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0014842FPCCompilerpublic2009-12-03 14:00
ReporterDenis Golovan Assigned To 
Status closedResolutionno change required 
Product Version2.5.1 
Summary0014842: Implements makes Support function return wrong result
DescriptionSupport does not work as expected when "implements" is used.
See attach for details.

Tested in fpc 2.5.1 svn 13618
Tagscom, implements
Fixed in Revision
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2009-10-18 13:50


Sergei Gorelkin

2009-12-03 02:19

developer   ~0032678

Not a bug, I presume.

Casting TObj2 to IIntf1 delegates the interface handling to TObj1, which 'knows' nothing about TObj2 and implements only IIntf1. So it's simply impossible to get back to TObj2 without writing additional code.

Delphi 7 behaves exactly as FPC on this example.

Denis Golovan

2009-12-03 07:50

reporter   ~0032684

Ok. Thanks. I see now. Somebody close this ticket

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