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0014411LazarusIDEpublic2011-12-01 11:22
ReporterPhil Assigned ToFelipe Monteiro de Carvalho  
Status closedResolutionfixed 
PlatformMac PowerPCOSOS X 
Product Version0.9.27 (SVN) 
Target Version0.9.28Fixed in Version0.9.27 (SVN) 
Summary0014411: IDE "Lazarus" menu is broken
DescriptionSerious regression from

(1) Huge space between Apple menu and Lazarus menu in IDE (roughly 100 pixels).

(2) Only one item is now on the Lazarus menu: About.

Looks fine on OS X 10.5 / Intel.


Steps To ReproduceRun on 10.4 system.

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Fixed in Revision21578
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related to 0012294 assignedDmitry Boyarintsev "About Lazarus" menu item should be in the Application menu under Mac OS X 


Dmitry Boyarintsev

2009-08-22 21:54

developer   ~0030083

What about the empty space between Apple and Lazarus menus. Does it act like a menu (without a caption), any sub-menu items?

Dmitry Boyarintsev

2009-08-22 22:00

developer   ~0030084

could test the attached project as well. You should get the same result as shown on the screenshot.

2009-08-22 22:00 (3,787 bytes)

2009-08-22 22:00


Picture 9.png (45,882 bytes)   
Picture 9.png (45,882 bytes)   


2009-08-29 18:43

reporter   ~0030226

Yes, clicking on the blank space between the Apple and Lazarus menus shows the Services, Hide Lazarus, Hide Others, Show All and Quit menu items - and they all work fine. Clicking on the Lazarus menu shows only the About menu item - and it works fine too.

The attached project works as expected. All menu items are on the project1 menu, including App SubItem 1 and 2. The File menu has File Sub Item 1, 2 and 3.



Dmitry Boyarintsev

2009-08-29 19:56

developer   ~0030227

Last edited: 2009-08-29 21:16


could you test another thing for me:
- open lazarus/ide/mainbase.pas
- find a line (0000348 or so), containing:

- replace the line with the following:

- rebuild IDE and see if problem disappears.


2009-08-30 07:02

reporter   ~0030230

Same thing.

It appears as though the Apple char is getting to TCarbonMenu.Attach okay as UTF8, so specifying a UTF8 string doesn't make any difference.

It looks like an extra menu is getting inserted. The menu manager sees the Apple char and substitutes the app bundle's name ("Lazarus") for it, but for some reason it's not adding the standard application menu items to it.

I'm not sure if this is the proper approach anyway. By default a Carbon app has an application menu. All we want to do is add the About item to it. In other code I've seen, it looks like they get the menu for an item they know is on the app menu (for example, Hide), then insert any new items in that menu. Whereas the Laz approach creates a new menu. Maybe 10.5 is smart enough to figure all this out, but 10.4 must not be.



Dmitry Boyarintsev

2009-08-30 10:31

developer   ~0030232

OSX 10.4 should be smart enough as well.
Because, the test project works without the bug.

the bug is caused by something else.


2009-08-30 19:09

reporter   ~0030245

Correct, although the test project loads the entire menu from the form and the Laz IDE appears to create the entire menu system in code. Maybe the sequence of steps is different enough that it's interfering somewhere.

Do you know when the last time the Laz IDE menu was known to work correctly on 10.4? Maybe a change in the IDE menu creation code caused this. Certainly that's one big difference between the test project and Laz since both are using the same LCL and Carbon code.

Let me know if you have other tests that you would like me to run.




2009-08-31 01:33

reporter   ~0030260

See attached project, which adds app menu programmatically rather than via form. Project works fine so that's probably not the issue with IDE.

Lazarus does give some other errors at startup related to menus, but these deal with the Window menu and appear to be unrelated to the app menu problem -- I see the same thing in another app where the app menu works fine. Just for the record the errors are as follows. I believe -50 is invalid param.

TCarbonMenu.SetCaption Error: ChangeMenuItemAttributes failed with result -50
TCarbonMenu.SetCaption Error: SetMenuItemTextWithCFString failed with result -50
TCarbonMenu.Update Error: SetMenuItemHierarchicalMenu failed with result -50
TCarbonMenu.SetBitmap Error: SetMenuItemIconHandle failed with result -50
TCarbonMenu.SetVisible Error: ChangeMenuItemAttributes show failed with result -50

2009-08-31 01:34 (4,224 bytes)

Dmitry Boyarintsev

2009-08-31 09:30

developer   ~0030261

The error messages has been there time, long time ago.
And you're right saying that they should be fixed.

Dmitry Boyarintsev

2009-08-31 11:18

developer   ~0030263

Phil, I've cleaned Carbon menu creation. It should no longer give "-50" errors.

Although it should not effect the Apple menu usage, but could you test it?


2009-09-01 22:37

reporter   ~0030300

These changes haven't made it into the 0.9.27 snapshots yet. Will they at some point? Realistically I only time to work with the forthcoming 0.9.28.



Dmitry Boyarintsev

2009-09-02 20:55

developer   ~0030337

here's the patch, that restores old behavior

2009-09-02 20:55


mainbase.pas.patch (1,672 bytes)   
Index: ide/mainbase.pas
--- ide/mainbase.pas	(revision 21540)
+++ ide/mainbase.pas	(working copy)
@@ -344,7 +344,7 @@
     // a special Apple menu and put Quit, About there.
     // See issue:
     // See, for details
-    CreateMainMenuItem(mnuApple,'AppleApplication','');
+    //CreateMainMenuItem(mnuApple,'AppleApplication','');
@@ -791,17 +791,22 @@
                    lisMenuReportingBug, 'menu_reportingbug');
-    {$ifdef LCLCarbon}
+    // old behavior restored, until Tiger issue is fixed.
+    //
+    (*
+   {$ifdef LCLCarbon}
     // under Carbon: add About item to the Apple menu
     CreateMenuItem(mnuApple, itmHelpAboutLazarus,'itmHelpAboutLazarus',
                    lisAboutLazarus, 'menu_information');
-    {$else}
+    CreateMenuSeparatorSection(mnuHelp,itmInfoHelps,'itmInfoHelps');
+    {$else}*)
     // otherwise: add About item to the Help menu
                  lisAboutLazarus, 'menu_information');
-    {$endif}
+    //{$endif}
mainbase.pas.patch (1,672 bytes)   


2009-09-06 00:25

reporter   ~0030467

I haven't heard an answer to my question: Will some patch be made to 0.9.28 before it's released to correct this menu bar regression from

Also, why not go ahead and add About to the app menu on Intel since we know it works there and only revert back to old menu behaviors on PowerPC?

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