Released 2017-03-08
0032392: [LCL] Incorrect mouse position for TScrollingWinControl during DragNDrop (Michl)
0033800: [LCL] Dataset enter in "Edit" mode if there is a DBLookupComboBox (Jesus Reyes)
0027186: [LCL] TCustomDBComboBox descendents do not call "EditingDone" on CloseUp when style set to DropDownList (Jesus Reyes)
0032383: [LCL] TDbComboBox has problems to set data when item changes (Jesus Reyes)
0034213: [LazReport] issue 0029313 regressin (Jesus Reyes)
0033164: [LCL] Start editing in DataSet through DBComboBox, application closes automatically (Jesus Reyes)
0034017: [LCL] TCustomGrid: incorrect ClipRect handling with goColSpanning (Jesus Reyes)
0033734: [LCL] The DBGrid's field is filled with garbage when the focus is changed to another field. (Jesus Reyes)
0033585: [IDE] OI filter input: caret jumps to begin (Michl)
0014829: [Database] When edit a created dbfield on object inspector garbage comes for fields type blob (Jesus Reyes)
0033042: [LCL] In TDrawGrid, when UseXORFeatures property is true, no focus rectangle is shown. (Jesus Reyes)
0033415: [IDE] IDE Menu Editor bug with wrong item height (Michl)
0032878: [LCL] A patch for supporting TCanvas.Draw a TBitmap in pf8bit TBitmap.PixelFormat on windows and gtk2 (Michl)
0032779: [LCL] TPanel has the wrong color when using clDefault. (Michl)
0032548: [LazReport] Can't set DebugLogger in LazLogger.pas to nil (Martin Friebe)
0031238: [FCL] [AnchorDocking] Faulty LoadLayoutFromConfig when used second time (Michl)
0032635: [IDE] Lazarus Dialog modal windows go behind regular windows and won't come on top (Jesus Reyes)
0032641: [Patch] Ukrainian UI update (Maxim Ganetsky)
0032249: [LCL] ShowMessage dialog (and related) executed from modal dialog can hide behind the caller form (GTK2) (Jesus Reyes)
0032458: [LCL] Tab cannot go from combobox to combobox (Michl)
0026695: [LCL] ComboBox AutoComplete accepts no ItemIdex (Michl)
0032515: [LCL] GTK2: TPanel is ActiveControl (Michl)
0032419: [Patch] Ukrainian UI update (Maxim Ganetsky)
0032329: [LCL] Problems writing a cell editor for a TDBGrid (Jesus Reyes)
0032290: [Patch] Ukrainian UI update (Maxim Ganetsky)
0032212: [IDE] Procedure List: need to fix layout for gtk2 (Michl)
0032057: [LCL] FocusControl not work with DBGrid (Jesus Reyes)
0032036: [Patch] Ukrainian UI update (Maxim Ganetsky)
0024568: [IDE] IDE Crashes after changing settings in ChildSizing. (Michl)
0021394: [LCL] TComboBox have not correct vertical center by Anchor (Michl)
0030661: [LCL] TTreeView memory leak (WARNING: TResourceCacheItem.IncreaseRefCount 1000 TPenHandleCache) (Michl)
0031958: [IDE] OI don't show "default" in list of font names (Michl)
0028483: [LCL] Crash at start up - TControl.InvalidatePreferredSize loop detected (Michl)
0031681: [LCL] Non-standard scrolling behaviour on selecting in multiline treeview (Michl)
0031834: [Packages] r54525 breaks reloading of AnchorDocking layouts (Michl)
0031888: [-] (3104) Compiling externhelpfrm.pas (Michl)
0031816: [IDE] AV on closing the IDE (Michl)
0031744: [IDE] Menu designer: btn to add separator should be enabled for last item (Michl)
0021816: [LCL] Carbon: Add SW_RESTORE support to LCLIntf.ShowWindow (Zeljan Rikalo)
0019278: [LCL] W32: Pagecontrol, does show space for tabs, but no tabs in it (despite existing tabs) (Michl)
0032844: [LCL] Mouse leave event fires going into control once until you reposition opposite axes of mouse. (Ondrej Pokorny)
0033602: [LCL] patch - new methods for DBImage - compataible with delphi (Jesus Reyes)
0032943: [LCL] TDBLookupComboBox and csDropDown - restore correct ItemIndex (Jesus Reyes)
0034032: [LCL] It is inconvenient to change the width of the last column in DBGrid. (Jesus Reyes)
0033888: [LCL] TStringGrid: the cell editor is not shown when double-clicking. (Jesus Reyes)
0033874: [LCL] Speedbutton does not respond to pressing, after closing the modal form with a double click. (Michl)
0033783: [LCL] goScrollKeepVisible option does not work in TStringGrid (Jesus Reyes)
0032758: [Other] French updated PO files (Maxim Ganetsky)
0033640: [Packages] FPReport preview: Cannot zoom out after max zoom in (Michael Van Canneyt)
0033641: [Packages] FPReport preview: Printer toolbutton is disabled (Michael Van Canneyt)
0033291: [Packages] FPReport designer: Report components get stuck behind band and/or page (Michael Van Canneyt)
0033556: [LazReport] LazReport patch (Jesus Reyes)
0033351: [Packages] FPReport designer (feature request): Implement copy and paste for elements (Michael Van Canneyt)
0033526: [LCL] ALT + ANY_KEY works wrong.(TLabel.FocusControl) (Michl)
0033508: [Packages] FPReport designer: Link report data as master/detail (Michael Van Canneyt)
0033513: [Packages] fpreport designer doesn't build (Michael Van Canneyt)
0033494: [Packages] FPReport IDE designer: Open report yields AV (Michael Van Canneyt)
0033506: [Packages] FPReport designer: Modifying Report data clears all bands' Data property (Michael Van Canneyt)
0033507: [Packages] FPReport designer: Changing a report data from csv to sqldb leaves relics in the json file (Michael Van Canneyt)
0033509: [Packages] FPReport designer: Changing page name in the OI isn't immediately reflected in the tabs (Michael Van Canneyt)
0033489: [Packages] FPReport designer: Added pages name bug (Michael Van Canneyt)
0033484: [Packages] FPReport designer: Adding a page leads to a SIGSEGV (Michael Van Canneyt)
0033333: [Packages] FPReport: Bands positioning (Michael Van Canneyt)
0033456: [Packages] FPReport designer: Editing the report data yields an error (Michael Van Canneyt)
0033459: [Packages] FPReport designer: Variables initial value for numeric types uses a limited spinedit instead of editox (Michael Van Canneyt)
0033454: [Packages] FPReport designer: All variable types can have an initial value except rfkFloat (Michael Van Canneyt)
0033460: [Packages] FPReport designer: Changing variable name doesn't update the left window (Michael Van Canneyt)
0033410: [IDE] [Patch][IDEIntf] Register a property editor for TFileName properties (wp)
0033325: [Packages] FPReport IDE designer: Opening a report saved with the standalone designer doesn't strip the design data (Michael Van Canneyt)
0033282: [Packages] TFPJSONReport loading and running a saved report (Michael Van Canneyt)
0033383: [IDE] SHIFT click to select a range doesn't work in Object Inspector (Michl)
0033355: [Packages] FPReport designer: Moving a memo from band to band doesn't update the report structure (Michael Van Canneyt)
0033397: [Packages] FPReport designer: New page footer positions itself above all bands (Michael Van Canneyt)
0033378: [Packages] FPReport designer: Changing the font of a band or the page will affect the band name on top of the that band (Michael Van Canneyt)
0033362: [Packages] FPReport designer: Add option to shrink the band to exactly accommodate its elements (Michael Van Canneyt)
0033395: [Packages] TFPJSONReport component editor: Save and Load bugs (Michael Van Canneyt)
0033350: [Packages] TFPJSONReport IDE designer (feature request): Import and export functionality (Michael Van Canneyt)
0033366: [Packages] FPReport designer: Group header bands order (Michael Van Canneyt)
0033359: [Packages] FPReport designer: Add option to align dialogue to align to right or left of parent band (Michael Van Canneyt)
0033365: [Packages] FPReport designer: prevent circular references in ParentGroupHeader (Michael Van Canneyt)
0033360: [Packages] FPReport designer: Add option to resize dialogue to resize to size of parent band (Michael Van Canneyt)
0033352: [Packages] FPReport designer: Resize toolbutton horizontal/vertical mixup (Michael Van Canneyt)
0033376: [Packages] FPReport designer: Font issues part 2 (Michael Van Canneyt)
0033367: [Packages] FPReport designer: Set focus to its editor upon double click a memo (Michael Van Canneyt)
0033379: [Packages] FPReport designer: New elements don't inherit font properties (Michael Van Canneyt)
0033382: [Packages] FPReport designer: Bands don't inherit the pages properties (Michael Van Canneyt)
0033278: [Packages] FPReport designer: Font properties are not applied correctly (Michael Van Canneyt)
0033375: [Packages] FPReport designer: Automatic renaming of elements with duplicate names doesn't set the modified flag (Michael Van Canneyt)
0033371: [Packages] FPReport designer: Add PageCount to the built-in variables list (Michael Van Canneyt)
0033294: [LCL] Pressing RETURN in the last row of the BDGRid the focus stay in the last collumn (Michl)
0033353: [Packages] FPReport designer: Align and resize dialogue are not implemented (Michael Van Canneyt)
0033264: [Packages] FPReport designer (feature request): Aggregates (Michael Van Canneyt)
0033315: [Packages] FPReport designer: Databand loses its data property upon opening the Report data form and pressing ok (Michael Van Canneyt)
0033335: [Packages] FPReport designer: Group footer band's GroupHeader doesn't list any entry (Michael Van Canneyt)
0033324: [Packages] FPReport IDE designer: Ghost pages upon opening a TFPReport (Michael Van Canneyt)
0033328: [Packages] FPReport IDE designer: Saving a report doesn't reset the modified flag (Michael Van Canneyt)
0033332: [Packages] FPReport designer: Deleting a band doesn't set the modified flag (Michael Van Canneyt)
0033327: [Packages] FPReport IDE designer: Report preview doesn't unprepare the report once finished (Michael Van Canneyt)
0033284: [Packages] FPReport designer: 2 bands can have the same childband (Michael Van Canneyt)
0033281: [LCL] When the field is selected in DBGrid, the value is not set. (Jesus Reyes)
0033326: [Packages] FPReport IDE designer: Loading a report from file and exiting the designer can change the TFRReport component name (Michael Van Canneyt)
0033320: [Packages] FPReport designer: Preview lacks Goto 1st and Last arrow buttons (Michael Van Canneyt)
0033309: [Packages] FPReport designer: Crash on New/Load report (Michael Van Canneyt)
0033287: [Packages] FPReport IDE designer: Modified flag starts on the wrong foot (Michael Van Canneyt)
0033283: [Packages] FPReport: Remove fpjsonreport.pp from lazarus fpreport folder (Michael Van Canneyt)
0033275: [Packages] FPReport designer (feature request): Add a 4th tab in the right side window with report built-in variables (Michael Van Canneyt)
0033280: [Packages] FPReport designer: Opening a report adds the same functions again and again to the functions list (Michael Van Canneyt)
0033276: [Packages] FPReport designer: Save report bug (Michael Van Canneyt)
0033262: [Packages] FPReport designer: TFPReportFrame issues (Michael Van Canneyt)
0033261: [Packages] FPReport designer: Font cannot be specified (Michael Van Canneyt)
0033274: [Packages] FPReport designer: Adding a memo to a report may add many page 0 instances (Michael Van Canneyt)
0033259: [Packages] FPReport designer (feature request): Implement formats in TFPReportMemo (Michael Van Canneyt)
0033271: [Packages] FPReport designer: Modified flag in status bar doesn't change (Michael Van Canneyt)
0033268: [Packages] FPReport designer: Saving a report adds data pages (Michael Van Canneyt)
0033267: [Packages] FPReport designer: Opening a report with non existing data file references fails (Michael Van Canneyt)
0033269: [Packages] FPReport designer: ChildDataBand can have itself as its child (Michael Van Canneyt)
0033258: [Packages] FPReport designer (feature request): Implement Save As feature (Michael Van Canneyt)
0033253: [Packages] FPReport designer: MRU list doesn't put last opened/saved report on top (Michael Van Canneyt)
0033260: [Packages] FPReport designer: Modifying memo text doesn't set the modified flag (Michael Van Canneyt)
0033256: [Packages] FPReport designer: Creating a new report doesn't reset the name (Michael Van Canneyt)
0033266: [Packages] FPReport designer: Adding page doesn't set the modified flag (Michael Van Canneyt)
0033247: [Packages] FPReport designer: Impossible to assign a Data property in the OI (Michael Van Canneyt)
0033248: [Packages] FPReport designer: Relationship between bands cannot be set (Michael Van Canneyt)
0033236: [Packages] FPReport designer (feature request): Test connection in report data doesn't give feedback for success (Michael Van Canneyt)
0033239: [Packages] FPReport designer: designer asks to save an already saved report before exiting (Michael Van Canneyt)
0033240: [Packages] FPReport designer: Resaving a loaded report will ask for the filename (Michael Van Canneyt)
0033251: [Packages] FPReport designer: Bands overlap when added (Michael Van Canneyt)
0033235: [Packages] FPReport designer: Resizing 0 size memo freezes designer (Michael Van Canneyt)
0033237: [Packages] FPReport designer: opening a saved report will freeze the designer on exit (Michael Van Canneyt)
0033249: [Packages] FPReport designer: Added bands don't show immediately in the report structure (Michael Van Canneyt)
0033246: [Packages] FPReport designer: Naming a memo will still show it in the report structure (OI) as unnamed element (Michael Van Canneyt)
0033244: [Packages] FPReport designer: Toolbuttons have no hints & missing items (Michael Van Canneyt)
0033245: [Packages] FPReport designer: Naming a band hides its class/type (Michael Van Canneyt)
0033250: [Packages] FPReport designer: Added child data bands show up as Column footer bands (Michael Van Canneyt)
0033234: [Packages] FPReport designer: Add page SIGSEGV (Michael Van Canneyt)
0032919: [IDE] Components with published properties of type "interface" does not work, Access violation in IDE (Michl)
0033196: [LCL] after rev 57301 on windows not work OnKeyDown for press Enter (Michl)
0032375: [IDE] IDE crashes after putting a activex control on form (Michl)
0032870: [Packages] Pas2js designer does not pickup custom path towards pas2js compiler. (Michael Van Canneyt)
0032863: [LCL] TNotebook always fires OnBeforeShow for pages when it's destroyed (Michl)
0032806: [IDE] IDE Brazilian portuguese language files updates (Maxim Ganetsky)
0032787: [IDE] IDE Brazilian portuguese language files updates (Maxim Ganetsky)
0032763: [Other] OnLinePackageManager: regenerated translations + updated Hungarian translation (Maxim Ganetsky)
0032766: [IDE] TMenu: Access violation on adding from menu templates (Michl)
0032693: [TAChart] Modifing ChartBarSeries.Marks.Attachment=maCenter property. (wp)
0032628: [Patch] [Patches] High-DPI icons (Michl)
0032533: [LCL] TDateEdit/TTimeEdit controls break the tab order (Michl)
0032527: [Widgetset] Cannot hide TPanel from TForm.OnCreate after HandleNeeded() (Michl)
0032595: [Patch] [Patches] High-DPI icons: Improving of previous icons (Michl)
0032593: [LCL] GTK2: Set TPanel visible to false on nonvisual TabSheet doesn't work (Michl)
0032529: [Patch] [Patches] High-DPI icons: Improving of some previous icons (Michl)
0032508: [Patch] [Patches] High-DPI icons (Michl)
0032507: [Other] French updated PO files (Maxim Ganetsky)
0032493: [Patch] [Patches] High-DPI icons (Michl)
0032454: [Patch] High-DPI icons (Michl)
0032456: [Other] French updated PO files (Maxim Ganetsky)
0031276: [LCL] Set Font.Size in FormCreate cause scaled twice (Michl)
0032431: [Patch] High-DPI icons (Michl)
0026971: [LazReport] Exception at application start (Jesus Reyes)
0032420: [Patch] Sorted bookmark_list.txt and laz_images_list.txt (Michl)
0032416: [Patch] [Patches] High-DPI icons: Bookmarks-3 (Michl)
0032396: [Patch] [Patches] High-DPI icons: Bookmarks-2 (Michl)
0032374: [Patch] [Patches] High-DPI icons: Bookmarks-1 (Michl)
0032319: [IDE] CLASSIC THEME with bold "DialogFieldFont" : wrong appearance, part of the text is hidden... (Michl)
0031877: [IDE] [High-DPI] Menu editor doesn't support high dpi. (Michl)
0032268: [Widgetset] Font issues at high-DPI on Gtk2 (Michl)
0032167: [Packages] Regression: Revision 55424 breaks loading default undocked desktop after removing AnchorDockingDsgn (Michl)
0032277: [IDE] Initial mainbar height wrong for Windows (Michl)
0027213: [LCL] Size of TCustomGrid ButtonStyle cbsButtonColumn isn't correct (Jesus Reyes)
0032158: [Other] Updated po files for French language (Maxim Ganetsky)
0032004: [Other] Updated po files for French language (Maxim Ganetsky)
0031880: [LCL] Changing ListView.OwnerDraw at design time caused an access violation error (Michl)
0031732: [Packages] LHelp can't handle javascript:helppopup links, but here is solution for this problem ("patch") (wp)
0031697: [Widgetset] TCheckListBox.OnSelectionChange never fires (Zeljan Rikalo)
0031595: [Widgetset] Strange behaviour on TListView onChange event (Zeljan Rikalo)
0031625: [Patch] [Patch] New icons for IDE (Ondrej Pokorny)
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