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0000158Lazaruspublic2003-12-23 09:33
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Summary0000158: Lazarus crashes when launched
DescriptionI just recently today grabbed the CVS sources and compiled them sucessfully, I have never been able to compile Lazarus yet! :)

However it crashes when launched:

$ ./lazarus
TApplication.HandleException Range check error
TApplication.HideAllFormsWithStayOnTop :TSPLASHFORM
TApplication.HandleException: there was another exception during showing the first exception
[TMainIDE.Destroy] A
[FORMS.PP] ExceptionOccurred

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Name: JamesMills
Mail: prologic(at)shortcircuit(dot)net(dot)au
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WidgetsetGTK, Win32/Win64
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2003-12-23 09:33

reporter   ~0000137

I fixed all range checks, that happens on startup. There are probably more.


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