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0011582FPCTextmode IDEpublic2008-06-30 07:43
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Product Version2.2.0Product Build 
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Summary0011582: Auto-Closing Brackets and Insert or Restore
DescriptionWhen I have Options/Environment/Editor/Auto-Closing ON and delete line

((Obraz.Breite < RozlX) and (Obraz.Hoehe < RozlY)) then

and then press ALT+BackSpace, I'll get:

((Obraz.Breite < RozlX) and (Obraz.Hoehe < RozlY)) then)))

if I again delete this line with Shift+Delete and then again press Alt+BS, I get:

((Obraz.Breite < RozlX) and (Obraz.Hoehe < RozlY)) then))))))

and so on...

Sometimes it also happens with semicolons characters and/or with Shift+Insert, which sometimes works very slowly - not the whole block, but character by character (but this is very hard to reproduce so I let it go on for the present).
Additional InformationFP IDE for Win32 for i386
Target: Win32
Version: 1.0.10
Compiler: 2.2.0
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