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0000105Lazaruspublic2003-04-03 13:37
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Summary0000105: Lazarus 8.5 alpha does not run a program under redhat 9
DescriptionI've just installed Lazarus 8.5 alpha on my redhat 9 box, i've tried both the 1.0.7 and the 1.1 version of lazarus + fpc. I used the rpm's on your site. Lazarus itself runs great, but when I create a program it doesn't show at all. Though when I use the "ps aux" command i can see my program running.

I'd like to try lazarus on my debian box, but there i no .debs to download. That's not much of a problems if you would provide a .tar.gz file with the sources. I'm not adept with CVS.
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Name: Pascal de Bruijn
Mail: keizerflipje (at)
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2003-04-03 13:37

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