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0019310FPCRTLpublic2011-05-15 17:13
ReporterMartin Friebe Assigned ToFlorian  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version2.5.1 
Fixed in Version2.6.0 
Summary0019310: "assert", raises exception with wrong code/frame-address
DescriptionAssert has a similar issue as 0012528

  Procedure AssertErrorHandler (Const Msg,FN : ShortString;LineNo:longint; TheAddr : pointer);
  Var S : String;
    If Msg='' then S:=SAssertionFailed else S:=Msg;
    Raise EAssertionFailed.Createfmt(SAssertError,[S,Fn,LineNo]) at Pointer(theAddr);

When the compiler creates code for assert (w32/i386) it bushes the current value of ebp on the stack (same as "get_frame" would return).

As you can see, in the above code, the value of ebp is used as the address of the code raising the assert. This value does not even point to any code at all.

As in 0012528 the frame is set to 0x0

My understanding is, that the code should be

    Raise EAssertionFailed.Createfmt(SAssertError,[S,Fn,LineNo]) at get_caller_addr(theAddr), get_caller_frame(theAddr);
Steps To Reproducetrigger an assert, and inspect the argument to fpc_raiseexception
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Fixed in Revision17470
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related to 0012528 resolvedFlorian TFPList exception with no excpetion stack printed 


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