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0000011Lazaruspublic2000-05-30 19:00
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Summary0000011: OnResize Event only called for visible forms
DescriptionI wrote a small (1 form with 2 buttons) test app with the lcl (gtk). I want to use the resize event to position the buttons equally spaced.

Resizing when the program runs goes oke. But I want the resize also called in the form.create. That does not happen.

It only happens in the following cases:
win32: The form must be visible (Visible := true)

linux: The form must be visible or must have been visible (Visible := true; Visible := false).
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Name: Vincent Snijders
Mail: vrs (at)
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WidgetsetGTK, Win32/Win64
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2000-05-30 19:00

reporter   ~0000010


You're right. The Resize event is bound to the
WM_WindowposChanged and that event is only fired
when the widget behind it is created.

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