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0015614LazarusLCLpublic2016-11-13 23:48
ReporterZeljan Rikalo Assigned ToPaul Ishenin  
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Product Version0.9.29 (SVN) 
Target Version0.9.30Fixed in Version0.9.29 (SVN) 
Summary0015614: TPopupMenu.Close() need rework
DescriptionAlready posted on devel list, but no interest, so opened issue about problem.
I've run into problems (especially under qtlcl under macosx) with calling
TPopupMenu.Close directly from WS.
Problem is because FItems handles are destroyed in TPopupMenu.Close each time it is called so some ws like qt on mac cannot handle that without huge delay (I've managed that via single shot timer).
I've attached patch which:
1.Doesn't touch FItems handles in TPopupMenu.Close - think delphi does not touch handles here too.
2.Removes FItems handles before each popup (if exists) - delphi
works in this way too - it rebuild handles each time before popup.
3.Destroy FItems handles in TPopupMenu.Destroy - so no memleaks

I've tested it and it works ok here. So, patch is here for review.
With this patch it's safe to call TPopupMenu.Close from WS (or we should
rename it / or add IntfPopupMenuClose ....)

Things like postponing such things (gtk via gtk_idle_add()) are bad.I've already tried to postpone it under qtlcl , but under macosx it needs >= 200ms of delay because it'll crash with smaller delay.
I think that this patch is much cleaner implementation of TPopupMenu.Close(), and gtk postponing can be removed if this patch is applied.

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Fixed in Revision23585
WidgetsetGTK, GTK 2, Win32/Win64, WinCE, Carbon, QT, fpGUI
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related to 0009436 closedZeljan Rikalo Patches TPopupMenu.OnClose event does not work properly under gtk 
related to 0015595 closedDmitry Boyarintsev Lazarus IDE crashes when attempting to view lfm as source 
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2010-01-28 19:00


popupmenupatch.diff (728 bytes)   
---	(revision 23570)
+++	(working copy)
@@ -59,6 +59,8 @@
 destructor TPopupMenu.Destroy;
+  if HandleAllocated then
+    FItems.DestroyHandle;
   inherited Destroy;
@@ -74,6 +76,10 @@
 procedure TPopupMenu.PopUp(X,Y : Integer);
   if ActivePopupMenu <> nil then ActivePopupMenu.Close;
+  if HandleAllocated then
+    FItems.DestroyHandle;
   FPopupPoint := Point(X, Y);
@@ -87,8 +93,6 @@
 procedure TPopupMenu.Close;
-  if HandleAllocated then
-    FItems.DestroyHandle;
   if ActivePopupMenu = Self then
popupmenupatch.diff (728 bytes)   

Paul Ishenin

2010-01-29 04:21

manager   ~0033992

DestroyHandle in the Close method was added by me as a part of 0009436

Paul Ishenin

2010-01-29 04:56

manager   ~0033993

Applied with modifications. Please test and close if ok.

Zeljan Rikalo

2010-01-29 08:41

developer   ~0034001

works fine. tnx.

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