103: [Widgetset] Gtk2,Qt: wrong events if key is changed in UTF8KeyPress (Zeljan Rikalo)
0025986: [Debugger] [FpDebug] Process not terminated from IDE (Joost van der Sluis)
0025853: [IDE] IDE Options -> User defined markup list handling deficiencies (Martin Friebe)
0025843: [IDE] Copy paste error (SynEdit) (Martin Friebe)
0025674: [LCL] TStringGrid: wrong Escape key processing (Jesus Reyes)
0025803: [LazReport] OnUserFunction event handler is not called for nested function (Jesus Reyes)
0025835: [LCL] StringGrids Selection Issues (Jesus Reyes)
0025810: [LCL] TStringGrid: wrong keyboard input processing (Jesus Reyes)
0024724: [LCL] Stringgrid ScrollBars, ssAuto... doesn't work correctly (Jesus Reyes)
0022438: [LCL] Changes to field-properties do not influence the IDE Save-button. (samuel herzog)
0025244: [IDE] Exception Range Check Error raised inside SynEditMarkupIfDef.pas when scrolling editor. (Martin Friebe)
0025510: [IDE] Lazbuild does not honour primary config path in lazarus.cfg (Martin Friebe)
0023339: [Printer] Carbon: Printer resolution is 72 dpi - high resolution graphics is not possible (Jesus Reyes)
0023726: [Printer] Error in Printer.Free on app finalization (Jesus Reyes)
0023859: [Printer] Runtime error in Printer.Free on program finalization at Win32 (Jesus Reyes)
0024959: [Printer] PrintDialog does not set Copies and Colate properties (Jesus Reyes)
0025359: [Widgetset] Parented Window is not position relative to parent window with Cocoa Widgetset (Dmitry Boyarintsev)
0025366: [LCL] Crash in decoding RLE4 bitmaps in intfgraphics.pas (Marc Weustink)
0022048: [LCL] Component Hints do not respect BiDiMode (Bart Broersma)
0025099: [LCL] Lazarus trunk r42989 : SIGSEGV in grids.pas at TCustomGrid.Focused. (Jesus Reyes)
0025166: [LCL] [TValueListEditor] Exception 'EStringListError' : List index (1) out of bounds. (Bart Broersma)
0025188: [Debugger] [patch] FpDbgDwarf. Some log messages missed during LoadAbbrevs (Martin Friebe)
0025144: [LCL] TValueListEditor List index out of bounds (Bart Broersma)
0025127: [LCL] Excessive cell button click in Grid component (Jesus Reyes)
0025074: [IDE] Checking/unchecking language exceptions does not mark the project as modified (Martin Friebe)
152 issues View Issues
Released 2013-08-23
0021784: [IDE] Some button captions not translated (Mattias Gaertner)
1 issue View Issues
Released 2013-08-23
0025326: [LCL] Lazarus is looping (hanging) if height TMemo inside a TScrollBox is between 3 and 17 lower as height TScrollBox (Bart Broersma)
1 issue View Issues
Released 2013-03-26
0024380: [Debugger] The window "Watсh List" does not show the national character set. (Martin Friebe)
0024353: [IDE] utf8 Messages from OutputDebugString a not displayed correct in debug event log (Martin Friebe)
2 issues View Issues
Released 2013-02-01
0024048: [IDE] When I open one particular project from 1.0.4 Lazarus, IDE crashes. (Martin Friebe)
0023901: [LazReport] In lazreport preview doesn't work (Jesus Reyes)
2 issues View Issues
Released 2012-09-29
0022506: [LazReport] Lazarus 0.9.31 - 02/07/2012 (Jesus Reyes)
1 issue View Issues
Released 2012-08-28
From the fixes_1_0 branch.
0023090: [IDE] More spanish translations codetools and editortoolbar (Maxim Ganetsky)
0023543: [Other] SynHighlighterHTML - Code Folding Error (Martin Friebe)
0022983: [IDE] Lazarus 1.0.1 fixes branch cannot be compiled. (Vincent Snijders)
0022935: [Patch] Updated Arabic translation (Maxim Ganetsky)
0022666: [IDE] ENTER Key behavior on String Editor (Mattias Gaertner)
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Released 2012-08-28
0022701: [IDE] IDE Brazilian portuguese language files updates for 1.0 (Maxim Ganetsky)
0011145: [IDE] Please reopen 0008479 => "Always visible caret" option broken [scroll does not refresh display] (Paul Ishenin)
0017619: [Debugger] Debugger handles strings as 0-based, while they are 1-based. Leading to wrong char being displayed (Martin Friebe)
0018035: [IDE] "Watch list" window does not remember it's column widths (Martin Friebe)
0012654: [LCL] A maximized form, after minimized, restore to normal position (Paul Ishenin)
0012382: [Printer] PageSetupDialog is not always modal (Jesus Reyes)
0012850: [LCL] OnGetItems event is not called, when TComboBox is empty (Paul Ishenin)
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Released 2012-08-01
The first RC of the 0.99 branch for 1.0.0
0023321: [Debugger] debugger exception messages underlines ampersand (Martin Friebe)
0022596: [IDE] [1.0RC1]Lazarus does not run on Win98 anymore. (Paul Ishenin)
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Released 2012-03-17
0023320: [IDE] IDE hint paint html entities (&..) incorrect (Martin Friebe)
0024990: [IDE] [regression] Ctrl or Shift key repeats the last entered letter (Juha Manninen)
0024055: [LCL] press Win + Shift + M: Form shows not in wsMaximized mode, but in wsNormal mode. (Paul Ishenin)
0024570: [IDE] Properties of type "interface" in the object inspector does not work (Mattias Gaertner)
0022191: [LCL] Focus jumping on Arrow keys from control to control (TEdit unusable) (Juha Manninen)
0021708: [LCL] WinControl.CanFocus returns True when ParentForm is not visible. (Juha Manninen)
0023236: [LazReport] LazReport PDF Export Filter not centering images properly (Jesus Reyes)
0023133: [LazReport] Report Designer opens as a narrow vertical rectangle (Jesus Reyes)
0018645: [Widgetset] Modal form can be stuck under other forms (Paul Ishenin)
0024753: [LCL] TCheckGroup BeginUpdate causes Out of Bounds error (Bart Broersma)
0024319: [LazUtils] Add routines for padding an UTF8 string (Bart Broersma)
0023084: [Patch] Possible error building Windows Instaler under windows 64bits (Martin Friebe)
0023069: [LCL] TTabControl has extraneous borders (Martin Friebe)
0024706: [Patch] SynHighlighterJava: basic parsing of Annotations (Martin Friebe)
0024523: [IDE] Select multiple words or lines by using the mouse (Martin Friebe)
0024763: [IDE] Form Designer Always on Top if AnchorDocking installed (Paul Ishenin)
0017519: [LCL] [WinCE] Regression: "New" sub menu is opened if MenuItem.Command=11 (Felipe Monteiro de Carvalho)
0024656: [IDE] No updated file resouces lfm, if change resource in frame (Mattias Gaertner)
0022851: [IDE] Hint for component on component palette is not completely visible (Paul Ishenin)
0024488: [LCL] TJPEGImage.MimeType returns incorrect value (Paul Ishenin)
0024415: [LazUtils] Directory is not deleted if it has at least one link (Bart Broersma)
0024424: [Patch] Update translations of Lazarus to spanish (Maxim Ganetsky)
0018530: [LCL] ShellTreeView: "/" is not sorted if "root" is empty (Bart Broersma)
0024417: [IDE] Expanding and collapsing code (5) (Martin Friebe)
0024311: [LCL] Cannot set text selection in TDateEdit if DateOrder is anything other than doNone (Bart Broersma)
0024284: [LCL] Can't Read OnKeyPress On DBGrid and StringGrid (Jesus Reyes)
0024260: [LazReport] Corrupted LazReport embedded in LFM (Jesus Reyes)
0024077: [LazReport] Convert TfrReport StoreInDFM storage from binary to XML (Jesus Reyes)
0024249: [LazReport] missing master data lines (Jesus Reyes)
0024245: [LCL] StringGrid loses focus if cell is selected programmatically if the StringGrid is not the first tab-able component (Jesus Reyes)
0024226: [LCL] TShellListView ViewStyle does not follow design-time setting (Bart Broersma)
0024205: [-],12) Fatal: Can't find unit CairoCanvas used by OSPrinters (Jesus Reyes)
0023751: [LCL] PostscriptCanvas crash with Carbon when drawing to the canvas (Jesus Reyes)
0015161: [Printer] lazreport with gtk2 and gtk2 widgetset could not print Chinese (Jesus Reyes)
0024132: [LCL] [WinCE] TEdit doesn't receive text from some barcode scanners (Felipe Monteiro de Carvalho)
0024076: [Other] CustomGridStyles Example (Jesus Reyes)
0023815: [Widgetset] [Qt] Unnecessary TScrollBar.OnScroll call (Jesus Reyes)
0023960: [LCL] TColorDialog.CustomColors fails to save new colors (Bart Broersma)
0023976: [Debugger] Programs Do Not Start Up Under Debugger in Darwin (most recent lazarus, fpc) (Martin Friebe)
0023941: [Other] Corrupted TUpDown icons on MacOSX (Jesus Reyes)
0023932: [Debugger] On fresh install of Lazarus 1.0.6, cannot make strings > 200 chars (Martin Friebe)
0023924: [LCL] wrong TStringGrid behavior (Jesus Reyes)
0021369: [LCL] [Carbon] TSaveDialog.Filter seems to be ignored (Jesus Reyes)
0015887: [IDE] Feature request: Autoextend comment blocks (Martin Friebe)
0023598: [Database] TDBGrid Error if DataSource is Not Active (Jesus Reyes)
0023864: [Widgetset] customdrawn/cocoagdiobjects.pas results in type mismatch on 64 bits with fpc 2.7.1 (Felipe Monteiro de Carvalho)
0023866: [Custom Drawn] customdrawn/ 64 bit portability problem (Felipe Monteiro de Carvalho)
0023867: [Custom Drawn] Cannot compile customdrawn_cocoaproc.pas under fpc 2.7.1 (Felipe Monteiro de Carvalho)
0023854: [Patch] Translation to spanish (Maxim Ganetsky)
0023797: [IDE] Problem reading form that uses inheritance (Mattias Gaertner)
0023785: [IDE] Editor >> Display >> User defined words (Access violation) (Martin Friebe)
0023652: [LCL] Adding stringgrid row causes onValidate event to fail (Jesus Reyes)
0023478: [LCL] SIGSEGV on TStringGrid.Free when focused (Jesus Reyes)
0023659: [LCL] TextRect in PostscriptCanvas (Jesus Reyes)
0023649: [Patch] More spanish translation +10 files (Maxim Ganetsky)
0023628: [Other] More translations to Spanish (Maxim Ganetsky)
0023575: [Patch] Translation to spanish some files for lazarus (Maxim Ganetsky)
0023536: [IDE] IDE Options Access Violation (Martin Friebe)
0013428: [IDE] Where is a "Clear Bookmarks" feature? (Martin Friebe)
0007687: [IDE] Missing result of replace in files (Martin Friebe)
0023446: [LazUtils] Unit LConvEncoding - function ConvertEncoding does not work between ucs2 and ansi charsets (Felipe Monteiro de Carvalho)
0023457: [Patch] Translation to spanish some entrys in lazaruside (Maxim Ganetsky)
0023435: [LazReport] no update canvas in QT (Alt + cursor) (Jesus Reyes)
0022988: [Patch] I added a PostgreSQL dialect to the Lazarus SQL Highlighter (Martin Friebe)
0019993: [LCL] Bugs in DbGrid with Lazarus 0.9.30 (Jesus Reyes)
0021750: [Other] Under Windows, Uninstall icon/publisher/size are unknown in Control Panel > Uninstall a Program (Martin Friebe)
0022476: [LCL] DbGrid with ButtonStyle = cbsCheckBox + other (Jesus Reyes)
0023087: [Patch] Windows Installer translation to spanish (Martin Friebe)
0019035: [Database Components] TIntegerField not recognised by IDE (Vincent Snijders)
0023316: [IDE] invalid rendering of tabs in synedit (Martin Friebe)
0023291: [LazReport] Patch: Fix breaking lines properly when text contains utf8 chars (Jesus Reyes)
0019512: [LazReport] Vertically aligned text does not work (Jesus Reyes)
0023211: [Widgetset] QT widgetset not working properly in report designer (Lazreport) (Jesus Reyes)
0023248: [LazReport] Unable to Close Form Designer (Jesus Reyes)
0023205: [LazReport] Report Designer crashes with Access Violation on Insert DB Field (Jesus Reyes)
0019506: [LazReport] Ragged Right Printing (Jesus Reyes)
0023135: [LazReport] Right Justified text incorrectly aligned on printer (Jesus Reyes)
0023138: [LazReport] PDF Export Addon Print Right Justified text raggedly (Jesus Reyes)
0022960: [LazReport] editor scrollbars when that opened in full screen not shown (Jesus Reyes)
0023134: [LazReport] Barcode Number missing when exporting to Postscript (Jesus Reyes)
0022873: [LCL] SIGSEGV on scrolling TDBGrid (Jesus Reyes)
0022959: [LazReport] changing color in script brooke positioning (Jesus Reyes)
0023046: [IDE] Translate to spanish for Lazarus (Maxim Ganetsky)
0023013: [Patch] valgrind error with headercontrol (Vincent Snijders)
0022953: [LazUtils] [Patch] "Fileutil.ReadFileToString" failed to work if file Name/directories contains Unicode character (Maxim Ganetsky)
0022753: [LazReport] [Patch] fix Lazreport not selecting Fields from Datasets on Dialogs correctly (Jesus Reyes)
0022897: [IDE] Installing PascalScript via "MENU : Packages -> Install/UnInstall Package" Dialog List, failed! (Vincent Snijders)
0022823: [LCL] SynEdit: Crash while exporting using a TMultiSyn highlighter (Martin Friebe)
0022740: [IDE] SynEditDsgn not added to IDE installed list (Mattias Gaertner)
0022718: [Packages] When using ShowMessage on Windows Mobile 6.x it minimises the application back to the desktop (Felipe Monteiro de Carvalho)
0019875: [LCL] TXMLPropStorage does not save properties including UTF-8 characters, (Vincent Snijders)
0017882: [LCL] TStringGrid pages wrong with fixed rows (Jesus Reyes)
0021984: [LazUtils] [Patch] "FileUtil.FileSetDateUTF8" failed to work with Unicode FileName/Directory (Felipe Monteiro de Carvalho)
0022211: [IDE] [Patch] Source Editor : "Right-Click : Source -> Add Unit To Uses Section", failed to add selected unit into source editor (Martin Friebe)
0022182: [LCL] TStringGrid.LoadFromCSVFile: incorrect handling of unquoted spaces and quoted fields with delimiters (Bart Broersma)
0022028: [LazReport] Stresh Error in line when the text is long on one of the fields (Jesus Reyes)
0021639: [Widgetset] SpinEdit fires OnChange when losing focus even though value has not changed (Bart Broersma)
0021739: [LCL] Close button response to [esc] on Carbon (Paul Ishenin)
0021762: [LCL] Clear TBrush Bitmap property when color or style is changed (Paul Ishenin)
0021735: [LCL] FActiveDefaultControl points at destroyed control (Paul Ishenin)
0021605: [Custom Drawn] Doesn't compile on Win64 (Felipe Monteiro de Carvalho)
0023820: [LCL] Defaulttranslator does not translate embedded frames (Maxim Ganetsky)
0022493: [LCL] TDBGrid using column ButtonStyle "cbsCheckboxColumn" (Jesus Reyes)
0018581: [LCL] TGrid and TDBGrid with highlighting Row. (Jesus Reyes)
0023086: [Other] lazreport\samples\barcode\cbunit.pas crashes (Jesus Reyes)
0017916: [IDE] SourceEditor sizes./position mixed up at restart (Martin Friebe)
0023800: [Debugger] IDE does not wait for debugger to "really" stop, if re-compilation is requested (Martin Friebe)
0023085: [LCL] poDesktopCenter is wrong calculated (Paul Ishenin)
0022145: [LazReport] LazReport crash (Jesus Reyes)
0023353: [IDE] Brazilian portuguese language files updates (Maxim Ganetsky)
0022700: [IDE] IDE Brazilian portuguese language files updates (Maxim Ganetsky)
0019435: [Printer] Arabic text is not printed under Linux (Ubuntu) (Jesus Reyes)
0024731: [Debugger] During debugging, Lazarus will report error and then SIGSEGV. (Martin Friebe)
0021659: [LCL] [Patch] OpenURL on Windows needs double quotes for file:// URL (Bart Broersma)
0024222: [LCL] Incorrect results given by LoadIcon, LoadCursor and LoadBitmap functions in a Windows environment. (Paul Ishenin)
0025052: [Database Components] TSQLQuery.Filter produces issues with TDBGrid (Jesus Reyes)
0022016: [IDE] Source editor Hint not hided sometimes (Martin Friebe)
0024305: [LazReport] tfrBand.Name always return a null string (Jesus Reyes)
0023018: [IDE] Object-Inspector for Boolean-Properties should set the combobox-style to csDropDownlist (Juha Manninen)
0024393: [LazReport] Patch for LazReport - property "ZOOM" of the object "Barcode" (Jesus Reyes)
0024273: [LCL] Misplaced cell editor in ValueListEditor (Jesus Reyes)
0024633: [LCL] Right-align numbers in TSpinEdit and TFloatSpinEdit (Bart Broersma)
0022789: [LCL] [Patch] TDBGrid, for some field types inplace editor incorrectly sets MaxLength (Jesus Reyes)
0024846: [Patch] Lazarus trunk fails to build for PPC Linux and for SPARC. (Martin Friebe)
0023226: [LazReport] lazreport preview and design windows width (Jesus Reyes)
0023251: [LCL] PageControl page TabVisible not update PageIndex properly (Martin Friebe)
0023058: [LazReport] Lazreport cannot open older frf files (Jesus Reyes)
0025018: [IDE] [Feature request] Install package form: search control for installed packages (Juha Manninen)
0018846: [LCL] TPageControl (Source Editor) - wrong tab shows (Martin Friebe)
0024996: [IDE] IDE Brazilian language files update (Maxim Ganetsky)
0024970: [LCL] Make TCustomMaskEdit.GetSel and SetSel protected (Bart Broersma)
0017410: [LCL] MaskEdit.Text don't work with cyrilic symbols (Bart Broersma)
0015770: [IDE] Display "inactive" code differently in source editor (Martin Friebe)
0024809: [IDE] Exception while creating process makes IDE believe debugger is running (Martin Friebe)
0023197: [LCL] SpeedButton view incorrect when it: flat=true and enabled=false (Paul Ishenin)
0024771: [LazUtils] FindAllFiles fails to find my file: c:\1\28 may (Bart Broersma)
0024171: [Installer] Patch for the Lazarus windows installer : french translation file (Martin Friebe)
0024740: [LCL] TTreeView.AlphaSort does not sort russian (Cyrillic) symbols alphabetically (Bart Broersma)
0024766: [IDE] Form1 is always upper in z-order of Lazarus main window (window with run/stop buttons ) (Paul Ishenin)
0024748: [LCL] Shortcut VK_OEM_2 is shown as garbage in menu (Paul Ishenin)
0024732: [LCL] [feature req] Publish draw events of ShellTreeView (Bart Broersma)
0024725: [IDE] Patch - icons with transparent background (Maxim Ganetsky)
0024677: [LCL] Routine highlighting (Martin Friebe)
0024525: [Patch] Updated fpdebug to be compilable. (Martin Friebe)
0024028: [LCL] SIGSEGV in TCustomDBGrid.PrepareCellHints (Bart Broersma)
0024310: [LCL] Paste to DBGrid by mouse middle button in X11 is ignored (Jesus Reyes)
0023771: [Printer] TPrintDialog in win32 does not work (Jesus Reyes)
0024532: [LCL] Shelltreeview missing refresh method (Bart Broersma)
0022732: [Widgetset] WantReturn ignored in TMemo (Paul Ishenin)
0023428: [LazUtils] Utf8UpperCase in combination with HeapTrace may crash program (Felipe Monteiro de Carvalho)
0020883: [LCL] w32 mouse extra button 4&5 do not call MouseUp (Paul Ishenin)
0022090: [IDE] Source Editor Mouse selection (Martin Friebe)
0022072: [IDE] Source Editor lost selection (Martin Friebe)
0024591: [LCL] ComboBox.Text wrong at OnChange OnSelect after 41697 (Paul Ishenin)
0024583: [LCL] LCL-win32: Button captions with & painted twice (Paul Ishenin)
0024585: [IDE] Text, Caption not propery shows ampersand text in object inspector. (Maxim Ganetsky)
0024581: [IDE] IDE crashes on opening a specific file - seems synedit related (Martin Friebe)
0024435: [LCL] Action.Checked is not propagated to TCheckbox. (Paul Ishenin)
0023889: [IDE] Exception "List index (1) out of bounds" occurs when trying to get access text editor context menu. (Martin Friebe)
0024496: [IDE] SVN r41432 : When debugging, current line of execution doesn't have its highlight properties applied. (Martin Friebe)
0024514: [IDE] No validity check in IDE Options Dialog/Environment/Files, 'Max Recent Files' and 'Max Recent Project Files' (Paul Ishenin)
0024560: [IDE] error while compile WinCE project - identifier not found "GetCharacterPlacementW" (Martin Friebe)
0024491: [LCL] DBGrid: Column title width (Jesus Reyes)
0022603: [LazUtils] Createrelativepath doesn't work (Bart Broersma)
0024370: [IDE] Expanding and collapsing code (4) (Martin Friebe)
0014186: [Other] TPrintDialog.Title, doesn't show the title (Jesus Reyes)
0024059: [IDE] All items in listbox / combobox in IDE gets mirrored (Jesus Reyes)
0022848: [IDE] Displayed changes and break points on overview Gutter (Martin Friebe)
0022847: [IDE] Overview Gutter and disabled break point (Martin Friebe)
0024230: [LCL] ShellTreeView doesn't show root (like Delphi does), which makes root inaccessible (Bart Broersma)
0024217: [LCL] cairocanvas: Clipping does not work. (Jesus Reyes)
0024139: [Patch] PATCH for LAZRES: remove leading and trailing spaces for filenames in filelist (Jesus Reyes)
0023566: [LCL] ActiveXContainer incorrect position when resized (Maxim Ganetsky)
0024151: [Patch] Fix activexcontainer height (Maxim Ganetsky)
0024101: [IDE] [SynEdit] Currpted text when Selecting then presseing Enter then Undo (ctrl+z) (Martin Friebe)
0024134: [Database Components] TDBedit maskedit verification on Exit, crashes the Application (Bart Broersma)
0023887: [LCL] unable open ttf file in the system fonts folder (Maxim Ganetsky)
0021634: [LazReport] Lazreport Designer is Shown as 10x10px Window (Jesus Reyes)
0024070: [IDE] Find Declaration shows wrong unit for FileInfo on FPC trunk (Mattias Gaertner)
0023990: [IDE] Synedit gutter line vanishes when lines of code increase (Martin Friebe)
0023585: [Widgetset] Under Linux QT, scroll down a dataset not work fine. (Jesus Reyes)
0023986: [LCL] Code optimization in DefaultTranslator unit (Maxim Ganetsky)
0023070: [IDE] German translation formatting errors (Maxim Ganetsky)
0023961: [LazReport] LazReport marks all frf bands as ReportTitle bands (Jesus Reyes)
0023875: [LCL] TValueListEditor: Cell doesn't get updated when Strings is changed under certain conditions (Bart Broersma)
0023906: [IDE] Invalid character in include file hangs Lazarus on opening project (Mattias Gaertner)
0023881: [LCL] TLabeledEdit sets Text empty when changing name (Bart Broersma)
0023865: [LCL] TValueListEditor after entering value in cell it lose focuss (Bart Broersma)
0023558: [LCL] DBGrid - automatic drag mode starts to quickly (Jesus Reyes)
0023851: [LCL] ValueListEditor crash on Strings.Delete (Bart Broersma)
0023841: [LCL] TValueListEditor memory leaks (Bart Broersma)
0023846: [LCL] TValueListEditor OnEditButtonClick do not work (Bart Broersma)
0023317: [IDE] crash when closing file (Martin Friebe)
0023078: [IDE] regex backreference do not really work with case insensitive search (Martin Friebe)
0023053: [LCL] Please add TApplication.IsRightToLeft (Bart Broersma)
0023639: [IDE] Close button in source editor disappeared (Martin Friebe)
0023666: [LCL] Error in building Lazarus trunk after FPC trunk 0023411 (Felipe Monteiro de Carvalho)
0023385: [Other] create_installer.bat fails (Martin Friebe)
0018344: [LCL] [Patch] TStringGrid - unexpected selection (Jesus Reyes)
0023355: [Debugger] Range check error when debugging the Lazarus IDE (Martin Friebe)
0023495: [Patch] SynHighlighterHTML - section !DOCTYPE (Martin Friebe)
0023517: [Other] SynEdit bracket maching - Range check error (Martin Friebe)
0023456: [IDE] Search results window does not have system menu on top left (Maxim Ganetsky)
0023454: [IDE] Source Editor is broken. (Martin Friebe)
0023433: [Patch] [Patch] Imgview demo: TIFF, cross-platform fix (Maxim Ganetsky)
0023392: [Other] SynEdit - Quick Selection Paste bug (Martin Friebe)
0023346: [Other] Example/multithreading/Mainunit.pas not up to date : thread.resume for thread.start (Maxim Ganetsky)
0023326: [LazReport] Image is cropped when exported to pdf in LazReport (Jesus Reyes)
0023312: [IDE] Changes not saved in second edit window (Martin Friebe)
0023183: [Patch] SynhighlighterCSS - property animation-triming-function and translation-triming-function (Martin Friebe)
0023254: [Widgetset] Correct some typing issues for upcoming FPC 2.7.1 trunk commit (Maxim Ganetsky)
0017072: [IDE] CodeTools: Wrong auto-indent after with statement (Mattias Gaertner)
0022082: [Patch] SynHighlighterHTML - formatting, fixed fSimpleTags, remove SYN_CPPB_1 (Martin Friebe)
0022077: [Other] SynHighlighterHTML - section CDATA (Martin Friebe)
0022532: [Patch] SynHighlighterCSS - new CSS 3 property (Martin Friebe)
0023127: [IDE] SynEdit syntax highlight does not bold the "read " and "write" words in last property of a class (Martin Friebe)
0022677: [Converter] Converter does not handle (alias) Wintypes and Winproc units in old Delphi projects (Juha Manninen)
0022409: [IDE] SourceEditor: Close All Other Pages shows (unneccessary) confirmation dialog if active tab content is modified (patch attached) (Juha Manninen)
0022926: [IDE] Lazarus IDE hangs if editing in the form module sybmols "№" and "#" (Martin Friebe)
0022942: [LazReport] frPrintGrid improvement (Jesus Reyes)
0022898: [IDE] Add Lithuanian langid to version info (Maxim Ganetsky)
0022907: [Patch] patch: DefaultTranslator has a problem if path to .po file contains non-ASCII characters (Maxim Ganetsky)
0022890: [IDE] Wrong "Delete to end of word" at end_of_line+n when it contains unicode chars and no spaces at end (Martin Friebe)
0022035: [IDE] During debug session, closing editor tabs via mouse right click -> "Close Page" crashes IDE. (Martin Friebe)
0021901: [IDE] When debugging certain projects, IDE shows error dialog with message : "Unknown Run-Time error : 210". (Martin Friebe)
0022066: [IDE] Overview Gutter and collapsed code (Martin Friebe)
0022745: [LCL] TSynMultisyn, crash with Invalid stringlist index (Martin Friebe)
0022519: [LCL] TSynMultiSyn issues (Martin Friebe)
0022693: [LCL] TSynHighlighterMultiScheme.CaseSensitive is ignored (Martin Friebe)
0022586: [IDE] synedit: last bracket on line in comments not matched (Martin Friebe)
0022650: [IDE] Lazarus IDE configuration will detect correct debugger but does not set debugger type on Linux (Martin Friebe)
0022577: [IDE] IDE Brazilian portuguese language files updates for 1.0 (Maxim Ganetsky)
0022569: [IDE] IDE Brazilian portuguese language files updates (Maxim Ganetsky)
0022488: [IDE] IDE Brazilian portuguese language files updates (Maxim Ganetsky)
0022551: [IDE] Inno setup brazilian portuguese language file (Martin Friebe)
0022526: [Patch] Times New Roman font ignored under Gtk2 (Maxim Ganetsky)
0022489: [Other] Encoding problem in todolist (Maxim Ganetsky)
0022393: [IDE] InstantFPC package localization (Maxim Ganetsky)
0022382: [IDE] IDE Brazilian portuguese language files updates (Maxim Ganetsky)
0022064: [IDE] IDE Brazilian portuguese language files updates (Maxim Ganetsky)
0022323: [IDE] Make/compile bigide fails with (Maxim Ganetsky)
0022186: [Patch] Remove unused lines depend on SYN_LAZARUS and FPC defines Step 3 (Martin Friebe)
0021563: [IDE] Improve usability of SynchronEdit by jumping only between first locations of words (Martin Friebe)
0022230: [Debugger] Debugger hanging for minutes at breakpoint (Martin Friebe)
0022172: [IDE] Division by zero when closing editor files (Martin Friebe)
0022196: [Debugger] [Patch] History for Evaluate/Modify window (Martin Friebe)
0022152: [Other] [Patch] LazActiveX doesn't compile for WinCE (Maxim Ganetsky)
0022180: [Patch] Remove unused lines depend on SYN_LAZARUS and FPC defines (Martin Friebe)
0022015: [IDE] Division by zero when closing editor files (Martin Friebe)
0021614: [LCL] Drag&Drop dont works when Source is TDBGrid (Jesus Reyes)
0021987: [LCL] StringGrid DrawCell aCol draws previous columns item (Jesus Reyes)
0022125: [LazReport] Access Violation in preview report (Jesus Reyes)
0022056: [IDE] StringGrid error by deleting contents of a cell (Juha Manninen)
0022122: [LazReport] can't create many Dialogs in Lazreport (Jesus Reyes)
0022127: [LazReport] My report not work after update from svn (Jesus Reyes)
0022123: [LazReport] Can't create New Report with ctrl+N (Jesus Reyes)
0022058: [LazReport] LazReport sample does not compile in windows (Jesus Reyes)
0022103: [IDE] add Ukrainian language to app version info (Maxim Ganetsky)
0022085: [IDE] ToDo List show an extra "}" (Maxim Ganetsky)
0021996: [IDE] selection fails of selections in source editor (Martin Friebe)
0022062: [IDE] [patch] change -Op386 to -Op80386 in code generation options (Maxim Ganetsky)
0022067: [LCL] DragManager crashes application (Paul Ishenin)
0022049: [LCL] Cant compile activexcontainer (Maxim Ganetsky)
0021651: [Patch] [Patch] OpenDocument requires " around file on OSX, not on Windows (Felipe Monteiro de Carvalho)
0021860: [IDE] Copy variable value in Watch list (Martin Friebe)
0021812: [IDE] "helper" is not recognized as reserved word (Martin Friebe)
0021929: [Other] SynEdit - Caret paint error when pressed Enter key (Martin Friebe)
0021933: [LCL] Cannot close modal form with OK, Cancel buttons by pressing Enter or Escape when another control has focus (Paul Ishenin)
0021887: [Other] SynEdit: failed to add part Line Overview (Martin Friebe)
0021924: [Other] SynEdit - Two caret when clicking left mouse button in first line (Martin Friebe)
0021818: [IDE] IDE Brazilian Portuguese language files updates (Maxim Ganetsky)
0021763: [LCL] Add TControl.ClientToParent and TControl.ParentToClient (Paul Ishenin)
0021633: [LazReport] Scrolling in Report Preview dont work (Jesus Reyes)
0021754: [LCL] Add Overlay drawing to Image Lists (Paul Ishenin)
0021759: [LCL] Restore brush style to bsSolid on bsClear in TBrush.SetColor (Paul Ishenin)
0021758: [LCL] TListView using TlistItem descendent (Paul Ishenin)
0021736: [LCL] BitsInOrder copy paste bug (Paul Ishenin)
0021729: [LCL] No default font height set during TFont creation (Felipe Monteiro de Carvalho)
0021724: [Widgetset] Minimizing and restoring maximized form changes size and position of aligned controls (Paul Ishenin)
0021709: [IDE] scrolling with do-you-want-to-replace-that message (Martin Friebe)
280 issues View Issues
0021425: [LCL] Compiling on fails saying missing unit contnrs used by masks, but and older work fine (Vincent Snijders)
1 issue View Issues
0020274: [LCL] [WinCE] Access Violation when freeing a menu item (follow up of 0019898) (Felipe Monteiro de Carvalho)
0020060: [IDE] CodeTools does not work when targetting arm-linux with software floating point (Mattias Gaertner)
0019531: [LCL] CARBON: The last day selection return date from first day of month (Felipe Monteiro de Carvalho)
0020309: [Other] TCustomDrawn crash (Felipe Monteiro de Carvalho)
0021025: [IDE] Case-insensitive search in IDE fails on Win9x (Juha Manninen)
0020654: [LCL] Feature request: add checkbox "Prompt on replace" to TReplaceDialog (patch included) (Juha Manninen)
0019819: [IDE] IDE crash on File -> New .. -> Inherited Project Component (Juha Manninen)
0019025: [LCL] _NSGetCarbonMenu function in Carbon code causes Apple App Store rejection (Felipe Monteiro de Carvalho)
0018587: [Packages] printerdialog.execute return error on runtime (Felipe Monteiro de Carvalho)
0020305: [IDE] Components View crash (Juha Manninen)
0017761: [LCL] TShellListView Mask: duplicated items if mask is " *.ext;*.ext " (Felipe Monteiro de Carvalho)
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Released 2011-03-21
0014294: [IDE] Stop debug with ctrl-F2, moves focus away from Editor (Martin Friebe)
0009562: [IDE] Suggedtion: allow oneto drag/drop the Source Editor tabs (Martin Friebe)
0007881: [IDE] Menu window (Martin Friebe)
0012241: [Debugger] Static loading a dll fails when external declaration starts uppercase (Marc Weustink)
0001331: [IDE] Put all debug windows in one TNoteBook (Marc Weustink)
0015595: [IDE] IDE crashes when attempting to view lfm as source (Dmitry Boyarintsev)
0018904: [Compiler] Unsaved project linker error (Maxim Ganetsky)
0018134: [IDE] Caret isn't showing in source editor when x=1 (Martin Friebe)
0012961: [IDE] codecompletion + jumping (Martin Friebe)
0016522: [IDE] Starting a syncronized edit on some sort of code causes an AV. (Martin Friebe)
0007577: [Converter] forms not in list (Juha Manninen)
0015484: [IDE] 8-Cypher exception message (Dmitry Boyarintsev)
0015859: [LCL] gtk2 triggers erroneous LM_DEACTIVATE message (Zeljan Rikalo)
0016388: [LCL] Can't focus a control in TPageControl.OnChange (Paul Ishenin)
0016406: [IDE] Intermitent AV while closing IDE (Zeljan Rikalo)
0016073: [IDE] Reloading files (after changes detected "on disk") doesn't preserve Caret, Selection, etc (Martin Friebe)
0016418: [Patch] Change JCF format command caption to "Format Current Editor Window" (Maxim Ganetsky)
0016424: [Other] Destroying a TSynEdit with a highlighter assigned raises an AV (Mattias Gaertner)
0016474: [Debugger] [patch] Implement BreakPoint Expression (Marc Weustink)
0016082: [IDE] File changes (on disk, i.e. from another app) detection failure/aren't always detected (Vincent Snijders)
0016095: [Debugger] Variables' values in Watches dialog aren't reset/cleared when the debugger is stopped/finishes (Martin Friebe)
0015998: [Debugger] "Step" command in CPU/disassemble view focus source edito, doesn't step to next instruction (Martin Friebe)
0016211: [IDE] [patch] Packager: re-generating packages change case of registration unit (Mattias Gaertner)
0015847: [IDE] Change obsolete references to /usr/X11R6/ (Mattias Gaertner)
0015751: [IDE] [patch] View Project Units/Form enhancement (Zeljan Rikalo)
0018172: [LCL] TToolBar and his buttons can't set color transparent (Paul Ishenin)
0017109: [IDE] Regression: MenuIntf causes index out of bounds exception (Mattias Gaertner)
0017172: [IDE] [QT] Unusable source editor and incompatible project source between SVN versions (Martin Friebe)
0017099: [IDE] Form is not resizable in design time with BorderStyle set to bsDialog (Paul Ishenin)
0017039: [LCL] Memo component's borderstyle is not working (Dmitry Boyarintsev)
0016720: [IDE] update for and (Mattias Gaertner)
0016851: [IDE] Feature Request: Please Mark "read-only" Properties in Code-Completion drop-down box. (Mattias Gaertner)
0011742: [IDE] When switching from another application back to the IDE it does not check for disk changes (Dmitry Boyarintsev)
0015624: [LCL] TListBox.Items.Exchange changes items, but visually you cannot see the change (Dmitry Boyarintsev)
0015603: [LCL] TCalendar doesn't react on day selection (Dmitry Boyarintsev)
0016461: [Widgetset] QT TabIndexAtClientPos / TabRect (Zeljan Rikalo)
0016399: [LCL] Double-clicking an item in the Breakpoint List causes a SIGSEGV (because of infinite loop) (Zeljan Rikalo)
0014954: [IDE] Add option to not create the project resource files (Luiz Americo)
0016113: [IDE] Menu Editor window display is distorted. (Dmitry Boyarintsev)
0016288: [IDE] Goto line number no longer works in Carbon IDE (Dmitry Boyarintsev)
0016209: [IDE] [patch] CodeTools/SourceChanger: avoid change of text/identifiers/kewords in comments (Mattias Gaertner)
0016246: [IDE] Edit Color property in Lazarus causes Div by zero (Paul Ishenin)
0016020: [LCL] Pasting controls (4) inside an AutoSize Panel causes "Invalid Floating Point Operation" (Mattias Gaertner)
0015968: [IDE] CodeTools does not parse hint-directive(deprecated) (Martin Friebe)
0015949: [Widgetset] TButton invisible when 'GtkButton' does not support property named 'inner-border' (Luiz Americo)
0015943: [Widgetset] Carbon: Relative to absolute mouse coordinates translation error; controls not clickable (Dmitry Boyarintsev)
0014892: [Widgetset] Carbon: TImage mousedown + mousemove problem (Dmitry Boyarintsev)
0015021: [LCL] NameValueSeparator for TMemo.Lines should be '=' by default. (Paul Ishenin)
0014659: [Widgetset] possible mem leak due to some wrong placed XFree calls (+patch) (Paul Ishenin)
0014634: [LCL] Mac OS X : TSpinEdit only highlight lower button when clicked... (Dmitry Boyarintsev)
0014447: [IDE] "Replace" does not limit to "Selected Text" scope (Martin Friebe)
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