Released 2013-09-15
0022943: [IDE] Menu Editor Issue with QT widget set on Windows (Zeljan Rikalo)
0024039: [LCL] TDBGrid Column Titles lost properties (Jesus Reyes)
0026353: [LazReport] Lazreport and Powerpdf - Problems with justified paragraph (Jesus Reyes)
0027100: [LazReport] Stack Overflow when using Column Footer (Jesus Reyes)
0026306: [Packages] SynEdit: colorize selection only till EOL, not till edge of control (Martin Friebe)
0026257: [Packages] SynEdit: more customizing for caret width (Martin Friebe)
0026932: [LazReport] LazReport Templates (Jesus Reyes)
0025225: [LCL] Problem (DBGrid x Option DefaulDrawing (True/False) x OnDrawColumnCell (Jesus Reyes)
0016857: [LCL] TDBGrid OnFieldEditMask is never called (Jesus Reyes)
0022542: [Widgetset] TStringGrid in Version Info tab still does not work (Jesus Reyes)
0023243: [LCL] TFields - DbGrid error with not valid Currency/Float (Jesus Reyes)
0026862: [Database Components] dbGrid with message "List index (3) out of bounds" (Jesus Reyes)
0019924: [IDE] Dataset field editor shows exception for a lookup field from a dataset without table name (Jesus Reyes)
0020756: [LazReport] Save as doesnt work (Jesus Reyes)
0025154: [LCL] TCustomGrid Right to left Bugs (Jesus Reyes)
0025451: [LCL] Copy from readonly DBGrid (Jesus Reyes)
0025219: [LCL] Lazarus enhancement - DBGrid Columnt property editor with a new functionality (Jesus Reyes)
0026310: [Packages] SynEdit: more complete wordbreak list (Martin Friebe)
0026245: [LCL] SynEdit: SynPasSyn missed coloring or 1.2e+3 (Martin Friebe)
0026309: [LCL] LazSynTextArea.pp: fix text (Martin Friebe)
0020614: [LCL] Pixels behavior depends on previous setting of PenMode (Vincent Snijders)
0026315: [LCL] DBGrid horizontal scrollbar strange behaviour (Jesus Reyes)
0025472: [Database] Better fix for issue 0022916 - DBEdit ESC behaviour (Jesus Reyes)
0022475: [LCL] TForms and Alt+Tab (DbGrid and other controls) (Jesus Reyes)
0026079: [IDE] Help crashes (Reinier Olislagers)
0020757: [LazReport] Selected Object border handles doesnt appear in LazReport (Jesus Reyes)
0023217: [IDE] OnMouseMove don't work with TTrayIcon (Zeljan Rikalo)
0026693: [LazReport] LazReport crash after exporting from Preview window (Jesus Reyes)
0026232: [IDE] stringgrid crash (Jesus Reyes)
0026665: [LazReport] ZoomIn,ZoomOut,Find button icons does not appear (Jesus Reyes)
0026354: [LazReport] Lazreport - Dessing report doesn't work on freebsd-gtk2 (Jesus Reyes)
0026280: [LazReport] Adding CTRL+Wheel event for zoom in & zoom out (Jesus Reyes)
0026281: [LazReport] sigsegv when trying to access an undefined variable (Jesus Reyes)
0023112: [LCL] Reading Pixels property of TBitMap raises FPImageException (Jesus Reyes)
0026138: [LCL] stringgrid crash (Jesus Reyes)
0025878: [LCL] ValueListEditor.Font refresh (Jesus Reyes)
0025877: [LCL] TStringGrid => TitleFont => Color ignored (Jesus Reyes)
0025555: [FCL] PageControl default page does not paint (Martin Friebe)
0025840: [LazReport] PrintDialog show 0 and accept charaters (Jesus Reyes)
0025763: [LCL] StringGrid sorting lost after update (Jesus Reyes)
0025750: [Database] memory leak in TDBImage (Jesus Reyes)
0025796: [Installer] The default AppName is added when selecting a destination folder (Martin Friebe)
0024524: [IDE] Default setting for "Tab indents blocks" (Martin Friebe)
0024557: [IDE] Indentation not working well for tab's only style (Martin Friebe)
0025566: [LCL] Tabbing in stringgrid does not work (Martin Friebe)
0025526: [Widgetset] Cocoa: TLabel Font handling doesn't work (accSone)
0025407: [Widgetset] MouseMove with pressed mouse button is not received in TFrame with Cocoa Widgetset (fix attached) (Paul Ishenin)
0025155: [Packages] Error when compiling LazReport (Paul Ishenin)
0019029: [LCL] Component TDirectoryEdit causes the OnChange event when displaying the form (Bart Broersma)
0011932: [LazReport] Device fonts are not shown in font drop down list (Jesus Reyes)
0025086: [LCL] Selected filter in TSaveDialog sets wrong extension, returns wrong index (Jesus Reyes)
0025097: [LazReport] Error in editor dialogs of the LazReport. (Jesus Reyes)
0025010: [Database Components] DBGrid.OnEnter happens twice (Jesus Reyes)
0024893: [LCL] DBGrid: Uppercase doesn't work with first character on GTK2 (Jesus Reyes)
0026087: [LCL] Problem with TScrollingWinControl.ScrollBy / Unecessary Invalidate (Martin Friebe)
0019997: [IDE] Leak of 2 handles, each time project is compiled (not run) (Vincent Snijders)
0025734: [Debugger] Win32: When debugging a library, IDE steps in wrong lines. (Martin Friebe)
0023313: [LCL] TStringGrid italic texts are cut off (Jesus Reyes)
0025845: [LazReport] Lazreport losing focus of the selected property (Jesus Reyes)
0026664: [Debugger] In revision 44763 stop debug throught SSH (Martin Friebe)
0026640: [Packages] Missing lr_PreviewToolsAbsract in lazreport in revision 46079 (Jesus Reyes)
0026855: [LazReport] Patch for LazReport (Jesus Reyes)
0026770: [Widgetset] TListView: icons are too smaal on QT Linux (Zeljan Rikalo)
0026724: [LCL] Please make IsBackwardSel public in SynEdit. (Martin Friebe)
0025245: [LCL] TTabControl.OnDrawTab causes Error: Duplicate identifier "Active" (Bart Broersma)
0015189: [Database] TDBDateEdit - data-aware TDateEdit (Jesus Reyes)
0027135: [Patch] Postscript example doesn't compile in Windows (Jesus Reyes)
0027079: [Widgetset] [Qt] when exiting from TEdit it reports wrong SelStart in OnEditingDone (Zeljan Rikalo)
0026785: [LCL] TDateTimePicker missing property (Zoran Vučenović)
0025249: [LCL] Stringrid editing becomes borked, when Options -> GoAlwaysShowEditor is set to true (Jesus Reyes)
0027137: [Packages] AV when pressing ENTER on a TListFilterEdit & TTreeFilterEdit (Jesus Reyes)
0026487: [Packages] hardcoded syneditkeycmds are messy - EcFoldLevel1 duplicated 4 times (Martin Friebe)
0027080: [LCL] PtInRegion hangs if a bitmap handle is supplied (Zeljan Rikalo)
0027007: [Widgetset] Gtk2: Modal windows problem under compositing manager (Zeljan Rikalo)
0027116: [LCL] TCustomGroupBox descendants becomes visible even though visible = false (Zeljan Rikalo)
0026904: [Widgetset] TCheckListBox doesn't register mouse click when clicking on last item on list. (Zeljan Rikalo)
0027041: [LCL] TFileDialog.Handle is 0 on MAC (Carbon) (Jesus Reyes)
0024924: [LCL] Bad bookmarks order in dbgrid (Jesus Reyes)
0027000: [LCL] [Patch] Multiple range select in grids (Jesus Reyes)
0024922: [LCL] DBGrid loses focus after CompositeCellEditor is closed (Jesus Reyes)
0025824: [Database Components] DBGrid Focus regression (Jesus Reyes)
0023715: [IDE] JCF failure (Jesus Reyes)
0023810: [LCL] SIGSEGV in TColumnTitle.GetDefaultCaption (Jesus Reyes)
0026191: [LCL] DBGrid InplaceEditor stays locked and cannot be hided (Jesus Reyes)
0026461: [LCL] DBGrid inplace Editor stays locked if error occured in UpdateData (Jesus Reyes)
0026061: [LCL] DBGrid shows '(blob)' on all Blob fields (Jesus Reyes)
0025484: [Printer] CairoCanvas WordBreak implementation with pango_layout (Jesus Reyes)
0025832: [LCL] Bad grid long column sizing (Jesus Reyes)
0025485: [Printer] CairoCanvas - repair Clipping (Jesus Reyes)
0026929: [Database Components] TDBGrid prevents record insertion due to spurious exit event (Jesus Reyes)
0026916: [Database Components] TDBGrid on a TPageControl generates "List index out of bounds" error due to spurious exit event (Jesus Reyes)
0026913: [Database Components] AV on delete selected records in DBGrid (Jesus Reyes)
0026911: [LCL] Halt command crashes in /qt/ (Zeljan Rikalo)
0026909: [LCL] Memory leak in TStaticText (Zeljan Rikalo)
0026893: [Packages] AnchorDocking crashes with Object inspector (Zeljan Rikalo)
0020864: [LCL] ShowInTaskbar = stAlways Bug of MainForm on Windows and TWin32WidgetSet(WidgetSet).AppHandle Bug (yang jixian)
0025005: [LCL] Black area at the right side of visible component on resize (yang jixian)
0026825: [Database Components] [Patch] SQL editor: add button Copy as constant (Reinier Olislagers)
0025902: [LCL] Feature request: Multiline column titles for TStringGrid (Jesus Reyes)
0026358: [LCL] TTrackbar issues too many OnChanges (Zeljan Rikalo)
0026504: [LazReport] Report Designer: "Invalid typecast" (Jesus Reyes)
0026506: [LazReport] Report Designer: Undo raises "List index (-1) out of bounds" (Jesus Reyes)
0026698: [LazReport] Report Designer: Undo leaves visual markers on the page(s) (Jesus Reyes)
0026728: [LazReport] lr_OfficeImport: Wrong number of parameters specified for call to "GetLastRowIndex" and "GetLastColIndex" (Jesus Reyes)
0026729: [LazReport] Report Designer: Function descriptions are not translatable (Jesus Reyes)
0025489: [LCL] StringGrid Paint Issue (Jesus Reyes)
0025033: [LCL] Minor corrections to two clipbrd.pp comments (Maxim Ganetsky)
0026697: [IDE] Lhelp: error message "no help found for this topic" after 10 seconds (Reinier Olislagers)
0026769: [LCL] TMemo calls OnEditingDone when pressing Enter (Zeljan Rikalo)
0026767: [Widgetset] TListView..GetItemAt(X, Y) returns wrong item, if ListView is scrolled (Linux GTK2). (Zeljan Rikalo)
0026556: [IDE] LHelp flickers loading files (Reinier Olislagers)
0026489: [IDE] Out of memory (Jesus Reyes)
0026714: [LCL] Radiogroup does not updated clicked button when in non-visible TPageControl tab (Zeljan Rikalo)
0026647: [LazReport] LazReport should use TFileStreamUtf8 instead of TFileStream (Jesus Reyes)
0026464: [Widgetset] Qt: dragImageList does not draw image sometimes (Zeljan Rikalo)
0026586: [Widgetset] ThemeServices return wrong state images for checkbox (Zeljan Rikalo)
0026200: [Widgetset] rev45059 break anchordocking on qt widget type (Zeljan Rikalo)
0026682: [LCL] LCL: TCheckListBox triggers check state change with VK_SPACE if item is disabled (Zeljan Rikalo)
0026607: [Widgetset] Color of Panel [Qt] (Zeljan Rikalo)
0026636: [LazReport] Inconsistent error handling of TfrReport.LoadFromFile (Jesus Reyes)
0026624: [Printer] Underlined text printing bug - Linux (Jesus Reyes)
0026605: [Patch] Example fixes (Reinier Olislagers)
0026596: [Patch] Fix compilation groupedctrls.pas (Reinier Olislagers)
0023026: [Printer] Program crashes if printer units are added to project under windows 64bit (Jesus Reyes)
0026305: [IDE] Incorrect error message: Compiling project Panic: internal error: File not open (Mattias Gaertner)
0025638: [LazReport] Colors dont work from Scripts (Jesus Reyes)
0025073: [IDE] Breakpoints cause Save toolbutton to become enabled on every run (Martin Friebe)
0026103: [Widgetset] Gtk2,Qt: wrong events if key is changed in UTF8KeyPress (Zeljan Rikalo)
0025986: [Debugger] [FpDebug] Process not terminated from IDE (Joost van der Sluis)
0025853: [IDE] IDE Options -> User defined markup list handling deficiencies (Martin Friebe)
0025843: [IDE] Copy paste error (SynEdit) (Martin Friebe)
0025674: [LCL] TStringGrid: wrong Escape key processing (Jesus Reyes)
0025803: [LazReport] OnUserFunction event handler is not called for nested function (Jesus Reyes)
0025835: [LCL] StringGrids Selection Issues (Jesus Reyes)
0025810: [LCL] TStringGrid: wrong keyboard input processing (Jesus Reyes)
0024724: [LCL] Stringgrid ScrollBars, ssAuto... doesn't work correctly (Jesus Reyes)
0022438: [LCL] Changes to field-properties do not influence the IDE Save-button. (samuel herzog)
0025244: [IDE] Exception Range Check Error raised inside SynEditMarkupIfDef.pas when scrolling editor. (Martin Friebe)
0025510: [IDE] Lazbuild does not honour primary config path in lazarus.cfg (Martin Friebe)
0023339: [Printer] Carbon: Printer resolution is 72 dpi - high resolution graphics is not possible (Jesus Reyes)
0023726: [Printer] Error in Printer.Free on app finalization (Jesus Reyes)
0023859: [Printer] Runtime error in Printer.Free on program finalization at Win32 (Jesus Reyes)
0024959: [Printer] PrintDialog does not set Copies and Colate properties (Jesus Reyes)
0025359: [Widgetset] Parented Window is not position relative to parent window with Cocoa Widgetset (Dmitry Boyarintsev)
0025366: [LCL] Crash in decoding RLE4 bitmaps in intfgraphics.pas (Marc Weustink)
0022048: [LCL] Component Hints do not respect BiDiMode (Bart Broersma)
0025099: [LCL] Lazarus trunk r42989 : SIGSEGV in grids.pas at TCustomGrid.Focused. (Jesus Reyes)
0025166: [LCL] [TValueListEditor] Exception 'EStringListError' : List index (1) out of bounds. (Bart Broersma)
0025188: [Debugger] [patch] FpDbgDwarf. Some log messages missed during LoadAbbrevs (Martin Friebe)
0025144: [LCL] TValueListEditor List index out of bounds (Bart Broersma)
0025127: [LCL] Excessive cell button click in Grid component (Jesus Reyes)
0025074: [IDE] Checking/unchecking language exceptions does not mark the project as modified (Martin Friebe)
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