Released 2015-04-20
0026957: [LCL] TCustomGrid: Application.Hint not set when using CellHints (Bart Broersma)
0026865: [LCL] Some important TMaskEdit methods don't work anymore (Bart Broersma)
0027845: [IDE] "&OK" displayed in the IDE configuration assistant (Maxim Ganetsky)
0009366: [Documentation] TStrings implementation in combo objects - TObject not working (Bart Broersma)
0027548: [LazReport] LazReport - updated polish translaction (Maxim Ganetsky)
0026688: [LCL] DefaultTranslator patch (Maxim Ganetsky)
0026631: [LCL] On demand localization instead of forced at init section in DefaultTranslator (Maxim Ganetsky)
0026799: [LCL] Minor source cleanup in menus.pp (Maxim Ganetsky)
0026616: [LCL] New lines produce fuzzy noise in updated PO files (Maxim Ganetsky)
0026527: [LCL] In Lazarus PO translation mode: Strings marked as FUZZY are displayed. (Maxim Ganetsky)
0026585: [IDE] Components dlg: bottom panel has unneeded frame (Maxim Ganetsky)
0025511: [Database Components] Example of using image for sqlite Database (Maxim Ganetsky)
0025409: [Widgetset] TOpenDialog and TSaveDialog dialogs doesn't work (is not implemented) in Cocoa widgetset (Paul Ishenin)
0025362: [Widgetset] Cocoa Widgetset hangs in endless loop once TEdit becomes focus (Paul Ishenin)
0026544: [IDE] Some actualization of French .po's for Lazarus 1.3 (Maxim Ganetsky)
0012155: [LCL] TEditButton aligns incorrect (glyph is not taken into account) (Bart Broersma)
0027028: [Widgetset] Range check in TWin32WidgetSet.DrawText (Jesus Reyes)
0027652: [IDE] Trivial/ Ru text (Maxim Ganetsky)
0027878: [IDE] French translation (following V) (Maxim Ganetsky)
0027874: [IDE] French translation (following IV) (Maxim Ganetsky)
0027585: [LCL] Translation of lclstrconsts.po (french) (Maxim Ganetsky)
0027587: [IDE] New translation of (french) (Maxim Ganetsky)
0027834: [IDE] new (and complete) tranlations for Lazarus - French language (Maxim Ganetsky)
0027846: [IDE] French translation (following) (Maxim Ganetsky)
0027863: [IDE] French translation (following III) (Maxim Ganetsky)
0026500: [IDE] Untranslatable strings in EditorToolBar settings (Maxim Ganetsky)
0027786: [LCL] Make property Columns on TShellListView public (ShellCtrls unit) (Bart Broersma)
0027780: [IDE] AV in compare files (Bart Broersma)
0027694: [IDE] Incorrect dlg showing "Procedure list" (Bart Broersma)
0027640: [LCL] ShellTreeView add few events (Delphi compatibility) (Bart Broersma)
0027591: [LCL] ShellTreeView error message on startup (Bart Broersma)
0027583: [IDE] Trivial/ russ lng (Maxim Ganetsky)
0027546: [IDE] Translation for (Maxim Ganetsky)
0024695: [LCL] CheckListBox: space bar events - incompatibility with Delphi (Bart Broersma)
0027478: [LCL] French translation of LCL (end) (Maxim Ganetsky)
0027423: [LCL] French translation of LCL (Maxim Ganetsky)
0027397: [LCL] TColorListBox colors listing (Bart Broersma)
0027339: [LazReport] lazreport: function argument editor is not translatable (Maxim Ganetsky)
0027340: [LazReport] lazreport: editor options are not translatable (Maxim Ganetsky)
0027338: [Patch] lazreport: addfunction typo (Maxim Ganetsky)
0027295: [LCL] Arbitrarily appears previously closed Form with the setting property PopupParent (Maxim Ganetsky)
0025512: [Widgetset] Compilation for WinCE broken by revision 43069 (graphics.pp) (Paul Ishenin)
0027126: [Other] Example lazfreetype don't work (Bart Broersma)
0026839: [IDE] [regression] Broken items selection in "Search Results" window (Mattias Gaertner)
0026595: [IDE] [regression] "List index out of bounds" error in messages window (Mattias Gaertner)
0026423: [IDE] Recent changes in resourcestring format has lead to incompatible format arguments in several po files. (Maxim Ganetsky)
0026565: [Other] Hungarian translation update (2014.aug.05) (Maxim Ganetsky)
0026479: [Database] Suggested addition of SQLite Demonstration for the Examples folder (Maxim Ganetsky)
0026502: [LazReport] Untranslatable menu entry in LazReport designer: "Data inspector" (Maxim Ganetsky)
0026503: [LazReport] Untranslatable form in LazReport designer: "Insert Expression" (Maxim Ganetsky)
0026499: [IDE] Untranslatable strings in "New ..." (Maxim Ganetsky)
0026144: [Other] Hungarian translation (2014.May.11.) (Maxim Ganetsky)
0026425: [Other] Hungarian translation update (2014.Jul.29) (Maxim Ganetsky)
0026434: [IDE] Not translatable: "Remove .. items from project?" (Maxim Ganetsky)
0026198: [Patch] xmlresourcefile.pas twice (double content) (Maxim Ganetsky)
0026228: [LazDataDesktop] EResNotFound: Resource "ddconnection" not found (Maxim Ganetsky)
0026171: [LCL] New TCustomEditBtn does not handle EditingDone from the Edit (Bart Broersma)
0026051: [IDE] Moves the code window after changing the active tab (Martin Friebe)
0026071: [LCL] TEditButton.ButtonOnlyWhenFocused (Bart Broersma)
0026062: [LCL] property ParentColor of TCustomEditButton (Bart Broersma)
0026057: [LCL] property OnKeyDown of TCustomEditButton not correct (Bart Broersma)
0026050: [LCL] TCustomEditButton.EditKeyPress should be virtual (Bart Broersma)
0025985: [LCL] Set TFileNameEdit.Text doesn't set Filename (Buttonedit change) (Bart Broersma)
0025998: [LCL] TFileNameEdit OnKeyDown does not trigger (Bart Broersma)
0025975: [LCL] In the object TCustomEditButton no methods and properties (Bart Broersma)
0025991: [LCL] TDateEdit has no method Clear (Bart Broersma)
0025847: [LCL] TStringGrid in edit cell mode: error sound when pressing Escape key on a form with TButton.Cancel=True (Jesus Reyes)
0025802: [LazReport] Report does not respect Orientation (poLandscape) when printed (Jesus Reyes)
0025458: [LCL] Memory leak on empty strings in function TWidgetSet.DrawText (fix attached) (Paul Ishenin)
0025430: [Database] Add MySQL 5.6 Connection component to sqlDB palette (Maxim Ganetsky)
0025460: [Packages] on x86 and others, trunk FPC fails to build trunk Lazarus (linking cairo-gobject) (Maxim Ganetsky)
0025450: [LCL] Text direction in TCheckList is incorrect when BiDiMode<>bdLeftToRight (Maxim Ganetsky)
0023703: [IDE] On SPARC, crash at startup (Martin Friebe)
0025336: [LCL] BitBlt in cocoa behaves differnt than with the win32 and carbon widgetset (Paul Ishenin)
0025305: [IDE] code editor lockup. (Martin Friebe)
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