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0025796LazarusInstallerpublic2014-02-28 19:45
Reportertintinux Assigned ToMartin Friebe  
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Product Version1.0.15 (SVN) 
Target Version1.2.0Fixed in Version1.3 (SVN) 
Summary0025796: The default AppName is added when selecting a destination folder
DescriptionA very minor thing, but if we choose a folder to install Lazarus or a Cross Compiler, say "Program Files\Lazarus\1.2RC2" the proposed path, after validation, is "Program Files\Lazarus\1.2RC2\Lazarus".

The 'DefaultDirName' is appended and in this case it is really not useful. It is even leading to error when we install an add-on (the cross compiler) which should go to the same directory as Lazarus.

I suggest using '[Setup]: AppendDefaultDirName=no' which prevents adding the DefaultDirName.

Steps To ReproduceDownload
In the 3rd window "Select a destination folder", click on "Browse" button.
Select a specific folder and validate.
Lool at the proposed path.
Additional InformationFrom Innosetup documentation :

By default, when a folder in the dialog displayed by the Browse... button on the Select Destination Location wizard page is clicked, Setup automatically appends the last component of DefaultDirName onto the new path. For example, if DefaultDirName is {pf}\My Program and "Z:\" is clicked, the new path will become "Z:\My Program".

Setting this directive to no disables the aforementioned behavior. In addition, it causes a Make New Folder button to appear on the dialog.
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Fixed in Revision44298
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