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0000161Lazaruspublic2004-01-28 15:38
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Summary0000161: lazarus compiled with fpc 1.0.11 can't open form made with lazarus compiled with 1.9.x
DescriptionI have two lazarus executables lazarus.beta compiled with fpc 1.9.1 (Compiler Date : 2003/12/22) and lazarus.release compiled with fpc 1.0.11 (Compiler Date : 2003/12/27)/

With lazarus.beta I create a new project with a new form and on that form I put a groupbox. I save this project.

If I open this project with lazarus.release I get the message:
Error while reading Groupbox1.Color : Invalid property value. The property value is clBtnFace. Support for reading and writing such property values have recently been added to fpc 1.9.

An example in Lazarus: the DebuggerOptionsForm can't be opened with lazarus.release.
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Name: Vincent Snijders
Mail: vslist (at)
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WidgetsetGTK, Win32/Win64
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2004-01-28 15:38

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