Released 2018-09-20
0030623: [LCL] TStringGrid copy/paste to/from MS Excel and OO Calc bug (Jesus Reyes)
0035563: [LCL] StringGrid cell autosize is not ok for Unicode (Jesus Reyes)
0035453: [LCL] [Patch] Grids Hints are inconsistent (Jesus Reyes)
0034951: [LCL] Memleak in TStatusBar with GTK2 (Michl)
0035202: [LCL] DBgrid does not accept translations in main form only (Jesus Reyes)
0035038: [LCL] Define DisableLCLTiff used more (Michl)
0034763: [LCL] Regression: not every TGrouBox child follows parent's "Enabled" property. (Michl)
0034508: [Packages] AnchorDocking, add an event allowing to draw a custom header (Michl)
0034306: [LCL] Double validation in TStringGrid (Jesus Reyes)
0034390: [LCL] MouseMoveEvent in DBGrid (Jesus Reyes)
0025966: [LCL] InputBox dialog is to wide on a Windows CE device (LacaK)
0023345: [Widgetset] Tedit autoselect on winCE is always ON. (LacaK)
0033866: [Widgetset] gtk2: Pen pattern depends on line length (Jesus Reyes)
0035096: [LCL] Flat TStringGrid do not redraw when form resize. (Jesus Reyes)
0035249: [Database Components] fix form size for NewField dialog (Jesus Reyes)
0034890: [LCL] Drawing the indicator in flat TDBGrid (Jesus Reyes)
0035206: [LazUtils] FileUtils produces error compiling trunk on Windows (Bart Broersma)
0034987: [Patch] [Patches] Assigning icons to four items of source editor menu. (Michl)
0035036: [LazUtils] Wrong offsets in free type font subclips (Michl)
0035032: [LCL] Missing TFPImageFreeTypeDrawer.DrawGlyph (Michl)
0035035: [LCL] TLazIntfImage.Create() doesn't create data - it is not usable without the SetSize call (Michl)
0035018: [LCL] The builded EXE crashes before the formular is showing (Michl)
0034347: [Packages] AnchorDocking feature (new button: size reduction of the panel) (Michl)
0034680: [Other] Regression. Printing under linux broken. (Jesus Reyes)
0034447: [IDE] Lazarus Crash in IDE Docking Mode (Michl)
0034614: [Packages] AnchorDocking: Sites can be overlapped after minimize\unminimize (Michl)
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