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0000125Lazaruspublic2003-07-07 04:07
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Summary0000125: .lpi is not a historic file
Descriptionfreepascal pre1.08


1- Create a new proyect (application).
2- Create two units called, for example, unit1 (for form1) and unit2 (no form).
3.- Save de proyect (call it proyect1) and exit.

Now, open Lazarus and Load the proyect1:
1.- Remove from proyect (Proyect->Remove form proyect) the unit2.pas
2.- Close the unit2 from Lazarus Editor
2.- Save the proyect1.

The bug: you can see into proyect1.lpi, because Lazarus do not delete the reference for the unit2. There is no problem, because the proyect run OK, but if you are programing a big application, the .lpi shows all the unit you deleted. The .lpi is a historic file????

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2003-07-07 04:07

reporter   ~0000107

the .lpi file also stores session information.
You can deactivate it for the current project in Project -> Project Options -> Info.

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