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0017538LazarusLCLpublic2011-12-01 11:25
ReporterNikolay Assigned ToJesus Reyes  
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Product Version0.9.29 (SVN) 
Fixed in Version0.9.29 (SVN) 
Summary0017538: If StringGrid.RowCount=0 then StringGrid.ColCount=0
DescriptionIf I set StringGrid.RowCount=0 (in RunTime or in DesignTime), I get also StringGrid.ColCount=0.

In result, I need to set ColCount always, when clear Grid (StringGrid.RowCount:=0). In Delphi I don't need this.
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related to 0017552 closedJesus Reyes StringGrid looses fixedrow count after grid is cleared 
related to 0017553 closedJesus Reyes RowCount is lost after clearing the Header Columns 


Jesus Reyes

2010-10-26 00:15

developer   ~0042121

Delphi do not support grids without cols or rows, if one set ColCount=0 RowCount is automatically set to 1 and viceversa, this in my view is inconsistent and the grid do not do what you ask it to do, it also means that you cannot have a grid without cells. I fixed this inconsistency in Lazarus by supporting a grid without cells or grids with only fixedcols or fixedrows which Delphi do not support.

In Lazarus the intention when the grids is cleared was that it loose all col/row properties, and to be consistent and more logical is that setting colcount or rowcount to 0 means it's cleared and this way it was implemented.

In this case we cannot base Lazarus grids behavior on Delphi Grids as they have different features.

As a request, I have modified the grids so once one property like colcount or rowcount is set after the grid was cleared it recover old rowcount or colcount values respectively, which should fix a couple of bug reports (0017553 and 0017552), in this report it's not said what values should be restored once the grid is cleared but I need to know, if possible, what are your expectations so we can homologate ideas.

Jesus Reyes

2010-11-08 21:35

developer   ~0042896

As it seems if you set RowCount=0 in Delphi you really obtain a grid with RowCount=1 so what is different from doing RowCount:=1?. If Setting RowCount=0 and RowCount=1 give the same result (I know they give the same number of resulting rows, but I don't know what happen to possible fixed rows or cell content), then you can do the same in Lazarus by setting RowCount=1

I'm resolving this as won't fix because Lazarus grid has a different feature when you set RowCount=0 and I don't want to lose that feature.

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