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0018351LazarusLCLpublic2011-01-24 10:17
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Summary0018351: Change ActivePage on PageControl Locks Mouse in QT
DescriptionI created a PageControl with 2 tabs. On the first is a listbox where I trap the double-click. Within the double-click event, I change the active page to the 2nd tab. The mouse is no longer available on my system until I exit the app (using ALT-F4). This issue does not occur if I compile for gtk or if I compile on a Windows machine.

The same problem occurs with a TStringGrid. Seems the double-click is not releasing the mouse.
Additional InformationThe example I have uploaded shows the issue. The 2nd tab contains a button that you should be able to click. But mouse is locked. Use ALT-F4 to exit the app.

Qt: 4.7.1
KDE Development Platform: 4.5.4 (KDE 4.5.4)
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Fixed in Revision28843
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Zeljan Rikalo

2010-12-31 08:31

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Please test and close if ok.


2010-12-31 20:20

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Looks good. Thanks.

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