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0012737FPCCompilerpublic2009-12-15 11:58
ReporterAlexRayne Assigned ToJonas Maebe  
Status closedResolutionno change required 
Product Version2.2.2 
Summary0012737: property indirect overloading - goes trough overloading access methods
DescriptionHallow developers!
i've try to use overloading of array propertyes and got an arror "duplicate identifier ???", as unexpected solve of my problem i found that overloaded
access methods ignores property definition and provide such overloaded property
use in expressions.
here is example:

{$mode objfpc}
unit tbpropertyover;

    some = class
        function GetX(id : integer) : integer;overload;
        function GetX(id : string) : integer;overload;
        procedure SetX(id : integer; value : integer);overload;
        procedure SetX(id : string; value : integer);overload;

        property X[ id : integer] : integer read GetX write SetX;
        //property X[ id : string] : integer read GetX write SetX; //this got an error - duplicate identifier X
        property XByName[ id : string] : integer read GetX write SetX;


function some.GetX(id : integer) : integer;

function some.GetX(id : string) : integer;

procedure some.SetX(id : integer; value : integer);

procedure some.SetX(id : string; value : integer);

    A : some;
    A := some.create;
    A.X['some'] := 0; //this is bug but useful for property verloading
    A.XbyName[0] := 0; // here is same

please, report, how this bug resolved - imho, property overloading should be allowed in at least for objfpc mode.
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has duplicate 0004907 closedJonas Maebe Property Overloading 



2008-12-03 13:27

reporter   ~0023662

in delphi mode overloaded propertyes alowed and error - duplicate identifier X is not occured, but bug with indirect overloading is still present.
So, imho, this bug must be splited on 2 different bugs:
  1) objfpc mode not allowed overloaded properties
  2) indirect overloading of properties

Jonas Schäfer

2009-05-30 18:00

reporter   ~0028153

So, please, do it. I would like to hear about the opinion of the fpc team to objfpc and overloaded properties.


Jonas Maebe

2009-06-06 14:01

manager   ~0028326

It would break RTTI, because there the properties are looked up by name (getpropinfo() and friends). There are ways to filter by type, but these are coarser than the types supported by the compiler (e.g., there are tkInteger, tkInt64 and tkQWord, but no tkByte or so).

Not allowing overloading for published properties, or limiting the overloading possibilities for properties compared to methods/procedures/functions would introduce inconsistencies to the language (and the compiler code).

It could also wreak havoc with streaming (it also uses RTTI to look up properties).

So I don't think it is worth all the possible trouble to add this. I'm pretty sure that's also the reason why Delphi does not support it.

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