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0000174Lazaruspublic2004-03-18 17:37
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Summary0000174: xpm loading works but doesn´t appear on tform
Descriptionloading an xpm only works if it is generated by gimp (any other tool didn´t create a compatible file ?)
the image doesn´t appear on the tform,

missing "luxus" feature:
changing with and height attributes don´t affect the canvas instantly
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Name: anarco
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WidgetsetGTK, Win32/Win64
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2004-03-18 17:37

reporter   ~0000153

I didn't received any unloadable xpm, so this part is unreproducable.
The canvas of a TImage is the bitmap, which is not resized, when the TImage is resized, for speed reasons and because resizing would destroy the old TBitmap for Delphi compatibility.


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