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0000181Lazaruspublic2004-02-01 19:48
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Summary0000181: TScrollBar align = right doesn't work right
DescriptionDrop a TScrollBar on a form, set to vertical, and set align=alright and it doesn't go to the right side of the container...
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Name: Tony Maro
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2004-02-01 19:48

reporter   ~0000158

Not really a bug.

Vertical scrollbars can not be resized in width under gtk. And I think it does not make much sense in win32 neither.
Setting Anchors=[akLeft,akTop] and Align=alRight means, that the LCL tries to keep Left and expand Width, which does not work and so it does not give the wanted effect.

OTOH, because these combinations do not make much sense, TScrollBar should automatically set useful combinations. I implemented it.


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