Released 2017-02-15
0028748: [Compiler] Adding Double to Currency - wrong result (Yuriy Sydorov)
0031767: [Packages] gtk_file_chooser_get_filename vs. gtk_file_chooser_get_filename_utf8 (Michael Van Canneyt)
0031420: [Documentation] Packrecords Alignment:The default alignment (which can be selected with DEFAULT) is natural alignment, contrary to Turbo Pascal, (Michael Van Canneyt)
0028749: [Compiler] Internal error 200307043 for adding double expression to currency (Yuriy Sydorov)
0028895: [RTL] feature request for DisposeAndNil (follow-up on 28891) (Michael Van Canneyt)
0029870: [RTL] Possible Problem with UNIX file attributes in SysUtils.FindFirst? (Michael Van Canneyt)
0030906: [Packages] Fcl-json: use inline (Michael Van Canneyt)
0032281: [Documentation] documentation of break and continue is not consistent (Michael Van Canneyt)
0031954: [Documentation] Incorrect conversion from local time to UTC (Michael Van Canneyt)
0031294: [Packages] fcl-passrc fails "short" methods impl in delphi mode (Michael Van Canneyt)
0030883: [Documentation] process.runcommandindir return value not documented for one overloaded case (Michael Van Canneyt)
0017964: [Documentation] FCL-res documentation not included (Michael Van Canneyt)
0031197: [RTL] SysErrorMessage crashes whith HeapTrace enabled (fpc 3.0.2rc1). (Jonas Maebe)
0030591: [FCL] SIGSEGV in FpcUnit TestCast (Michael Van Canneyt)
0028669: [Compiler] Android 6.0 reject (crash) app with text relocations (Yuriy Sydorov)
0030331: [RTL] fd file descriptor in Fpopendir in rtl/linux/ overflows if > 32*1024 (Marco van de Voort)
0029037: [RTL] StrToCurr('-922337203685477.5808') raises exception for lowest currency value on Win64 (Michael Van Canneyt)
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