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0010551FPCCompilerpublic2018-05-12 21:47
ReporterIgor Funa Assigned To 
Status newResolutionopen 
Product Version2.2.0 
Summary0010551: FPC does not find unit in subfolder used by used unit
DescriptionUnzip attached file including folder structure.
You should have

Main.pas in TEST
Unit1 in TEST\UNIT1
Unit2 in TEST\UNIT2

Unit1 uses Unit2 and compiles fine (in its folder).
Unit2 uses Unit1 and compiles fine (in its folder).

Program Main (in its folder) does not compile and gives error:

Main.pas(6,18) Fatal: Can't find unit Unit2 used by Unit1

It normally finds both units since it has both paths for units defined,
but when it tries to recompile Unit1 it does not find Unit2.

Fixed in Revision
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2008-01-04 18:44 (1,073 bytes)

Marco van de Voort

2008-07-24 21:01

manager   ~0020926

I reproduced it with -va, and indeed, when loading unit2 as a dependancy from unit1, the unitpaths are not used. Are they somehow local only for units loaded directly from main?

2010-01-30 00:48


fpc_bug_0010551.patch (975 bytes)   
Index: compiler/fppu.pas
--- compiler/fppu.pas	(revision 14828)
+++ compiler/fppu.pas	(working copy)
@@ -357,6 +357,7 @@
          fnd : boolean;
          hs  : TCmdStr;
+         lf  : tmodule;
          if shortname then
@@ -413,8 +414,12 @@
          if (not fnd) and Assigned(main_module) and (main_module.Path^<>'') then
-         if (not fnd) and Assigned(loaded_from) then
-           fnd:=SearchPathList(loaded_from.LocalUnitSearchPath);
+         lf:=loaded_from;
+         while (not fnd) and assigned(lf) do
+          begin
+            fnd:=SearchPathList(lf.LocalUnitSearchPath);
+            lf:=lf.loaded_from;
+          end;
          if not fnd then
fpc_bug_0010551.patch (975 bytes)   

Aleksa Todorovic

2010-01-30 00:48

reporter   ~0034055

Attached patch modifies ppu searching algorithm to take into account any $UNITPATH hit while loading unit files. Is that proper solution for this problem?

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