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Summary0019369: Scrollbars do not respond correctly when resizing TDrawGrid
DescriptionPlace a TDrawGrid on a TForm. Anchor all four sides. Set ColCount and RowCount to larger numbers, as 20, so scrolling is required. Run.

When resizing the window the TScrollBar thumbs never fill the scrollbar when the window is wider or taller than the column space, and clicking on the page space does nothing.

Example attached.

OS X 10.6.7
Carbon Widgets
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related to 0019257 closedJesus Reyes StringGrid: Row and Col properties don't affect scroll bars when set just after bulk insert 


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2011-05-19 15:29

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Possibly related, but I can not yet make a reproducible example.

If I set TopRow of a DrawGrid to a valid, in range, row while the Form is not yet visible, and then call Form.ShowOnTop, TCustomGrid.CellRect gets called (from scroll and paint messages) with aRow that is way out of range (much larger than DrawGrid.RowCount).

It works fine if I don't call TopRow.

[Edit: adding a new bug report for this]

Zeljan Rikalo

2012-02-05 18:36

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I've removed relation to 0019266 since those 2 issues aren't related. 0019266 is only ubuntu unity problem (liboverlay).

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