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Summary0018233: ScaleDPI: unit for making Windows 7 High DPI Applications
DescriptionThis is a procedure like ScaleBy to scale Forms and Controls position and size, it uses ScaleX and ScaleY ( because those functions reads the system DPI configuration, so the scaling is relative to DPI and works for making Windows 7 High DPI Applications.

Just a procedure ScaleControl(Control: TControl; FromDPI: Integer);

Download and compile the attached file, it contains the scaledpi.pas with the procedure ScaleControl, the project file show how to use the procedure :)

To test if it works change your screen DPI in the Control Panel (additional information how to change your screen DPI at the first msdn link ^^)
Additional InformationIn a Form the "FromDPI" value must be defined by the designer (i wish a property in the Object Inspector "FromDPI" or "DesignedDPI" and call ScaleControl when the form is being created automatically :).

  FromDPI=96; // if you designed the form at 96 dpi (100%).

{ FromDPI=144; if you designed the form at 144 dpi (150%): the procedure scale down the size of the form and controls if you are running in a lower dpi }

then OnCreate event:

if FromDPI <> Screen.PixelsPerInch then begin

This unit uses some code used in ScaleBy ( to recursively scale controls inside TPanel and other controls.
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related to 0020244 closedJuha Manninen Lazarus GUI issues in Windows running in High DPI 


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Vincent Snijders

2010-12-17 09:13

manager   ~0044290

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Thank you for the example how to use the Scaling in Windows 7.

Why did you create this feature request? Feel free to add this example to the wiki.

Do you want to change something in Lazarus IDE or the LCL?


2011-08-22 21:09

reporter   ~0051032


>>Do you want to change something in Lazarus IDE or the LCL?

If possible make Lazarus IDE High DPI aware application for Windows.

Juha Manninen

2011-09-19 10:00

developer   ~0052015

Lazarus behaves now better with High DPI. See related issues.

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