Released 2019-08-06
0035395: [Widgetset] Race condition in TGtk2WidgetSet (TGtkMessageQueue) (Juha Manninen)
0035635: [Other] Synedit produces an AV on saving files due to issue at left gutter (Martin Friebe)
0035562: [LCL] Memleak in TCustomIcon.AssignImage (Martin Friebe)
0035372: [LCL] Tbitmap.LoadFromRawImage creates memory leaks of image size. (Martin Friebe)
0035891: [Other] Updated hungarian translation for fixes and trunk (r.61624) (Maxim Ganetsky)
0035649: [IDE] "Run without debugging" ,parameters are not passed to the debugged process . (Martin Friebe)
0035464: [Installer] Add Simple Chinese item for Lazarus IDE installer (Martin Friebe)
0035385: [IDE] IDE Brazilian portuguese language files updates (Maxim Ganetsky)
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