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0014353LazarusDatabasepublic2015-07-04 00:35
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Summary0014353: add fields to the project
Although the friends do not like to compare but if this feature is quite interesting in delphi

double-click on the table and right-click to add add some or all fields.

Then create a new form and the open field editor drag and drop a field on the form or all, nothing happens, but with this procedure in delphi it adds the dbedit and labels of fields dragged on, the advantage is gained in production .
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yang jixian

2014-09-20 05:15

developer   ~0077446

double-click on the table and right-click to add add some or all fields.

According to my own experience I do not think this is a very useful feature. When our table fields changed, it always bring trouble to us.

So I prefer to add some data format to the visual database components, if there is not such feature, just add it to.

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