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0018170FPCTextmode IDEpublic2010-12-17 13:00
ReporterRichard Blows Assigned ToJonas Maebe  
Status resolvedResolutionunable to reproduce 
PlatformPCOSWindows XP 
Product Version2.4.2 
Summary0018170: Incorrect operation of Undo.
DescriptionRepeated (sequential) use of Alt+backspace, to undo program changes in the Editor, has unintended results.

The "unintended results" are the insertion of unwanted text at the site 'undone' changes.

The "unwanted text" appears to originate from the clipboard and may be previously deleted text, or it may be that some 'undos' are duplicated, resulting in a piece of text being inserted twice. I think I have seen both variants, but I cannot be sure.
Steps To ReproduceMake a series of changes to a program file and then 'undo' them by holding down 'Alt' and repeatedly pressing 'backspace'.
Additional InformationI have not tried this using the 'Undo' in the 'Edit' menu.
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Jonas Maebe

2010-12-09 13:04

manager   ~0044123

Please describe an exact sequence of commands that reproduces this problem.

Jonas Maebe

2010-12-17 13:00

manager   ~0044294

Please reopen when you can specify the steps necessary to reproduce the problem.

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