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0015482LazarusIDEpublic2010-01-17 18:11
ReporterPhil Assigned ToPaul Ishenin  
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Product Version0.9.29 (SVN) 
Target Version0.9.30Fixed in Version0.9.29 (SVN) 
Summary0015482: Lazarus creating .or/.res when it shouldn't
DescriptionWith a server-based ExtPascal app, manifest file and other resources don't make sense. Turning off things in project options used to eliminate all these superfluous files, but now within the last week or so something has changed so that Lazarus now creates an .or and .res file.

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Fixed in Revision23474
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2010-01-10 20:50

reporter   ~0033547

It's even worse than I thought.

On Mac, with a new ExtPascal app, it's now inserting {$R Project1.res} into the .lpr file. How do I get it to stop messing up the code that my project wizard is creating?



Paul Ishenin

2010-01-17 08:48

manager   ~0033696

There was a bug introduced into xp manifest support which persistenly added manifest support inspite of option set. Is this solved now?


2010-01-17 09:25

reporter   ~0033697

Lazarus should in general stop "managing" the .lpr file. E.g. adding resource statements etc. Even it already exists. This is annoying.

Paul Ishenin

2010-01-17 12:40

manager   ~0033705

Please test and close if ok.


2010-01-17 18:11

reporter   ~0033713

Yes, Lazarus appears to be fixed and under control once again.

I agree completely with stocki on this one. Seems as though these assumptions about what an "app" is keep creeping back into Lazarus. If Lazarus is ever to be used with non-LCL apps (see examples/designnonlcl), it has to be restrained from doing things that only make sense in an LCL app (and even then it's questionable if all these defaults are really desirable).



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