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0017263LazarusIDEpublic2010-08-27 07:11
ReporterРустам Асмандияров Assigned ToPaul Ishenin  
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Product Version0.9.29 (SVN) 
Fixed in Version0.9.29 (SVN) 
Summary0017263: ListView shows a critical error.
DescriptionИзвените за мой плохой английский я перевожу через гугл.
В компоненте ListView , при добавлении нового элемента в колонку, появляется критическая ошибка List index (0) out of bounds .

Sorry for my bad English, I translate through Google.
As a component of the ListView, when you add a new element in the column, there is a critical error List index (0) out of bounds.
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Fixed in Revision27199
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Рустам Асмандияров

2010-08-26 09:49

reporter   ~0040455

Product Version Lazarus-0.9.29-27175

Anton Kavalenka

2010-08-26 10:24

reporter   ~0040457

Last edited: 2010-08-26 10:25

Also have seen that bug.
if no columns are added in Columns collection, addition of new item via Items.Add cause List index out of bounds error.

Рустам Асмандияров

2010-08-26 11:43

reporter   ~0040462

Извените я немного неправильно описал проблему, ошибка в ListItems при добавлении.
Я немного проследил откуда появляется ошибка и нашел ее тут:

Sorry I was a little wrong to describe the problem, the error in ListItems in the appendix.
I watched from a little error and found it here:

procedure TListItems.AddItem(AItem: TListItem);
  FCacheIndex := FItems.Add(AItem);
  FCacheItem := AItem;

  if WSUpdateAllowed
  then WSCreateCacheItem; //Here error

  //Notify parent TListView that something was added.
  if FOwner <> nil
  then FOwner.ItemInserted(AItem);

Anton Kavalenka

2010-08-26 12:27

reporter   ~0040465

Last edited: 2010-08-26 12:28 , line 681

in procedure
class procedure TWin32WSCustomListView.ItemSetText()
if ALV.Column[ASubIndex].AutoSize and (TCustomListViewAccess(ALV).GetUpdateCount = 0) then
    ListView_SetColumnWidth(ALV.Handle, ASubIndex, AutoSizeWidth);

ALV.Column[ASubIndex] raises EListError when the ListView has no columns defined

Adding at least one column to ListView eliminates the problem.

IMO - this is error - referencing columns without checking if there are some.
List views can be used without columns to display list of icons with text (vsIcon mode).

Рустам Асмандияров

2010-08-26 13:56

reporter   ~0040474

Yes, after your description of the problem has been resolved, thanks a lot! This would avoid the errors in my project until the developers Lazarus solve the problem.

Да, после вашего описания ошибка исчезла, спасибо больше! Это позволит избежать ошибок в моем проекте пока разработчики лазаруса решат проблему.

Paul Ishenin

2010-08-26 18:40

manager   ~0040495

Thanks for deep analyses. Please test and close if ok.

Рустам Асмандияров

2010-08-27 07:11

reporter   ~0040511

Problem solved

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