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0013974LazarusIDEpublic2009-06-13 18:14
ReporterAlexander S. KleninAssigned ToMartin Friebe 
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Summary0013974: Region identifiers for code folding
DescriptionSince ,
{%REGION} directive supports /fold argument to signify that
it should be auto-folded.

It is proposed to:
1) For %REGION directive, either:
  1a) use description text as an identifier, or
  1b) allow an arbitrary identifier text
    separated from the description text by "/fold", "/id", "|" or similar.
2) Add "Auto-fold" option string, containing regexp.
2.1) For compatibility with current implementation, this string should
  by default be "/fold".
3) Automatically fold regions whose identifier text satisfies the regexp.
Additional InformationHere is an excerpt from IRC logs discussing this feature:

(2009-06-14 02:16:30) martin_frb: the region already has that
(2009-06-14 02:16:52) _Ask_: it would allow me to automatically fold/unfold even new code added by other developers, provided they mark their regions correctly
(2009-06-14 02:17:29) martin_frb: region has a flag, to inidcate it gets fold on load, and thats already working
(2009-06-14 02:17:54) _Ask_: martin: the problem is that single flag is not enough
(2009-06-14 02:18:04) martin_frb: ok, so what other flags you need?
(2009-06-14 02:18:11) martin_frb: plus that is for regions.
(2009-06-14 02:18:35) martin_frb: we can ofcourse add end of line comments like {%F b1} to fold the first begin in that line
(2009-06-14 02:18:48) _Ask_: as I said in the bug, simply an arbitrary string and and regexp-like option
(2009-06-14 02:20:56) martin_frb: yes that could be an extionsen, please add anew bug for this: /fold=some_id
(2009-06-14 02:21:12) martin_frb: and options to specify: white or blacklist
(2009-06-14 02:21:32) _Ask_: another example: class completion code might be extended to generate something like {%REGION TMyClass implementation} and {%REGION TMyClass interface} instead of just { TMyClass } as is currently
(2009-06-14 02:21:47) martin_frb: but it doesnt do for begin end folds // except if added comment like {%f b1} at the end of line
(2009-06-14 02:22:01) _Ask_: then one could easily: 1) fold all class implementations and/or interfaces
(2009-06-14 02:22:30) martin_frb: hm, the id, should be in some kind of "switch"
(2009-06-14 02:22:34) martin_frb: not in the free txt
(2009-06-14 02:22:48) _Ask_: 2) fold/unfold an implementation of concrete class (or group of classes with similar names)
(2009-06-14 02:22:59) martin_frb: so something like {%region foo bar abc /fold=IMPLEMENTATION }
(2009-06-14 02:23:12) martin_frb: maybe comma separated, or multiply /fald
(2009-06-14 02:23:23) _Ask_: as for {%f b1} idea -- it may have its uses too, but that is a separate topic
(2009-06-14 02:23:25) martin_frb: or /id=abc
(2009-06-14 02:23:37) martin_frb: yes, so we got 3 topics already
(2009-06-14 02:23:41) martin_frb: {B}
(2009-06-14 02:23:48) martin_frb: region /fold=id
(2009-06-14 02:23:56) martin_frb: and save seesion for begin end folds
(2009-06-14 02:23:57) _Ask_: martin: why not free text? it is the simplest and most powerful IMHO
(2009-06-14 02:24:24) martin_frb: because free text, or text in quotes, is waht the user should read, if the mark is folded.
(2009-06-14 02:24:27) martin_frb: try delphi
(2009-06-14 02:24:41) martin_frb: the free text is displayed in a rectangle
(2009-06-14 02:24:45) martin_frb: like [...]
(2009-06-14 02:25:22) martin_frb: and if it is added automatically eg codetools, then it can easily be /ID=abc
(2009-06-14 02:25:46) _Ask_: well-chosen texts may serve both roles ;-)
(2009-06-14 02:26:10) martin_frb: ok, but what is the problem with adding /id or -id ?
(2009-06-14 02:26:48) martin_frb: or -fold=abc
(2009-06-14 02:26:53) _Ask_: this is minor, so I agree to any case -- but if you add /id, please allow for _arbitrary text after that, not just one word
(2009-06-14 02:27:16) martin_frb:
(2009-06-14 02:27:32) martin_frb: -did='ab cd' /
(2009-06-14 02:27:48) martin_frb: -iid='ab cd' /
(2009-06-14 02:27:52) martin_frb: -id='ab cd' /
(2009-06-14 02:28:12) lazidealist: martin_frb: can you add an event for the indent on paste?
(2009-06-14 02:28:17) martin_frb: or an alternative
(2009-06-14 02:28:33) martin_frb: {%region -fold -id= abc def foo bar }
(2009-06-14 02:28:48) martin_frb: the -id is followed by a space => makes the whole res ID
(2009-06-14 02:29:18) _Ask_: maybe {%REGION Description text | list of ids}
(2009-06-14 02:29:31) martin_frb: lazidealist: at some stage yes. not immediate
(2009-06-14 02:29:44) lazidealist: no need to hurry
(2009-06-14 02:30:24) martin_frb: _Ask_: In general I prefer IDs, to be comma separated or the like, and noramlly ayou would specify an ID ase exact text, but I am happy to have reg-ex
(2009-06-14 02:30:44) martin_frb: => anywatif you will , pllease add to mantis,
(2009-06-14 02:31:44) martin_frb: lazidealist: on paste, you want a separate event => so one event for the WHOLE paste / or un thruoufgh the default one-line evnet, for each line top to bottom ?
(2009-06-14 02:31:46) lazidealist: I wonder if regex are too slow for for 100kloc
(2009-06-14 02:32:04) lazidealist: one event for the whole paste
(2009-06-14 02:32:07) _Ask_: I think Regexps might get useful for things like TChart* or *Error to fold/onlold corresponding groups of classes
(2009-06-14 02:32:13) martin_frb: lazidealist: Ok
(2009-06-14 02:32:37) _Ask_: lazidealist: it is to be applied only to %Region lines
(2009-06-14 02:32:47) martin_frb: _Ask_: I would use the simplified reg ex, with "*" insted of ".*"
(2009-06-14 02:33:15) martin_frb: _Ask_: and ids can not contain a comma, since tthat separates 2 ids
(2009-06-14 02:33:26) _Ask_: mertin: ok, afaics there is already a library for regexps in fpc
(2009-06-14 02:34:01) lazidealist: see
(2009-06-14 02:36:27) lazidealist: _Ask_: if the %region lines are auto created then you will easily end up with thousands of them
(2009-06-14 02:38:08) _Ask_: then the only way to know is to test. as for the regexp syntax, the one in the link you provided is quite sufficient
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