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0016671LazarusIDEpublic2011-12-01 11:25
ReporterGraeme Geldenhuys Assigned ToMattias Gaertner  
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Product Version0.9.29 (SVN) 
Target Version0.9.30 
Summary0016671: FPDOC Editor looses description data on error
DescriptionI was typing a long description of a property and used the BR tag to set a linefeed, and continued entering more description text. I then clicked on the next property in the Source Code Editor to edit a new property. FPDOC Editor popped up with an error, saying the BR was incorrect and does not have a closing tag. The FPDOC Editor then tried to be clear by inserting its own BR closing tag. In the process it deleted most of my long description text. :-(
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Fixed in Revision28526
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Mattias Gaertner

2010-06-08 13:24

manager   ~0038387

Last edited: 2010-06-08 13:27

I tried this:
One< br >

On save it showed the error that the closing tag is missing. It saved nevertheless. On next load it added the closing br.
I guess the best solution would be to show the unclosed tags while typing. Maybe a synedit with a xml highlighter is better than a memo.

Graeme Geldenhuys

2010-06-08 14:02

reporter   ~0038389

Last edited: 2010-06-08 14:04

Enter the following as long description for a class property. Then change source code cursor to a new property. The whole third paragraph gets deleted. I can reproduce this every time.

I placed spaces in the tags so it doesn't do formatting in Mantis.

< p >Paragraph one< /p >
< p >< b >Note< /b >< br >
Paragraph two goes here.
< /p >
< p >Paragraph three goes here.< /p >

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