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0018403PackagesTAChartpublic2011-01-29 13:06
ReporterOndrej Fabry Assigned ToAlexander S. Klenin  
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Summary0018403: TChart: Gradient backgrounds
DescriptionI want to request for a feature for TChart so it is possible to use gradients as background for charts. See the link:
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Alexander S. Klenin

2011-01-06 20:25

developer   ~0044957

Full gradient support for TChart is planned,
but requires substantial changes and will not arrive soon.
However, I implemented a few events in r28887-28889,
allowing custom drawing for chart background and back wall.
See "events" demo for an example involving gradients.

Ondrej Fabry

2011-01-29 13:06

reporter   ~0045569

Looks good, thanks :)

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