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0018789FPCDatabasepublic2011-10-15 17:05
ReporterOld Dog Assigned ToJoost van der Sluis  
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Summary0018789: tdbf index oddity
DescriptionI have a database of states with two indexes, abbreviation and name. when the active index is name the records numbers are sequential. when the active index is name the record numbers skip.
[code]procedure TFormStates.CreateStatesTable(AFileName : String);

  With DbfStates do
      with FieldDefs do
      Exclusive := true;
      AddIndex('ndxAbrev', 'Abrev', []);
      AddIndex('ndxName', 'Country + Name', []);
  MessageDlg('File created',mtWarning,[mbOK],0);

I have tried regenerating the indexes, deleting the index file and re-adding the indexes, and copying the data into a new file. Same problem.
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Jonas Maebe

2011-10-15 17:05

manager   ~0053013

TDBF has been abandoned by its maintainer and is no longer supported by the FPC team (the unit is still available, but with a deprecation warning explaining the situation).

You may be able to get further help from other users on the tdbf forum at

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