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0018188LazarusLCLpublic2010-12-12 19:27
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Product Version0.9.29 (SVN) 
Summary0018188: GTK2 TCustomControl paint not update
DescriptionTesting GeckoPort in my Ubuntu (running in Virtualbox) I had problem not present in the Win32 version. GeckoBrowser is a TCustomControl descendent and in the paint event I simply request the underlaying Gecko to repaint the Window, but this only happends when I change something in the Widget or in a parent widget.

Gecko browser is aligned alTop, so if I change something in the Width the browser disappears, if I change something in height browser magically appears but widget size does not change.

The visual effect is like the browser is rendered and just after the browser the CustomControl canvas is draw over it.

Adding a "Self.AutoSize" in the paint override fixes the problem and the browser is rendered as expected (as Win32).
Steps To ReproduceI was unable to write a synthetic code that triggers the problem, so when all operations are done by the LCL everything seems to look fine, canvas drawing works, etc. So the only way to check it is using the Geckoport code (Additional information link).
Additional Information[Geckoport]

[Gecko setup]
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