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0014122LazarusIDEpublic2013-09-03 12:07
ReporterElphi Assigned ToMaxim Ganetsky  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version0.9.26.2 
Fixed in Version0.9.31 (SVN) 
Summary0014122: Default unitname in camelcase should be in lowercase.
DescriptionWhen saving a new project the default unitname Unit1 is presented in camel case. When consistent, it should be in lower case. Also, presenting a recommendation to rename the file to lowercase is less frequently needed.
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Fixed in Revision31909
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Vincent Snijders

2009-07-10 12:30

manager   ~0029013

Can't you change the naming options to achieve this?


2009-07-10 14:17

reporter   ~0029014

Of course I can. But it is advisable to consistently promote the use of lower case. Note that when saving a new project the default project name project1 is in lower case. It's not a big deal, but tweaking this code isn't a big deal either, isn't it?

Vincent Snijders

2009-07-10 14:52

manager   ~0029015

If it isn't a big deal, please provide a patch.

What is the tweak? IMHO, the unit name should be PascalCase as that is the good practice for pascal identifiers. Do you suggest to let the option 'Save as - autorename pascal files to lower case' have 'autorename file lower case' as default?

samuel herzog

2009-07-11 08:57

developer   ~0029040

I am also annoyed because this question is asked each time I save a new project.
Maybe there should be a checkbox on the question dialog to say "Don't ask me again".


2009-07-11 09:34

reporter   ~0029041

I don't think there's any need for that. The naming option 'no automatic renaming' (should be: 'No automatic renaming' btw) does just that. Along with a default presentation in lower case, this should be the default naming option.

Vincent Snijders

2009-08-03 13:01

manager   ~0029474

No patch yet, so I set the target to post 1.0.

Also, IMHO, the unit name should be PascalCase, the file name may depend on the naming options.

Maxim Ganetsky

2011-08-07 17:25

developer   ~0050593

Please test and close if ok.

Joe Merten

2013-05-31 12:46

reporter   ~0067959

For my opinion, I prefer to use filenames also in CamelCase.
But ok, I respect that other users has other preferences.
In earlier versions, the default naming setting was »ask«.
But now (in 1.0.8) it is »Always«.

Currently, I find the following a little irritating:
* I create a new project with e.g. 1 form
* I save the project
* The IDE asks ("Save project" file dialog) for the project filename
  * I enter "MyProject.lpi"
* Then the IDE asks ("Save unit" file dialog) for the unit filename
  * I enter "MyUnit.pas"
* And now in my filesytem I found
  * All projectfiles like "MyProject.lpi" etc.
    (yep, that's what I'd expected after I typed that in a file dialog)
  * The files "myunit.pas" and "myunit.lfm"
    (oh whats that? That's not what I typed in into the file dialog)
    * My filesystem supports uppercase and lowercase characters and I explicit want to use this.
      That's the reason why I typed uppercase and lowercase characters into the file dialog.

Especially new users (some of them asked me about this curious behavior) have to explore the mass of configuration settings
(that's not criticism - I like to customize Lazarus for my personal preferences) to find the right setting.

I vote for the earlier dafault setting "Ask" and adding a checkbox "Don't ask me again" (like samuel suggestet in 0014122:0029040).
And maybe add a hint to the Ask-dialog, were this setting is located in the IDE Options tree.

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