Scheduled For Release 2016-12-06
0031918: [RTL] [msdos] r36271 prevents usage of INT 10h as BIOS video and screen services call (Pierre Muller)
0033025: [Packages] [fcl-db] An SQL statement is always prepared in open/close loop even if the SQL doesn't change (Michael Van Canneyt)
0032138: [Compiler] -gl option causes all executables to crash on MIPS (Pierre Muller)
0030660: [RTL] [patch] TLocaleOptions in SysUtils (Michael Van Canneyt)
0030432: [Packages] rtl-generics example TStackproject has windows in uses clause (Michael Van Canneyt)
0030404: [Packages] Fcl-json wish (Michael Van Canneyt)
0030386: [Patch] Fix writing grayscale jpeg with TFPWriterJPEG (Michael Van Canneyt)
0028711: [Compiler] Adding missed x86_64-embedded target (Jeppe Johansen)
0013518: [RTL] Only first backtrace in big program has attached source nad line information (Michael Van Canneyt)
0028725: [RTL] Req: add PosEx() for UnicodeString (Michael Van Canneyt)
0017346: [RTL] unhandled exceptions on stdout (Michael Van Canneyt)
0028493: [FCL] jsonConf: save/load stringList (Michael Van Canneyt)
0027558: [FCL] [PATCH] TFPCustomHTTPClient.FileFormPost add possiblilty to include formdata and file in same POST request (Michael Van Canneyt)
0030696: [FCL] fcl-passrc parser fails to parse "static" directive at class fields (Michael Van Canneyt)
0029365: [Documentation] [Feature Request] Compile Time Macros for MCU specs (Michael Van Canneyt)
0028075: [FCL] [PATCH] Add textreader classes in streamex unit (Michael Van Canneyt)
0028578: [Patch] Heaptrc suggestion: not show information when no memory leaks occured (Michael Van Canneyt)
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