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0000191Lazaruspublic2004-02-29 14:35
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Summary0000191: Source of interfacebase not found
DescriptionI can´t compile!!!

I´am a win32 user(windows98-SE), and can´t compile absolutelly nothing, neither a empty form.
Directory of FPC is "C:\FPC\"
Directory of Lazarus is "C:\lazarus\"
The version of the FPC is 1.0.10 and of Lazarus is 0.9

The "Enviroment Options" are configured.

Lazarus says:
"c:\lazarus\lcl\units\i386\win32\interfaces.pp(32,16) Fatal:Can´t compile unit INTERFACEBASE, no sources available"
Additional InformationImported information
Name: Daniel Affonso
Mail: daniel_cefetam (at)
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2004-02-29 14:35

reporter   ~0000168

Got no answer from submitter, when asked for further information.
Probably caused by not using the same compiler for compiling the application as used for building the LCL => not a bug.


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