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0013627Lazarus CCRglscenepublic2009-09-03 19:48
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Platformx86_64OSLinuxeOS Versiongentoo
Summary0013627: Some glscene edit forms in object inspector fail to appear (access violation)
DescriptionWhen you press ellipsis (...) button for some GLscene-specific properties (e.g. behaviour edit ) you see an access violation message, and nothing happens. Of course, behaviour setup is also available via scene editor, but for material editor there is no substitution, so user has to set up the material in runtime. And anyway, access violation is not the most expected message=)

Maybe the feature is just not yet implemented, i just don't have a list of working stuff, but I still remember those nice editors from Delphi, and I miss them=)

Ask for any additional info you may need via email.
Additional InformationLazarus built from svn checkout:
Repository Root:
Repository UUID: 4005530d-fff6-0310-9dd1-cebe43e6787f
Revision: 19716

Glscene also:
Repository Root:
Repository UUID: 91183d53-37fd-0310-b188-e5d45d8f58e6
Revision: 2291
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WidgetsetGTK 2
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Vincent Snijders

2009-05-03 20:57

administrator   ~0027253

What OS do you use?

What widget set do you use (gtk2)?

What fpc version do you use?


2009-06-10 22:47

reporter   ~0028459

Nice question - HOW THE HELL message about your comment got to me
Wed, Jun 10, 2009 at 2:19 PM, Whe it should have been sent at 2009-05-03 20:57?
Requested info follows:
OS: Gentoo linux, latest updates mostly. x86_64. OpenGL implementation- nvidia, 188-something, changed a few times - does not really matter.

Widgets - I have tried Gtk, Gtk2( x11-libs/gtk+-2.16.1 ).

FPC version dev-lang/fpc-2.2.4

Just when recieved your message I have updated Lazarus to REV 20574, it appears that the build was broken, this patch was to be applied for lazarus to build properly:
~/lazarus/lazarus/components/mouseandkeyinput $ svn diff xmouseinput.pas
Index: xmouseinput.pas
--- xmouseinput.pas (revision 20574)
+++ xmouseinput.pas (working copy)
@@ -55,7 +55,7 @@
- MouseButtonToXButton: array [TMouseButton] of Integer = (1, 3, 2);
+ MouseButtonToXButton: array [TMouseButton] of Integer = (1, 3, 2, 4, 5);
I don't know where should I post this, so anyway.
The update was not just for fun, I checked out the bug - it is still there for both gtk and gtk2.

Vincent Snijders

2009-06-10 23:19

administrator   ~0028461

I sent you an email, because I found it strange that no response was give to my question in the notes. Thanks for your quick response now.

Thanks for confirming my fix of 0013944 in r20575.

I spoke to Burkard on #glscene at and he explained that the property editors were not ported yet.


2009-06-11 23:29

reporter   ~0028488

Huh, then you can close this bug as invalid=) Sorry for that, I was so sure they were ported, that I assumed that it is some kind of my-broken-config stuff.
PS: np for confirming, that's just the stuff we SVN-users do, isn't it? =)

Vincent Snijders

2009-06-11 23:35

administrator   ~0028489

I will leave it open as a feature request. Patches are welcome :-).

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