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0012206FPCDatabasepublic2019-08-12 11:31
ReporterEugen Bolz Assigned ToLacaK  
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Summary0012206: ODBC Query in DBGrid, some Cells are Empty (Encoding)
DescriptionDont know since when this error exists, but all data which are from ODBC ( and some Zeos-Connections too ) dont get converted to UTF8 and non-UTF8 chars dont get displayed on many controls.

This Error is exists also with Oracle ( through ODBC or Zeos connecting to a OracleXE-DB ) the Data dont get displayed.
TagsDatabase, odbc, utf-8, utf8
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related to 0024843 resolvedReinier Olislagers Lazarus Code issue in functions TWideStringField GetAsString & SetAsString 


2008-09-22 16:24


DBGrid.JPG (2,460 bytes)   
DBGrid.JPG (2,460 bytes)   

2008-09-22 16:24


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msaccess.JPG (5,666 bytes)   

2008-09-22 16:25


test.mdb (155,648 bytes)

Eugen Bolz

2008-09-22 16:30

reporter   ~0022362

Last edited: 2008-09-22 16:44

Im using Windows XP Pro SP2
MS-Access 2003
Oracle XE (the newest from Oracle, i think)
FPC Version 2.2.3 (also tried it with 2.3.1)

Jesus Reyes

2008-09-22 16:47

developer   ~0022363

this seems a general problem of ODBC support, it seems the unicode api needs to be used in order to retrieve unicode data.

Eugen Bolz

2008-09-28 18:11

reporter   ~0022471

Thanks to Jesus Reyes and skalogryyz i now have a workaround which is working at me fine

procedure TForm1.Button1Click(Sender: TObject);
  SQLQuery1.SQL.Text := 'select * from unicodetest';

procedure TForm1.SetUpFields(Q: TSqlQuery);
  i: Integer;
  if not Q.Active then
  for i:=0 to Q.FieldCount-1 do begin
    if Q.Fields[i].DataType=ftString then

procedure TForm1.GenericOnGetText(Sender: TField; var aText: string;
  DisplayText: Boolean);
  aText := AnsiToUTF8(Sender.AsString);

procedure TForm1.GenericOnSetText(Sender: TField; const aText: string);
  if Sender<>nil then
    Sender.AsString:= UTF8ToAnsi(aText);


function TCustomDBGrid.GetEditText(aCol, aRow: Longint): string;
  aField: TField;
  if FDataLink.Active then begin
    aField := GetFieldFromGridColumn(aCol);
    if aField<>nil then begin
      Result := AnsiToUtf8(aField.AsString);

with this code the Values get shown in the DBGrid and Editors and the edited value will be also converted back to ansi :)

Dmitry Boyarintsev

2008-09-28 20:03

developer   ~0022473

Jesus Reyes is right! changes should be taken to ODBC components, not DBControls

Jesus Reyes

2008-09-29 06:33

developer   ~0022480

For the record, in r16740, dbgrid use field's GetText to get editing text this means OnGetText would be called and it's not necessary to use the GetEditText technique anymore.

Joost van der Sluis

2009-05-09 14:07

manager   ~0027461

I don't see any bug. Data retrieved from the server is passed directly to the client. When the server/odbc-api uses ansi-strings when passing data to the client, you'll get ansi-strings. Nothing I can do about that. For most servers you can set the characterset in which they send the data. If Access can't do that, you have to convert on your own.

Using the unicode-odbc-api calls will change nothing on that. Only difference is that in that case you must use a ucs16-encoded connection string. The data stays the same. (Although text-fields will be mapped to ftWidestring fields, but see below)

What could be done is using widestrings instead of ansistrings. But that doesn't solve your case either, because widestrings are converted to ansistrings by the widestringmanager before they reach the screen. So you'll have the same problem.

And also in that case, the solution is the same as you suggest in one of the comments. Although it's easier to convert ucs16 to utf8, then ansi to utf8.

Eugen Bolz

2009-05-30 23:56

reporter   ~0028158

so this is "by-design" ?

It is easy to convert ansi to utf8 if u have this litte function:

I think I found it on a russian forum:

function IsUTF8String(S: string): boolean;
  WS: WideString;
  WS := UTF8Decode(S);

  Result := (WS <> S) and (WS <> '');

Joost van der Sluis

2009-06-15 12:32

manager   ~0028548

So you suggest that we use a db-server which stores it's data using ansi, then convert it to ucs16 then send it to the client which converts it to utf-8 then convert it to ucs16 again (to see if it's really utf-8) then convert it back to utf-8 again to see if those two are the same, and if they are not, convert the original to utf-8, else nothing has to be done.

Does that sounds logical to you?!?

The proper design is: use the same character set on server and client and you're done. When the access-odbc-client can only handle ansi, you have to convert it on your own.
Adding the 'magic' above is bad design, imho.

Boguslaw Brandys

2009-06-21 17:05

reporter   ~0028673

Ok,now look from the user perspective on that example 'workaround' and imagine an application accessing such MS Access 97 database ,consisted of many forms and queries.I have such requirement now.

At least such workaround should be included into TSQLQuery as a property for example ConvertToUtf8 Boolean which will turn on such 'workaround'
or inside any GUI control connected to TDatasource or in tDatasource, NEVERMIND - just choose the simplest way - but it should NOT be in user code IMHO.

Btw Access 2003 should support UTF8 charset in odbc connection (but Access 97 surely doesn't)


2009-12-08 14:20

reporter   ~0032808

Last edited: 2009-12-08 14:21


In many situations, it is not possible to change the dbms charset on the client side. The most usual reason is because other applications which are not maintained are using the same database and odbc source, but other reasons exist.

We must admit that many developpers do not understand well the charset issues, and what Lazarus shows currently, when using non UTF-8 databases, sounds to them like a lack of functionality or even a bug, and will prevent them to move to this EDI.

I understand, after Joost, that there is no bug, but I think it would be really useful to implement a workaround somewhere, enabling the charset output to be different of UTF-8 and converting it on the fly when necessary. May be it is possible to do things like Eugen shows in 0022471 but more integrated in the components.

I'll try myself to override a TQuery, but I'm probably not skilled enough to find the best solutions.




2010-07-19 12:08

developer   ~0039453

Last edited: 2010-07-19 12:19

I agree here with martinus.

In our case we are using MS SQL Server with database with Slovak_CI_AI collation (Win1250 code page), which is also our Windows non-unicode client codepage (Win1250). So on both sides same codepage.

MS SQL Server ODBC driver does not provide ConnectionString parameter, which can describe/change encoding/codepage used in character data sent (at least I do not know abou them).
So it expect, that character data are encoded in current system codepage (in our case Win1250).

But really they are not, because LCL (so all DB aware components also) uses UTF-8 encoding. To be more clear:
1. when I insert data using DBGrid they are OK when I look at this data only with DBGrid, but when I query data using Query Analyzer(MS query tool), then I see mismasched character data.
2. when I insert data using Query Analyzer and I see at this data using DBGrid, then data are mismasched (because character data are read from ODBC as ansi-strings encoded in current windows codepage, not UTF8 encoded strings which are expected by DBGrid)

So solution will be provide some property/parameter (may be already presented CharSet property of TSQLConnection) which will force character conversion between UTF8 and actual system codepage - UTF8Decode/UTF8Encode or AnsiToUTF8/UTF8ToAnsi.

See also:

Marco van de Voort

2010-07-19 12:14

manager   ~0039454

LCL chose unilaterally to try to make the GUI UTF-8.

FPC decided to wait with full unicode support till we get a decent UTF-8 type, so that constant manual conversions are not necessary (or at least minimized)


2010-07-19 12:29

developer   ~0039457

So now we are in "meantime", and when all string types will be implemented (ansistring, utf8string, widestring, unicodestring) as base types, then also conversions between them will be automatic and also LCL will be adjusted to use correct types where necessary ? (so for example: TEdit.Text property will be declared as "utf8string" and not as "string"?)


2011-05-25 07:47

reporter   ~0048563

I have similar problem. DBGrid shows "?" instead of regional characters.

Database Informix
ODBC settings: Server locale sk_SK.852, Client locale sk_SK.1250 (wont accept anything else)
Windows locale: CP1250
Lazarus locale: utf-8

I tried set ODBCConnection1.CharSet to various values but doesn't seems to have effect. How to set it up properly?


2011-05-25 09:42

developer   ~0048568

TODBCConnection.CharSet is not used ATM so changing its value does not have any effect.
If your odbc driver supports UTF-8 as "client charset" then set it else you must use some kind of workaround (see comments in this bug report).

Marcos Douglas

2011-09-01 16:15

reporter   ~0051359

Something changed in TODBCConnection.CharSet?
As LacaK2 I also use MSSQL and I have the same problem.


2012-01-25 09:07

reporter   ~0056025

I have a similar problem! Using Firebird 2.5. Russian characters are displayed as "?". I tried various settings Charset - nothing helped.


2019-08-12 10:59

developer   ~0117650

TODBCConnection is nowadays capable to pass information in CharSet property to string fields.
i.e. when for example I set Charset:='Windows-1250' and on Windows ODBC driver will supply character data encoded using Ansi charset Windows-1250 then such character data will be properly displayed in TDBGrid.
You must set TODBCConnection.CharSet explicitly if it is different than UTF-8!

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