Released 2012-08-28
0022701: [IDE] IDE Brazilian portuguese language files updates for 1.0 (Maxim Ganetsky)
0011145: [IDE] Please reopen 0008479 => "Always visible caret" option broken [scroll does not refresh display] (Paul Ishenin)
0017619: [Debugger] Debugger handles strings as 0-based, while they are 1-based. Leading to wrong char being displayed (Martin Friebe)
0018035: [IDE] "Watch list" window does not remember it's column widths (Martin Friebe)
0012654: [LCL] A maximized form, after minimized, restore to normal position (Paul Ishenin)
0012382: [Printer] PageSetupDialog is not always modal (Jesus Reyes)
0012850: [LCL] OnGetItems event is not called, when TComboBox is empty (Paul Ishenin)
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