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0014433LazarusIDEpublic2018-12-11 01:43
ReporterEddy Assigned ToOndrej Pokorny  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version0.9.27 (SVN) 
Summary0014433: IDE designer windows hidden under left-aligned taskbar
DescriptionSome users (like me) have the windows taskbar left aligned and always visible (more available shortcut icons, open windows conveniently aligned, more vertical workspace etc.).
When Lazarus opens up the first time, it's designer windows are not aligned with the 'visible desktop', but with the available screen. I.e. half of the property window is hidden under the left-aligned taskbar and the left side of the menu bar is also partially hidden underneath.
Tested with Windows Vista.

This is a minor problem: after rearranging the designer windows it's ok (until the next fresh install or change of Lazarus working folder).
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Fixed in Revision54364
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related to 0010227 resolvedOndrej Pokorny Top of Lazarus interface covered by taskbar 
related to 0034650 new Part of UI covered by a taskbar when it maximized 



2015-02-17 15:13

reporter   ~0081169

Retested with 1.4RC1.
Problem still exists.

CudaText man

2017-03-08 08:13

reporter   ~0098736

Checked 1.7. OI window: no problem; MainBar window: issue exists. but it's very minor (can move window, it's pos saved to history).
Can close "no change needed"

Ondrej Pokorny

2017-03-08 09:42

developer   ~0098739

Why not to fix if it's easy

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