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0016941LazarusPatchpublic2017-11-14 11:10
ReporterMarcelo B Paula Assigned ToJesus Reyes  
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Product Version0.9.29 (SVN) 
Target Version0.9.30Fixed in Version0.9.29 (SVN) 
Summary0016941: NewField form is not Delphi compatible. It misses Field Type Data
DescriptionThe NewField form is used to insert TFields into a DataSet. Delphi permits to insert fields of type DATA,CALCULATED and LOOKUP (INTERNALCALC and AGGREGATES TClientData specific not used in Lazarus).
This is critical when using Memory DataSets like TBufDataSet, because without this type, these datasets is useless.

Follow suggested patch to solve the problem.
Zip file contains regenerated .po file in portuguese language too.
Additional InformationPS: Tested with Lazarus 0.9.29 rev 26670 - win32 - FPC 2.5.1
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Fixed in Revision26694
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related to 0032692 closedJuha Manninen Adding TAGGREGATE Field to Sqlquery 


2010-07-16 02:45 (10,772 bytes)

2010-07-16 02:46


newfield.PNG (14,131 bytes)   
newfield.PNG (14,131 bytes)   

Joost van der Sluis

2010-07-16 10:52

manager   ~0039380

Note that the remark about TBufDataset being useless is nonsense. That's because a new dataset is created based on the TFieldDefs, not on the TFields.

So to create a dataset the programmer have to add TFieldDefs, which is already possible.

Nonetheless this is a good fix for persistent fields. Although there are other options to add data-TFields, this could be added.

Jesus Reyes

2010-07-16 21:25

developer   ~0039397

Applied, thanks.

Marcelo B Paula

2010-07-16 23:53

reporter   ~0039408

Thank you.

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