Scheduled For Release 2014-12-12
0027042: [LCL] Property "RadioGroup.Controls[x] not in sync with RadioGroup.items[x] (Bart Broersma)
0027123: [TAChart] Warning: TConstantLine can (wp)
0020647: [LCL] DateEdit and DateTimePicker drop-down calender does not close-up when moving the parent form. (Bart Broersma)
0027163: [TAChart] Printing Page with TAchart using TPrinterDrawer and TextOut (wp)
0024819: [LCL] Default button gets executed out of order. (Bart Broersma)
0027079: [Widgetset] [Qt] when exiting from TEdit it reports wrong SelStart in OnEditingDone (Zeljan Rikalo)
0026852: [LCL] TCalendarDialog date selection failure (Bart Broersma)
0027171: [LCL] TCustomGrids popumenu does not show when editor has focus (Bart Broersma)
0027125: [Widgetset] TCustomCalendar.Date is wrong inside OnXXXChanged events on Linux-QT (Zeljan Rikalo)
0027080: [LCL] PtInRegion hangs if a bitmap handle is supplied (Zeljan Rikalo)
0027007: [Widgetset] Gtk2: Modal windows problem under compositing manager (Zeljan Rikalo)
0027116: [LCL] TCustomGroupBox descendants becomes visible even though visible = false (Zeljan Rikalo)
0026904: [Widgetset] TCheckListBox doesn't register mouse click when clicking on last item on list. (Zeljan Rikalo)
0027000: [LCL] [Patch] Multiple range select in grids (Jesus Reyes)
0026911: [LCL] Halt command crashes in /qt/ (Zeljan Rikalo)
0026909: [LCL] Memory leak in TStaticText (Zeljan Rikalo)
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