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0014423LazarusIDEpublic2011-01-04 15:27
ReporterStefan Müller Assigned ToMattias Gaertner  
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Summary0014423: Feature request for IDE FPDoc Editor: document overloaded operators
DescriptionCurrently there seems to be no possibility to enter or edit documentation of overloaded operators in FPDoc Editor, although fpdoc can handle this.
Additional InformationI'll provide an example. My operator is declared as

    operator + (dp1: TPoint; dp2: TPoint) dps: TPoint;

The corresponding part of the description file would look like

      <element name="operator +(TPoint, TPoint): TPoint">
        <short>Componentwise sum of two vectors</short>
        <descr>And a descrption of course...</descr>
      <element name="operator +(TPoint, TPoint): TPoint.dp1">
        <short>Left argument, vector</short>
      <element name="operator +(TPoint, TPoint): TPoint.dp2">
        <short>Right argument, vector</short>
      <element name="operator +(TPoint, TPoint): TPoint.Identifier dps">
        <short>Operator result</short>
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related to 0015120 resolvedMattias Gaertner FPDoc-Editor: when saving changes, XML validity must be checked, otherwise error in fpdoc 


Stefan Müller

2011-01-04 15:27

reporter   ~0044866

Thank you very much for the effort that has been put into this.

I tested this feature with SVN revision 28865, fpdoc from FPC 2.4.2. There are still the following issues. Consider the above example.

(1) It is now possible to enter documentation with FPDocEditor for "dp1", "dp2" and "dps" by placing the cursor on them, but it is not possible to enter general information about the operator:

  <element name="operator +(TPoint, TPoint): TPoint">
    <short>Componentwise sum of two vectors</short>
    <descr>And a descrption of course...</descr>

from the above example can not be entered via FPDocEditor, as far as I can see.

(2) It is possible to enter documentation for "Result" in the FPDocEditor when placing the cursor over the third "TPoint". This should be removed, as the node

  <element name="operator +(TDoublePoint, TDoublePoint): TDoublePoint.Result"/>

is not considered by fpdoc. Instead, the node for "dps" could be presented for editing here, too.

(3) The generated XML-nodes are not correct. Spaces cannot be dropped and the separator between parameters has to be a comma instead of a semicolon. E.g. FPDocEditor would now generate the node

  <element name="operator+(TPoint;TPoint):TPoint.Identifier dps"/>
    <short>Operator result</short>

which is wrong. I.e. fpdoc does not generate documentation for the operator because it looks for a node like this:

  <element name="operator +(TPoint, TPoint): TPoint.Identifier dps">
    <short>Operator result</short>

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