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0015554FPCTextmode IDEpublic2010-11-13 20:57
ReporterMait Lang Assigned ToPierre Muller  
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Target Version2.4.2Fixed in Version2.4.2 
Summary0015554: Can't compile in IDE after first error
DescriptionIn IDE 1.0.12 from FPC 2.4.0 release for Win32, Win64 and WinCE compilation of a program after first error is not possible. Every next compilation trial stops and in "Compiler messages" window is displayed "Fatal: Compilation aborted". In verbose mode the last message before is Macro_defined: FPC_HAS_FEATURE_SOFTFPU. Compiling of other open programs also not possible. Restarting IDE helps until next error.
Steps To Reproduce{Simple program}
Program CMPInIDE;
        WriteLn('Compiled within IDE.');
// compiling in IDE works

// *-- make an error
Program CMPInIDE;
        WriteLn('Compiled within IDE.' , );

// compilation in IDE ends with correct error message "Error: Illegal expression ..." followed by "Fatal: syntax error ..."

// *-- fix error but compilation in IDE is not possible and ends with
   Macro_defined: FPC_HAS_FEATURE_SOFTFPU.
  "Fatal: Compilation aborted"
Additional InformationNo problems with IDE 1.0.10 and FPC 2.2.4
TagsNo tags attached.
Fixed in Revision14762
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Marco van de Voort

2010-01-20 22:38

manager   ~0033757

I've seen this error too, but it is not always. IOW sometimes if I try to reproduce it, I'm not succeeding.
It might depend on the window or the number of files open.

If you find a rock solid reproduction way, please let me know.

Pierre Muller

2010-01-21 10:10

developer   ~0033760

 Text mode IDE was not correctly adapted to a new feature
of the compiler (whome program optimization)
  A fix is currently under discussion by the core team.

Mait Lang

2010-01-21 10:32

reporter   ~0033761


I filled the "Steps To Reproduce" field in the original posting (but this info has lost somehow?). The error is always reproducible in my computer.

// *Steps To Reproduce *
// start IDE
// write simple code and compile and it is ok
Program CMPInIDE;
        WriteLn('Compiled within IDE.');
// make a syntax error, compile and all error messages appare as jusual
Program CMPInIDE;
        WriteLn('Compiled within IDE.' , );

// However nevertheless the error is corrected or not the next compilations are not possible and end always in all windows (if one or more windows opened) with "Fatal: Compilation aborted" in "Compiler messages" window just after "Macro_defined: FPC_HAS_FEATURE_SOFTFPU" in verbose mode.

At present I can't use the IDE from the latest 2.4.0 release in my computer :(.

Pierre Muller

2010-01-21 11:59

developer   ~0033763

I hope that we solved the problem:
The fix is in rev 14760 in trunk
and rev 14761-14762 in fixes_2_4 branch.

I made a special i386-win32 snapshot with DEBUG=1 set
available for download at:

Could you try it out?

Mait Lang

2010-01-21 12:27

reporter   ~0033764

The problem is gone.

Thank you!

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