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0011866LazarusLCLpublic2014-09-10 14:59
ReporterChristian Assigned To 
Status acknowledgedResolutionopen 
Product Version0.9.25 (SVN) 
Summary0011866: dbNavigator Buttons dont represent Table state
Descriptionwhen you have an DataSource with just one row, the dbnavigator shows all buttons enabled. the datasource is not in edit staet, BOF and EOF are true only edit and refresh button should be enabled.
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Fixed in Revision
WidgetsetGTK, GTK 2, Win32/Win64, WinCE, Carbon, QT, fpGUI
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2008-08-13 11:04 Christian New Issue
2008-08-13 11:04 Christian Widgetset => GTK, GTK 2, Win32, WinCE, Carbon, QT, fpGUI
2008-08-13 12:19 Vincent Snijders LazTarget => post 1.2
2008-08-13 12:19 Vincent Snijders Status new => acknowledged
2013-09-03 10:07 Martin Friebe LazTarget post 1.2 => 1.4
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