Released 2016-02-01
0030454: [LCL] TStringGrid copy selection bug, when cell in last column in selected range is empty. (Jesus Reyes)
0030556: [LCL] TStringGrid empty cells does not replace cells with data when copy and paste one empty cell or one column with empty cell. (Jesus Reyes)
0029877: [Database Components] DBGrid onDblClick event (Jesus Reyes)
0030078: [IDE] Textual description (and translations too perhaps) of editor bookmarks could be more coherent (Martin Friebe)
0029698: [Installer] installer does not install windres.exe (Martin Friebe)
0027467: [LCL] TTabControl.IndexOfTabAt() always returns -1 (Michl)
0024711: [IDE] Stay-On-Top Helper Windows (Ondrej Pokorny)
0031247: [LCL] LCL TComboBox: modifier key triggers dropdown list (Michl)
0030892: [LCL] Clipping Region Error in TCustomGrid Descendents (Windows only) (Jesus Reyes)
0030013: [Other] i18n do not translate TDBGrid TColumn.Title.Caption (Jesus Reyes)
0030367: [LazReport] Multi-Column report - column widths incorrectly calculated (Jesus Reyes)
0029763: [IDE] TDBGrid.Columns.Title.Caption do not save to LRT file, not save to PO file and not translate (Jesus Reyes)
0031586: [LCL] TMemo disappers after executing .BorderStyle:=bsNone; in .FormResize routine (Michl)
0030698: [Packages] ActionList sets Enabled to False for actions with SpartaDockedFormEditor installed. (Michl)
0031268: [LCL] StringGrid Painting issue (Jesus Reyes)
0029824: [LCL] TTabControl TabWidth and TabHeigh work wrong (Michl)
0024022: [LCL] TTabControl (Drag and Drop) don't work (Michl)
0010587: [LCL] D7 compatibility: AllocPatternBitmap not defined in Graphics (Bart Broersma)
0008665: [LCL] TMemo methods scroll the control (Michl)
0030392: [LazReport] Lazreport not saving last property used in inspector object. (Jesus Reyes)
0031155: [LazReport] Patch for lrcodereport. (Jesus Reyes)
0022132: [LCL] TStringGrid.PaintTo() doesn't work (Juha Manninen)
0029132: [IDE] ListView Column Width always changing (Michl)
0016140: [LCL] TMemo Text Flickers wild on Sizing (Michl)
0030607: [LCL] TStringGrid empty cells does not replace cells with data when copy and paste one empty cell (Jesus Reyes)
0030608: [LCL] TStringGrid when FixedRow = 0 instead of the data copied the title (Jesus Reyes)
0030459: [Patch] [Enhancement] ComponentList: On Enter the selected component is added to the Designer (Ondrej Pokorny)
0029982: [IDE] Code Editor hints completely broken (regression, FPC 2.6.4) (Felipe Monteiro de Carvalho)
0028816: [LCL] dbgrid cellhint (Jesus Reyes)
0030345: [LazReport] PageHeader band should appear before ReportTitle band (Jesus Reyes)
0030206: [LazReport] Removing a memo object leaves phantom object with no name. (Jesus Reyes)
0021943: [LCL] TNotebook.TabStop:= False does not work (Ondrej Pokorny)
0029978: [Widgetset] Sub-panel aligned in MDI form affects alignment/viewport of MDI children area. (Zeljan Rikalo)
0029967: [Other] TTIGrid with FixedCols=0 does not draw property names in the column headers (Jesus Reyes)
0029966: [LazReport] Lazarus 1.6 will not display generated by the Report Lazarus 1.4 (Jesus Reyes)
0029890: [LazReport] LazReport Memo field word wrap is false at rotate (Jesus Reyes)
0027771: [LCL] Position "screen center" don't give vert-center (Ondrej Pokorny)
0029403: [LazReport] Missing functions in lists Editor LazReport (Jesus Reyes)
0013245: [IDE] Ctrl+click on a function/procedure should move to body, not declration (Ondrej Pokorny)
0029534: [IDE] Scroll jumps in editor when code folding (Martin Friebe)
0028096: [Packages] AnchorDockingdsgn drive IDE into WM_Size Loop Detected (Ondrej Pokorny)
0029429: [IDE] Docking the Assembler window results in it to be no longer useable (Ondrej Pokorny)
0029184: [IDE] Desktop with anchor docking on secondary display jumps to primary display on next launch. (Ondrej Pokorny)
0029149: [LCL] TCustomComboBox: Support Windows Message CB_SETDROPPEDWIDTH (Ondrej Pokorny)
0016458: [Widgetset] GTK2 = SetScrollInfo makes hidden scrollbar visible (differs from w32 widgetset) (Martin Friebe)
0031331: [LCL] Combobox: cannot select text by shift+left/right (Autodropdown) (Michl)
0030137: [IDE] RegisterIDEButtonCommand from unit ToolBarIntf does'nt link onClick event to the new toolbutton created (Ondrej Pokorny)
0029530: [IDE] idecommands crash, when closing options dlg [Lazarus stops responding and "dies" when Brackets highlight] (Martin Friebe)
0031520: [IDE] ItemsTreeview in dialog TNewOtherDialog too narrow, window size not persistent (Juha Manninen)
0031226: [LCL] [TCustomGrid] OnHeaderSized event does not always fire (Jesus Reyes)
0027638: [IDE] Top position of Form Designer depend of top position of Object Inspector (Juha Manninen)
0031631: [LCL] TDBGrid: (dgMultiSelect in Options) and (not DataSet.Active) and LeftMouseDown = Exception (Jesus Reyes)
0031375: [LCL] TDBGrid shows some rows repeated with TSQLQuery (Ondrej Pokorny)
0031457: [LazReport] Bug fixes and improvements for LazReport (Jesus Reyes)
0031479: [LCL] Spartadockedformeditor always disables TActions for controls on form (Michl)
0025448: [LCL] GetFormImage supplies black Bitmap (Michl)
0031309: [LCL] Combobox: Backspace deviation (Michl)
0031308: [LCL] Combobox: Left-arrow deviation (Michl)
0030904: [IDE] Empty component pallete page when selected with pallete drop-down form (Bart Broersma)
0031270: [Patch] TabOrder dialog - add possibility to sort tab orders for all child controls recursively. (Juha Manninen)
0031061: [Patch] DBGrid - Implement dgRowMove (Jesus Reyes)
0031163: [IDE] Menu Editor: in Windows XP (with XP style) top items of TMainMenu are invisible (except selected) (Michl)
0031028: [LCL] Error when using component SetFocus property in an OnShow event of a TabSeet (wp)
0025868: [LCL] Groupbox hides contained Label when Groupbox.Caption is changed (Ondrej Pokorny)
0030913: [LCL] texthint bug (Bart Broersma)
0029310: [LCL] When resizing a form, wrong ClientHeight is retrieved (increased by MainMenu height) (Ondrej Pokorny)
       0029308: [IDE] flick on IDE window resize if anchordockingdsgn installed (Ondrej Pokorny)
0030077: [Debugger] Option of copying from mouse over window when debugging (Martin Friebe)
0030604: [Patch] make FOnMousLink and FOnClickLink protected (Martin Friebe)
0030600: [Patch] BeforeKeyUpHandler for TCustomSynEdit (Martin Friebe)
0030605: [Packages] [SynEdit] fMarkupManger.TextChanged gets called with indices instead of linenumbers (Martin Friebe)
0030684: [IDE] Editor exception on paster-then-undo text with compiler directive (Martin Friebe)
0029235: [Packages] [REG,SYNEDIT] TSynCompletion problem dut to use of highlighter property IdentChars (Ondrej Pokorny)
0029441: [IDE] Acces violation when typing in the filter of the "search results" (Ondrej Pokorny)
0030012: [IDE] [FEATURE REQUEST] Source Editor: jump to the marked line by clicking on it (Martin Friebe)
0030044: [LCL] wrong reaction to pressing the esc key in stringgrid cell editor (Jesus Reyes)
0028770: [LazReport] LazReport Designer in Windows does not save the last directory (Jesus Reyes)
0028743: [LCL] Fix result of DBGrid.MyCompareBookmarks (Jesus Reyes)
0030364: [LCL] We need public "MoveExtend()" in the Grid (Jesus Reyes)
0030337: [LCL] The grid ignore the first "EditorMode:=true" (Jesus Reyes)
0030346: [LazReport] In LazReport designer selecting a color is broken (Jesus Reyes)
0023173: [LCL] Events of TStringGrid (Jesus Reyes)
0028919: [LCL] DBGrid OnTitleClick and OnCellClick malfunction (Jesus Reyes)
0030335: [LCL] The grid ignore the first "Delete" key press. (Jesus Reyes)
0030332: [LCL] Add FixedGridLineColor property to TCustomGrid (Jesus Reyes)
0030061: [LCL] DBGrid - Autosize column with double click on the columns splitter (Jesus Reyes)
0030256: [LazReport] This patch fix error on export from lazreport and scripts (Jesus Reyes)
0030209: [LCL] TGridColumn .Tag and TListColumn.Tag should be declared as PtrInt, not Integer (Ondrej Pokorny)
0028889: [Database Components] Last Column in a DBGrid not scrollable (Jesus Reyes)
0028059: [IDE] Options changed through "Change Build Mode" CoolBar button isn't respected by the compiler (Ondrej Pokorny)
0030057: [LCL] Grid-save-to-csv issues related to VisibleColumnsOnly (Jesus Reyes)
0029691: [LCL] TCustomGrid Column.SizePriority wouldn't be saved correct (Jesus Reyes)
0029695: [LazUtils] Function "CopyDirTree" is not working anymore in 1.6 (Bart Broersma)
0029842: [LCL] Error on click to DBGrid after last collumn (Jesus Reyes)
0029813: [LCL] Error on enter data to dataset with DBGrid (Jesus Reyes)
0029802: [LCL] Click on DBGrid's empty area fire not needed events (OnCellClick, OnTitleClick) (Jesus Reyes)
0029490: [IDE] Clicking in gutter does not always select the line (Martin Friebe)
0028875: [IDE] [Codetools] Advanced records and class operators : Doing "Complete Code" gives "Error: procedure redefined (first at X,Y)" (Ondrej Pokorny)
0029445: [LCL] Empty window after minimize and restore (Ondrej Pokorny)
0029420: [LCL] [patch] grid fix for offset bug (Ondrej Pokorny)
0029379: [LCL] Building for qtopia is not working (Zeljan Rikalo)
0029328: [Packages] sparta docked designer and menu editor AVs (Maciej Izak)
0029362: [IDE] [New menu editor, sparta]: IDE crashes when double-clicking a menu item to create default event (Maciej Izak)
0029038: [Packages] [sparta_dockedformeditor]: Ctrl+Tab, Ctrl+Shift+Tab does not work in docked designer (Ondrej Pokorny)
0029042: [Packages] [sparta_dockedformeditor]: when activating Lazarus IDE with Alt+Tab on Win, it doesn't show (Ondrej Pokorny)
0029257: [Packages] sparta_DockedFormEditor: localization support (patch) (Maciej Izak)
0029201: [IDE] Sparta docked form editor was broken by r50644 (Ondrej Pokorny)
0018538: [Other] Under certain configurations docked windows, lower window arbitrarily increasing its height (Juha Manninen)
0029298: [Packages] Docked window height changes when changing the dock site width (Ondrej Pokorny)
0029243: [LCL] [Patch] Wrong Alignment in TCustomGrid for Editor with Columns (Ondrej Pokorny)
0029261: [LCL] Wrong value posted to dataset after cancelling edit by Esc-key in DbGrid (Ondrej Pokorny)
0029252: [IDE] [IdeIntf] ImageList Editor - new button "Replace" and other small changes (Ondrej Pokorny)
0029253: [LCL] Qt: when dialog with PopupParent is shown and you select another form (not PopupParent), the dialog is hidden (Zeljan Rikalo)
0029237: [LCL] r50847 broke grid's RowSelect behavior (Ondrej Pokorny)
0029202: [LCL] F2 key fails to activate proper inplace editor in TStringGrid (Ondrej Pokorny)
0023016: [Other] Highlights matching tags in SynHighlighterHTML (Martin Friebe)
0029126: [IDE] IDE Editor(SynEdit) problem with IME (Martin Friebe)
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