Released 2016-10-16
0037095: [Compiler] $UNITPATH directive misinterprets relative paths (Jonas Maebe)
0036934: [Compiler] Internal error 2002090904 when compiling BGRABitmap on ppc64le (Jonas Maebe)
0036198: [Installer] Binary installer from sourceforge will not link again libX11 for 64 bit Mac OS programs. (Jonas Maebe)
0035149: [Compiler] Revision 40785 breaks sizeof call for nested vars (Jonas Maebe)
0034055: [Compiler] elements of arrays indexed by an enumerated type cannot be accessed using the enumerated type's elements (Jonas Maebe)
0034821: [Compiler] Internal error 2011010304 (Jonas Maebe)
0034971: [Compiler] bitpacked keyword calculates wrong bitSizeOf for border case number ranges (Jonas Maebe)
0036351: [FCL] fpSimpleXMLExport encoding = "ISO 8859-1" (Michael Van Canneyt)
0036424: [Installer] Cannot install on Mac Catalina (Jonas Maebe)
0037287: [Utilities] zipper au moyen de zipper.pp un fichier individuel plus gros que FFFFFFFF rend l'archive inutilisable (Marco van de Voort)
0037172: [RTL] fixes_3_2: Identifier not found "AT_SYMLINK_NOFOLLOW" (Michael Van Canneyt)
0037018: [Compiler] Internal error 2017040701 when compiling BGRABitmap on ppc64le (Jonas Maebe)
0036933: [Compiler] Cocoa procedure setDocumentView has changing implementation (Jonas Maebe)
0012974: [Compiler] FPC can't catch windows exceptions (av's) in a try/except in a dll call (Joost van der Sluis)
0029668: [Packages] darwin: cocoaint appkit/ missing instance methods (Jonas Maebe)
0036450: [Compiler] DragonFly patch for building compiler. (Florian)
0036395: [Compiler] Building for ARM with a sysroot (-XR) results in a crashing app. (Florian)
0036197: [Installer] The installer encountered the following error: Compilation of "BuildUnit_fcl_json.pp" failed (Michael Van Canneyt)
0034851: [RTL] TBits.OpenBit (Marco van de Voort)
0035369: [RTL] The GDI function GetDCBrushColor is missing (Marco van de Voort)
0035368: [RTL] The GDI function GetDCPenColor is missing. (Marco van de Voort)
0033607: [Compiler] arm64: Incorrect record member value when returned from a function (Jonas Maebe)
0033666: [Compiler] Assigning one character to ANSI string gives wrong .ascii output (Jonas Maebe)
0021868: [Utilities] fpmake terminates while clean repo (Joost van der Sluis)
0034586: [Documentation] sizOf(boolean16) = 2 (Michael Van Canneyt)
0034158: [RTL] function ExecuteProcess not working with Unicodestring (Marco van de Voort)
0033880: [Packages] Serial.SerWrite( ... var Buffer ...) - parameter declared as VAR, but must be CONST (Michael Van Canneyt)
0032962: [Database] When trying to enter a TBufDataset.IndexName in Design Time, it disappears. (Michael Van Canneyt)
0032136: [Packages] Generics.Collections.TObjectList does not free the item on assignment Items[I] := xxx (Michael Van Canneyt)
0037040: [Packages] Missing $ from cocoaint's CocoaAll.pas (Jonas Maebe)
0035566: [Compiler] dwarf-3 for widestring (rev 42039, 42038) is wrong (Sven Barth)
0035671: [Compiler] Enable range check for Delphi-mode (Jonas Maebe)
0034442: [Compiler] Error: (1026) Compilation raised exception internally (Jonas Maebe)
0033875: [Compiler] Compiler recently began to fail resolving overloaded functional call for UnicodeString and WideChar (Jonas Maebe)
0028756: [Compiler] Enable Win32 SEH by default (Joost van der Sluis)
0037135: [Compiler] Merge r43880 and r44093 to 3.2 (Marco van de Voort)
0036273: [Compiler] Command line overflow for macOS with ld (Jonas Maebe)
0036420: [Packages] Cocoa - when using context functions in Lazarus IDE: operator missing (+patch) (Jonas Maebe)
0036631: [Compiler] Mode Delphi allows .[index] for TArray while Delphi doesn't (Sven Barth)
0036361: [FCL] csvdocument should used buffered filereader (Michael Van Canneyt)
0036247: [Packages] chmcmd (Marco van de Voort)
0036345: [Compiler] Error in linker script when building with sysroot. (Florian)
0034543: [Compiler] for loop Error: range check error while evaluating constants (Florian)
0036126: [Installer] does not include fpc.exe (comand line compiler) (Pierre Muller)
0035994: [Packages] CocoaInt: NSMutableDictionary is difficult to use with new headers (Jonas Maebe)
0034786: [Compiler] Fatal: Internal error 200108231 - compiling of Lazarus breaks (Florian)
0033535: [FCL] [FCL-WEB] FCL-Web Application generates Memory Leaks (Michael Van Canneyt)
0033399: [Packages] fpreport: TFPReport.Clear doesn't clear bands and elements (Michael Van Canneyt)
0033338: [Packages] FPReport designer: Group header band with ReprintedHeader set to rsPage freezes designer (Michael Van Canneyt)
0032473: [Packages] fcl-image feature request: make load of freetyp library dynamicaly (Michael Van Canneyt)
0030837: [FCL] [PATCH] fcl-db/sqlite3: declare required fields (LacaK)
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